There's a 'tolerant' version of Islam? Where?
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Re: Kevin Foley guest column, "America is tolerant (unless you're a Muslim)," Sunday's MDJ

Agnostic Kevin Foley spews his hatred of and mocks Christian beliefs and values through his weak comparisons of Timothy McVeigh's membership in the so-called "Christian Identity" movement and to the absence of objections to churches popping up near the grounds where the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City once stood. He labels McVeigh as the "Christian terrorist ... the Christian al-Qaida." These churches, according to Foley, "represent all that McVeigh stood for." How pathetic! Does he really believe that? And if not churches, what would he rather have built there? Massage parlors? Abortion clinics?

Foley goes on to draw comparisons of Newt Gingrich and Pamela Geller to the other "right-wing fanatics" on Fox News and then sings the praises of "those people doing this mosque ... this community center." According to the agnostic, "They only wish to develop an American version of Islam to compete around the world with the Wahabi - the Saudi intolerant version of Islam."

If there is a tolerant version of Islam somewhere, I'd like Foley to let us know where it might be hiding. I also want to know where I might find the uproar from the "peaceful and tolerant" sector of Muslims over the hijacking of their "loving religion" by those extremists. Just pick up a copy of the Koran and you'll find it filled with hatred towards the infidel, even to the point of justifying murder.

Foley conveniently ignores the anti-American hatred that this imam, promoting the construction of the mosque, is known for. You know, the one President Obama has, in his wisdom, appointed to represent the "American version of Islam" currently on a global tour on our tax dollars, no less. You know, the imam who declared that "Americans have more blood on their hands than al-Qaida." I'm sure he is representing us well during his mosque fund-raising efforts.

The mosque promoters providing the Kool-Aid to their well-intentioned but stupid supporters want only one thing - to mock and dance on the graves of 2,700-plus innocent dead Americans in victory for the Islamic world to see.

Ron Conroy
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Wait a minute
September 06, 2010
Good Scout, where are you getting your information? Al Jazeera? This Imam is not a moderate and has made anti-American statements that are hardly the bridge between anything. Let's get the facts straight here. The developer is also a slumlord and owes thousands in back taxes on his other properties. Hardly a good character.
September 01, 2010
hey Ron, why not start by reading up on the Imam trying to get this Islamic center built? He's about as moderate as they come. Bush even thought he was. Quit listing to Faux News and do a little research, buddy!
August 31, 2010
Boy, trot out the conservative talking points about Islam being an ideology, now. I'd posit that Christianity is just the same, and it certainly sprang from the same roots. ALL of the revealed religions should take a good long look at their part in the problems of the world, and stop focusing on how they're better than each other.
August 31, 2010
Uh, have you read your Bible lately? It isn't hate free either.
August 31, 2010
Geat stuff Ron! Glad you and the taliban can find a common interest. Nobody wants a mosque built in Manhattan less than they do. This would only show that The Great Satan actually does live up to it's principals of religious freedom. Be sure to fax them a copy of your letter, if they don't already have it. This is great recruiting, especially in the United States where they have great difficulty recruiting evil American muslums. We have expended so much in American lives and treasure providing these horrible muslums a better way of life. Having an expert on the Koran's opinion, such as yourself, will certainly be very helpful to them.
religion vs ideology
August 31, 2010
Islam involves an ideology, enrobed in the shrouds of religion. It is the ideology that leads it, and religion backs it up. Very dangerous and hard to fight. There is nothing benign about it. We should all be aware of what it is we are dealing with.
Kim Huffman
August 31, 2010
Maybe a better question is when did a Islamic country attack a Christian country?...think..think..

O.K...Now, when did a self professed Christian country attack an Islamic country ?..the U.S. attacked Iraq ( no WMD's, ). We are still deep allies of Saudi Arabia ( because of oil, and nothing else ).

So, are you talking about state sponsored wars, or individual acts of terrorism?..all with the guise of "God is on our side", and other kidnappings of personal belief systems?

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