Democrats don’t want ‘honest’ talk about race
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I read with interest and considerable puzzlement Roger Simon’s column in Wednesday’s MDJ concerning the situation in Ferguson and his insipid call for a conversation on race and racism in America.

It is my belief that we have had a conversation on race for almost 50 years now. Many times it seems that it’s all we talk about. Unfortunately, it has been rather one-sided thanks to liberal dogma (championed by the press).

If Mr. Simon wants a national discussion on race, then he and his left-wing ilk should start by accepting a few truths, for example:

  • Black Americans make up somewhere between 30 percent and 40 percent of this nation’s prison population, even though they make up only about 13 percent of the general population.
  • Most violent crime that is visited upon black Americans is perpetrated by other black Americans.
  • More than half of black American babies are born out of wedlock (and in many American cities that figure approaches 80 percent).
When a white American can tell a black American these facts without being called a racist, then a real conversation on race can begin. However, that probably won’t happen as long as professional rabble rousers like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, et al., can make a very comfortable living practicing their craft. Their allies in the Democratic Party, who depend on black votes to retain power, will not be of much help either.

Democrat politicians need to keep the issue of racism alive so that black Americans will continue to demonstrate their misplaced loyalty to them every Election Day. Democrats have no vested political interest in any kind of resolution, no matter how just or evenhanded.

So, is a national conversation on race needed? Absolutely. But not when engaged on a field that is tilted (by the media) to favor one side and not when the language and narrative are dictated by one side. When liberals like Mr. Simon are ready to agree to those terms, let the conversation begin.

George Kirk


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August 27, 2014
Mr Kirk wants an honest dialogue on race but first our ilk must accept his bullet points on crime, incarceration and unwed mothers. Fine, but let him and conservative Republicans consider the many problems African Americans face due to systemic poverty, education and lack of opportunity. Conservatives refuse to admit that all things are not equal in America, that blacks are four times more likely to live in poverty than whites. Generations of segregation and racism do have it's effect. Blacks have been unable to pass on inherited wealth for generations, unable to sustain a living wage, purchase property or start businesses because of racism. UNWED MOTHERS: The effect lack of education and poverty has on the poor is most apparent in the number single mothers of any race. BLACK INCARCERATION: Young black males are the most intensively policed in America. Young men of color are far, far more likely than young whites men to be swept into the American crime control system. BLACK ON BLACK CRIME: From 1976 to 2005 94 percent of black victims were killed by black offenders while 86 percent of white victims were killed by white offenders. Violent crime in general is driven by opportunity and proximity rather than race.

Many minorities vote Democratic because they have been repelled by the GOP and because it is in their economic interest. Many whites vote Republican out of racial anxiety and as members of the broad middle class lose out when they do so.
August 26, 2014
Mr Kirk, you give some facts in your bullets so let me ask some questions:

1) Why, percentage wise, are there more blacks in prison? Could it be blacks are less likely to have money for top attorneys? Do they receive harsher sentences than whites for similar crimes? Are there more blacks in prison because less of them have high school diplomas and college degrees?

2) Why are more black babies born out of wedlock? Could it be the birth mother and father's lack of higher education?

Both sides do need to come to the table to work out some solutions and you have to figure out WHY they are happening before you can come up with solutions. It won't be easy and it won't be quick.
Kevin Foley
August 26, 2014
Without knowing it, Mr. Kirk makes Roger Simon's point for him.

A white police officer shoots an unarmed black teen. The teen's body is left on display in the street for four hours. No information is provided to the public, the cop disappears, and the white prosecutor handling the case has relatives on the Ferguson PD.

Reverse things. If a black officer shot an unarmed white teen in Marietta, what would Mr. Kirk's reaction be?

Mr. Kirk wants to change the conversation. Simon wants to talk about how unjust and wrong this is in a country where we claim everyone is equal under the law.

More Friday.

Rhett Writer
August 27, 2014
Foley, when you expound your uninformed theories about what happened in Ferguson, please pay attention to the same thing that happened in Utah, where a black police officer shot and killed an unarmed white youth. Where are the protests? Guess how many stores got looted and vandlized.

Back when Obama traded five terrorists for one Army deserter/captive, you urged people to avoid a "rush to judgement," Is that not exacly what you are doing?
East Cobb Senior
August 27, 2014
Foley, you continue to demonstrate your ignorant liberal nincompoop bias. In fact a WHITE UNARMED boy was shot to death by a BLACK police officer in the Salt Lake City area just three days after the incident in Ferguson and YOU and the Main Street Media ignores this. There were no riots, no looting, and no rush to judgement by the RACE HUSTLERS, Sharpton, Jackson and others whose only motivation in injecting their racist bias into the Ferguson issue is financial.
August 28, 2014
@Rhett & Senior, Why don't you get FOX & Company on that riot thing, they did a pretty good job with the Tea Party, Bundy Ranch and George Zimmerman!
August 26, 2014
"However, that probably won’t happen as long as professional rabble rousers like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, et al., can make a very comfortable living practicing their craft."

WRONG! Civil rights leaders exist because when blacks experience discrimination and other wrongs, there is nowhere else for them to turn for redress. If conservative lawyers, activists, foundations, politicians etc. would aid blacks who legitimately experience such things as job discrimination, harassment, being unjustly convicted of a crime etc. then that is what would put the NAACP and company out of business.

Another thing: conservatives blame civil rights leaders for their own refusal to dialogue with the black community. Conservatives want the civil rights leadership to do THEIR JOB, which is to bring a conservative message to the black community. That is not going to happen. If conservatives want blacks to be confronted with such things as 70% illegitimacy rates, sky high crime rates, terrible performance in school, dependency on public assistance etc. then they need to start meeting with blacks and organizing within the black community and do it themselves. But sadly, conservatives willing to do so are few and far between, and they often wind up ostracized from Republican and conservative leadership positions when they do. Guys like the late Jack Kemp, Mike Huckabee and now Rand Paul that have a track record of and willingness to engage the black community get ignored in favor of the neo-segregationists and we all know why.
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