School board approves $16M in budget cuts
by Kathryn Dobies
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MARIETTA - The Cobb school board on Wednesday approved cutting nearly $16.2 million from the fiscal year 2010 budget, and conducted a workshop to discuss cuts for FY11.

In a motion made by Holli Cash, the board voted 7-0 to approve cuts to this fiscal year's $907 million budget. These cuts are to align the budget with the reduction in state funding that Gov. Sonny Perdue announced would be made to all districts in Georgia.

From the cuts, the three furlough days the district announced it would be taking at its last meeting Jan. 28 will save the district an estimated $9.5 million. The district will also save nearly $5.2 million in adjustments of its State Health Benefit Plan because of those three days.

An additional estimated $1.16 million will be cut because of the elimination of a Key Team teacher program, an initiative that board Chairwoman Lynnda Crowder-Eagle said never got off the ground because the district couldn't afford it. Central office will be cutting its operating budget by 3.1 percent, a cut that will save the district nearly $200,000.

At the board's budget workshop following Wednesday's meeting, Mike Addison, the district's chief financial officer, presented the board with an overview of how the FY11 budget is looking.

The district is estimating a budget shortfall of between $60 and $100 million.

This estimate, Addison noted, is such a wide range because the district can't fully predict the state and local revenues. However, it can predict expenditures.

Sanderson said he would like to revisit plans for the 2011 budget before the board's meeting Feb. 25 at 5 p.m. This gives the board members time to digest Addison's predictions and come up with new ways to cut expenditures.

Addison noted that the shortfall is a product of a variety of things, emphasizing that the state is not funding school districts at the level it used to.

"With the latest round of cuts, we're actually up over $200 million in austerity cuts," he said of state funding.
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June 07, 2010
Please help Oakwood High School continue to serve Cobb County Students!

Last Chance, unless you decide to sue because of their violation of due process:

6/9 CCSD Board Meeting

Public Comments - 7:30 AM sign in to speak

Board Meeting, comments - 8:30 AM

514 Glover St. Marietta, Georgia 30080

(Legal Adoption of the FY2011 Budget at Regular Board Meeting)
Retired Teacher
February 14, 2010
Mr. Barkley, I did not say a school did not need a Principal!! I said, why have 3 or 4 in some of the schools!!!! What about the Principals being out more than they are at the schools, because they are at meetings!! Who is taking care of the schools at that time??? When I was teaching we loved my job and I didn't have to have someone over me about being absent from my profession!!

Another thing is why not cut 12 month administrators to 11 month, during this crisis??

Mr. Barkley, have you ever been in the Cobb County School System?? I can remember when County Office Administration "subbed" for the teachers!! That was great!! What about that idea?

You are questioning me being a truly retired teacher!! You can believe IT!! I LOVED my job and appreciated every aspect of my profession!! We had administrators that respected us and supported us in everyway!! The principals were always in the schools to support our needs!! First, of all you don't need to be questioning me on my retirement of 34 years!!
Correct Mr. Barkley
February 12, 2010
I am not sure if I understand you correctly. A 10-20% absenteeism rate of teachers would equate to 7 to 14 teachers absent each of those days. We do not have that at our school or probably most schools. It is up to the administration to confront teachers with excessive absences. 98 % of staff do not abuse the system. The county has to stop making teachers take staff development and training days where subs are required. I TRULY believe the new balanced calendar will take care of this issue. Teachers and students will be more refreshed. You have high rates when teachers have 12 weeks of 24 kids who do not hand in homework, or study, and can not behave themselves. Please do not criticize until you have walked a day in our shoes! I have been absent 6 days due to contracting the swine flu, and then my children had it. We have more illness than your average business person. In addition Mr.Barkly, we do not get hour lunches or bathroom breaks. We can't walk out to get a cup of coffee from the break room or just shoot the breeze with our colleagues in the hallway. We do not get to sit on personal calls when we feel like it because we are too busy disciplining your children and teaching the 100 standards each day! NO I AM NOT COMPLAINING....just giving you the facts! We love our job but are very tired of those of you whom believe we are hanging out in a cushie position. I find it humorous when parents have a one week vacation with their children and say to us,"I am so glad they are back to school." Really, because we have them 180 days for anywhere between 7 to 11 hours if they attend the After School Program. We have more responsibility than you will ever know Mr.Barkley. We do it because we love children not for the money!
Charlie Barkley
February 12, 2010
Why does a school need a Principal? Why do children need parents? Someone has to be responsible and manage the operation. When you have 10-20% absenteeism with teachers on Mondays and Fridays someone has to be sure things get done. If you are truly a retired teacher I would think you would know that.
Retired Teacher
February 12, 2010
As I look at all the cuts and what teachers are having to do, this is the mostly ridulous situation!! Let us take a look at the top!! Only $200,000 taken from Central Office!! What is wrong with that picture???? First, why do we need all the Area Supervisors?? Second, why does a school need an Assistant Principal or Principals??Third, why do all the schools need to look like Haverty's Furniture?? That alone would certainly pay for furlough days that the teachers are having to take to make budget!!!!! Fourth, why have all the choices in the lunchroom, serve a hot meal!!!!Fifth, Cobb County has forgotten about the children!!Great teachers are leaving the profession to get other jobs!!PLEASE wake up and take a look at some of these options! I am not just blowing off steam!!! We need a board that works for the children and not just a "bunch" of promises made to get elected!! We need dedication and care about the teachers and children!!Take a look at the "whole" picture for the future of our children!!!
Too bad
February 11, 2010
Unfortunately Mr. Sanderson does not care about the teachers. Ms. Bartlett and Mr.Banks stated they are very concerned about extending the contract dates until May because it leaves teachers with little time to find another job. Coach Sanderson stated that they would not be able to find another job anyway because other counties are not hiring. Did he every consider the fact that if the teachers are notified by April, those people have 14 weeks to find a job before their last check. Waiting until May leaves them 10 weeks, and all the college kids have taken the retail jobs that teachers may need. Cobb County School Board and Parents need to write and call their legislators to demend our fair share for other counties be lowered. We have to give up 140 million dollars for the rural counties. Yet, some of those rural counties are not taking furlough days because they have money. Cobb COunty needs a reality check on their finance people!
February 11, 2010
Parents, Say goodbye to your childs best Cobb teachers. It is shameful that the state and the board continue to try to balance the budget on the backs of our hardworking teachers. Studedents- begin begging mom and dad to move to a state that cares about education.
Time for a change
February 11, 2010
Is this not the same man a few months ago that said Cobb Tax digest for the school system looked like it was ok. Who the heck is running the financial service. Another questions that begs to be answered, why does an school board member with a run down shop have the depth of knowledge to understand how a billion dollar operation runs. I can only reason that you take on the role of cheerleader is based on total lack of knowledge. Hope you enjoy running a political race that tries to defend your statement that you are so much smarter than the voters in your area. P.S. you can bet the farm that Coach Sanderson and Coach Pritz will need to update their resumes after you lose
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