CobbWeb: MDJonline readers sound off against school board, calendar
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EDITOR'S NOTE: Below is a selection of responses shared by readers of in reaction to recent MDJ stories ... Parents vent anger at school board; east Cobb woman escorted from podium by police officer ... Whatstress wrote - What do we need these clowns for? As for the teachers who think we parents have it easier in the world that you seem to not know too much about (you actually think we don't get pay cuts, don't get tons of work thrown at us by our bosses, don't work on our vacations, don't bring work home and stay up at night doing it, aren't getting our benefits reduced ...): I can't trust that you are preparing my child for the real world if you're that clueless about what is going on in America right now. Not only am I as stressed out as you are, I also have to re-teach my kid at night because your idea of teaching is exposing kids to what is going to be on some standardized test or AP exam, and hoping they figure out the rest.

Another Cobb Mom wrote - What is the difference between paying for child care for two extra weeks in the summer as opposed to a week in September and a week in February? Kids are in school the same number of weeks and out the same number of weeks. I personally would rather focus on the quality of what is taught in the classroom instead of harping on when it is taught.

Workingparent wrote - I support the new calendar, if you check the balanced school is working just fine in our neighbor states. I have family that actually prefer this calendar and select it over the standard school calendars when given the option and these school systems are ranked much higher than ours. Bottom line is it is hard for some to adjust to change. Also, I don't buy into this need more summer argument, it is nice to vacation in the fall and winter as well.

East Cobb mom of five wrote - I live in east Cobb and support the balanced calendar. This small group of angry "need more summer" people do not represent me.

Anonymous wrote - The purpose of schools being out all summer is obsolete today. I doubt many Cobb county parents need their children to work the farm all summer. There should be year-round school. And, yes, the daycares will adapt to the change.

Southern Gal wrote - Why not shorten summer break to five weeks, a week a Thanksgiving, and Easter, two weeks at Christmas and a week between semesters/quarters?

Working mom wrote - Teachers need a break in September? Try working in the real world where 2 weeks vacation has to be enough for summer fun and sick days. The real working world does not have breaks to make up for benefit and pay cuts. I work 40 hours a week with no perks like week-long breaks and summers off. Wake up teachers, why should it be different for you?

Give Me a Break wrote - Can we all agree that the parents were nothing but rude, completely lacking common manners and civility? Also, the free market will provide affordable child care in September and February just as it does any other week in the year. Finally, the ballot box is the place to deal with this, not shouting down elected officials performing their elected duties. Since when is it valid protest to boo and catcall at these meetings? There is no free speech at these meetings. They have no obligation to even have a public comment section under Georgia law. In the mean time, sit down, shut up and be a respectful example to your precious children! The teachers will thank you for it and you just might have a chance at being heard instead of ridiculed!

Feeling Justified wrote - As a teacher with the CCSD it is gratifying to know that we are being heard. After a 2 percent pay cut, no budget for supplies (that we now have to buy out of our own pocket), a weakened retirement system and the possibility of having our post-planning furloughed, it's nice that we finally get something we want. It will be a boost for teacher/administrator morale and productivity to have a short break while still working toward the ultimate goal - student achievement. We still have eight weeks of summer and that is more than enough time for children and families to bond, relax and enjoy the lack of school-based commitments. And yes, I have children enrolled in the Cobb school system, also. I'm not only a teacher, I'm a mom, too.

SomeNerve wrote - Dear "Feeling Justified": Who do you think you are telling me how much summer time is enough for me? How dare you! It's obvious that you would agree with the board's decisions with an arrogant attitude like that. One more thing, who gives a rat's behind that you think you need a break to get a morale boost and that will somehow translate into improving our kids' education? If you can't take the heat, go get a new job. I hear McDonald's is hiring.

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robin benifield
November 18, 2009
To the disgruntled group - get over it and move on! The vote was taken and your choice lost. It's not the end of the world, you and your child will be fine and those who provide childcare and camps during summer and other breaks will also provide it during the new two weeks in September and February. What are you teaching your child about not getting his or her way when you won't let go of something so simple? Teach your child to be a gracious loser, not a sore loser!
Heard Enough
November 18, 2009
Way to go "Whatstress". Whether you like the balance calendar or not, I am tired of hearing teachers gripe about their after hours work, pay cuts, benefits cost increase, and stress. They knew there would be stress with children and superiors. Under the new calendar- Add up ALL the vacation-6 wks in the summer, 1 wk in Sept, 1 wk in Nov, 2 wks in Dec., 1 wk in Feb, 1 wk in April and the GRAND TOTAL is 12 weeks during the year to "relieve" stress. And DON'T tell me you are not being paid for the vacations- your pay is divided up and paid to you over 12 months. Many, Many people work for less pay, less benefits, less job security, have a heavy work load, bully bosses, and one week vacation for an entire year.
Well, then...
November 17, 2009
Working Mom - if teachers have it so cushy with all those (UNPAID) breaks and such, then why, oh, why aren't you a teacher? Why aren't you taking advantage of all the job has to offer?

Seriously, every time I see someone go on and on about how easy teachers have it, I think they have a case of bennies envy.

Signed - someone who would never be a teacher despite the summers off, because those few weeks aren't worth all the other garbage they have to put up with from folks like some of you!
November 17, 2009
Personally I am indifferent on the calendar i and of itself. That said, I hope that there is not a belief that it will magically improve the quality of Education in Cobb. That said, i have young children and think balanced is fine. However, what do parents with high schoolers think? There are lots of academic enrichment activites in the summer that increase chances of getting into top colleges that run 6-8weeks long. What do parents of high school kids think? Perhaps it would have been better if high schoolers remained on a more traditional schedule and elementary and middle go to balanced.
not opposed
November 17, 2009
I am a CCSD employee and I voted for the balanced calendar. My son attends school in another county and they have been using the balanced calendar approach for a couple of years now, and I happen to like it. Daycare providers adapted in the county I live in, I am certain the providers in Cobb will adapt too. Parents, stop being so selfish and self-righteous. We have a process for facilitating change in this country - get out and vote.
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