CobbWEB: MDJonline readers sound off on city elections, Gingrey
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EDITOR'S NOTE: Below is a selection of responses shared by readers of in reaction to recent MDJ stories ...

The Marietta elections ...

What a shame wrote - It's hard to believe that the voters would vote in someone like Johnny Sinclair for council. It just wasn't one year, it was several years that he chose not to pay taxes. Now he'll be overseeing our city's budget. Good lord. Seems like Johnny should be working two jobs and not spending time campaigning and spending money this way. How much was it to register to be a candidate? Should that have not gone to at least the $700 he owed? It just seems like we're in for more trouble in the city of Marietta. Good thing Wes Godwin didn't get voted in as well. As for Councilwoman Holly Walquist, I wished I could have voted for you. I know many others would have, too.

Vicki Hammond wrote - This is a total embarrassment for the City of Marietta. It's one thing to owe $7,000, but $70,000? Come on, get serious. It shows that politics in this city is just as skewed as most other places. Obviously, it's still who you know, not what you do, or in this case what you don't do. Shame on you, Marietta. Sorry Holly, you would have had my vote if I'd been in your district.

New Mariettan wrote - I must admit I am surprised that my new hometown would elect an official with some fiduciary responsibilities of public monies when he was admittedly irresponsible as to his own finances and taxes. My hope is that his victory is more reflective of the very small voter turnout than an endorsement of his personal fiduciary "bobbing and weaving." Ms. Walquist, on behalf of many Mariettans, I apologize. We let you down.

Ethics wrote - Remember when you take the oath of office and sign your name, Johnny, what integrity and ethics mean. Swear to something that is not true and represent blind ambition.

JPA wrote - Congratulations, Johnny. Just because someone owes back taxes does not make them a bad person.

Sad, isn't it? wrote - I guess this is the "change" we can all believe in? A man who cheats the government (and all of us, by the way) out of thousands of dollars in back taxes earns your vote while a good woman who has done nothing but work extremely hard for the good of the city at large is voted out of office? I am sad and disappointed in the poor voter turnout in Ward 3. Holly deserves better. She is a woman of integrity and high moral character. It is a shame her replacement appears not to be of the same caliber.

Congressman Gingrey talks about health bill ...

Mi wrote - Does anyone really care what Gingrey thinks? How does he keep getting elected?

Sit Back and Watch wrote - Regardless of what you and the rest of the disaster Republicans do, we will prevail. The 43 million Americans with no health care, have been waiting through eight years of Bush hell. They have lost their homes, their savings and their retirements trying to stay alive. Forget about the rich for this vote. The American people demand health care reform. It will be done!

Howard wrote - To Sit - It's not Bush's nor anyone else's fault but your own that you don't have insurance. My guess is that nitwits like you didn't have it during the eight years of Clinton hell either. I am also willing to bet that if the government takes my money away from me to give to losers like you that you will find it is either not enough or you will find something else to whine about having to go without. Give it, and us, a break. If you want it, work for it and leave me and mine alone!

Sit back and watch wrote - Jarvis, you are an idiot. I have insurance, but unlike the fat cat Republicans like you who believe the 43 million Americans who have no insurance don't work and worse don't deserve to be healthy like you and yours. Your thinking along with Bush and his cronies have run this country in the ground. It is a new day. We will have health insurance, yes we can!

Westcobber wrote - Surprise, surprise, a wealthy conservative who opposes anything that can help the working man afford to actually pay for a hospital bill should he have one. What a shock. The Democrats could cure cancer and people like him will find fault with it. Well, it's really nice when the taxpayers are paying for you to have a nice premium health plan. Most of us however, aren't so lucky. We need the public option, and a good one, too.

New Whig wrote - The Gingrey Plan is; if you get sick. Die soon.

Curious reader wrote - If you tell the same lies over and over again the liar begins to believe them. The good doctor is delusional.

Mike wrote - The biggest problem with any "health insurance" bill is the whole premise of having insurance for something that you will definitely use. You don't call the insurance company when your car breaks. You don't call your homeowner's policy when your house needs painting. The problem with our current system is that we "insure" people for normal preventative procedures. When we get preventive medicine in a price range that can be afforded without insurance, then we will have fixed the system. Insurance should be for when you find out your really sick, not when you need normal care.

Maddashell wrote -Gingrey is in the pockets of big insurance and big medical practices. Just check in contributions and see who controls his votes.

GC Clark wrote on - His main concern with the bill is cost? Why didn't cost enter the picture when Gingrey blindly voted for Bush's Iraq war? I did not hear an inkling of concern about that cost and especially the open-ended nature of it. Perhaps when it comes to lining the pockets of the military-industrial complex, that Eisenhower warned us about, Gingrey "looks the other way." However when it concerns the health and welfare of U.S. citizens and our future generations, Gingrey is "concerned" enough to join in with the rest of his Republican cronies' lockstep mentality so they let him not get defeated next election. Lots of personal courage you are showing congressman. And this from a so-called healer himself? Come on fellas, after bowing at the altar of Rush Limbaugh, what kind of credibility does Gingrey have? Perhaps he consulted Rush about prescription meds, since Rush has a good amount of experience with such.
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Bill MIllette
July 26, 2010
In my experience, Phil Gingrey is a patriotic American who consistently fights for his constituents within the framework of what can be accomplished without destroying the economy. I must agree with Howard. The article seems to have drawn those who would dine at the public trough to malign Rep. Gingrey.

The fact that your thoughts on health care echo Obama's should give you a clue that you do not understand the world you live in.
Free? Health Care
November 06, 2009
Boy, some of these these people actually believe the Democrats are going to provide them with "free" or low cost health care. I guess they have no idea what Pelosi's bill actually says. This plan won't be free -- anyone who doesn't already have insurance is going to be FORCED to buy it (and its NOT cheap) or instead pay a penalty (i.e. tax) to receive nothing. Someone should to tell them the rich aren't paying for this one -- they are.
November 06, 2009
I am always surprised about the uproar over health care. Something so basic should be a no-brainer. Yet, it is not; it's sad that a baby in Cuba (see the CIA's webpage for infant mortality rates) has a better chance to live than in the U.S. I am an atheist who nonetheless believes that a man named Jesus would never condone the state of U.S. health care. Would Jesus turn his back on someone because they were laid off? I am shocked at the number of people who profess belief in Jesus' teachings, but who also believe a family's economic condition should determine access to a doctor. It's very strange that some 21st century Christians and 19th century Thomas Malthus share the same beliefs, but Malthus was a Christian, wasn't he.
November 05, 2009
Goodness, the ddds (dead beat democrats) are all in a dither, aren't they? Calm down children, if the rest of us don't take care of you, some worthy charity will.
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