Cobb sheriff blasts Obama policy on immigration
by Emily Boorstein
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03-03-11  --brown indictment hearing 17--  Sheriff Neil Warren testifies as to the level of access the new courthouse had available on Jan. 6.  STAFF/LAURA MOON.
03-03-11 --brown indictment hearing 17-- Sheriff Neil Warren testifies as to the level of access the new courthouse had available on Jan. 6. STAFF/LAURA MOON.
MARIETTA — Sheriff Neil Warren has one word for the Obama administration’s policy on immigration.

It “sucks,” he told about 40 people gathered at the Cobb GOP headquarters Tuesday night for the Cobb Regional Republican Women’s monthly meeting.

Warren said the administration is choosing to selectively enforce immigration laws in hopes to garner favors with the Hispanic population to secure votes, and has intentionally undermined immigration enforcement.

“They’ve extended an open invitation to aliens to enter our country illegally,” Warren said. “I guess they think that this policy of backdoor empathy will improve his presidential political standing with the Hispanic voters. ... It may happen, but look at his poll numbers now.”

He went on to say he will follow all the laws of the county and the state, which received applause from the audience. Warren said he knew he was “preaching to the choir,” but the only solution is to elect officials who will follow all the laws.

“A law’s a law,” he said after the program. “You may not agree with some of them, but … repeal them or throw them out.”

J.D. Van Brink, who chairs the Georgia Tea Party, agreed. He said his organization has a declaration for politicians to sign saying they will support all laws without overstepping their bounds. He said David Perdue has signed it and “we have a chance this November and we have a chance in two Novembers” to elect the right people who will uphold the law.

Warren spoke about the 287(g) program, which gives local and state law enforcement agencies immigration enforcement powers. When it was implemented in 2007, Cobb was the first agency in the state to use it. Since that time, Warren said the sheriff’s office has turned over 15,000 people in the country illegally to federal immigration officials.

He explained the county does not “round up” undocumented workers and can only alert the federal government about people in custody at the Cobb jail.

Warren also said the population at the jail is down since the program went into effect.

He believes the program sends a message that “if you’re going to commit a crime and you’re illegal, you might not want to come to Cobb County.”

He said while there is “no doubt” immigrants need jobs and education, there are people already in the county who need the same things — and they need to come first.

One concern voiced by many in the room was the health impacts of undocumented residents.

“Can you imagine how many people have crossed that border that have disease that could wipe out some little small town?” Warren asked.

Cindi Yeager, a defense attorney, responded by saying her family is renting a house in Marietta so her daughter can go to West Side Elementary after she was repeatedly exposed to lice at her previous school.

“When you have to treat your child for lice 15 times in a two-month period of time, that’s ridiculous,” Yeager said.

Her family previously lived in a house that bordered the west Cobb and Powder Springs area, and Yeager said a large percentage of the population did not speak English at her daughter’s former school. Yeager plans to sell that house.

Yeager said Warren’s comments were accurate and he “does a good job enforcing the law.” She thinks the most important issue with immigration is securing the nation’s borders.

Realtor Sandi Bonner of Acworth thinks the threat of unchecked diseases, such as tuberculosis, is potentially worse than drugs.

“Let’s help our own, and then we can help them,” she said. “Because if we go down, they won’t have a place to go.”

Bonner said she came to hear Warren speak to see how he was making the 287(g) program work.

Like the sheriff, she had strong words about the Obama administration.

“America was founded on the fact that people across the waters did not want to live under that tyranny and I think, I believe, strongly that this administration is trying to lead us into that type of tyranny,” Bonner said.

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Eric Weems
August 20, 2014
We see Cobb Police and Sheriff cars spending all day driving past illegals standing around waiting to be picked up for day work. The Sheriff is angry? How angry, Mr. Sheriff? So angry that you look the illegals in the eye while you drive past them ten times a day? Or not so angry that you turn and look the other way? Phony outrage. Either do something about it or shut up.
August 21, 2014
So I assume then you would prefer the Sheriff and Police to stop and detain every Spanish person standing in a parking lot or street corner to determine their citizenship status? Then you would turn around and complain that the Sheriff and Police are violating the rights of the citizens of Cobb County by unlawfully stopping and detaining people based on their looks...
August 20, 2014
I am grateful to have Neil Warren as Cobb County's Sheriff!
Pastor Ric
August 20, 2014
The right are always whining about "the Liberal media", but it seems to me its just another false flag tactic to sway gullible minds. Conservatives are screaming because Obama sent those unaccompanied kids who'd crossed the border illegally to Ft. Sill in full accordance to the law... a law I might add that was passed in 2008, before he was ever elected!
legal cobb citizen
August 20, 2014
Pastor Ric, get your facts right ( oops i forgot liberals dont deal in facts). anyway the law yuor are referring to do does not apply to these kids being allowed in now. Obama is a disgrace to the USA & is tramping over our Constitution & ours laws with his "pen & phone". the sooner he is gone the better for our country, at least what we may have left of it. why dont you offer to take these kids & support them so MY tax dollars wont be used. i vote for SEND THEM BACK we dont want or need them.
Rhett Writer
August 20, 2014
@Pastor Ric. I'm pretty sure that if you are apastore anywhwre it is at a pgisty like the Westboro Baptist Church.

Further, the law to which you refer deals with protecting children from human trafficking, not adopting them an caring for them at taxpayer expense until they grow up to be social leeches and liberal voters.

Nobody really thinks these ":chidlren" are victims opf humantrafficking having come 12 to 14 hundred miles , on their own, unaccompanied to get to the land of milk and honey promised them by Obama.
Just Wait
August 20, 2014
I'm sure the President is shaking in his boots.
unbiased sheriff
August 20, 2014
Too bad we have a far right wing sheriff so I can feel confident that justice is unlikely to be done evenly. I guess if you support Obama you will be treated a bit differently than if you are a tea party member. And if you support Obama you likely have lice and are spreading it around and your town might be wiped out. This is Georgia in 2014, pathetic.
Ben Twomey
August 20, 2014
Show one documented case of bias by this sheriff or shut up.
CCSD over run
August 20, 2014
CCSD has so many illegals this year from South America. It is astounding at the numbers of children who have enrolled that don't speak a drop of English and have come from South America this year. The flood gates opened with Obama and nothing is being done. The classrooms are over crowded and now we have an extra thousand or so kids in those classrooms. The media needs to request ESL numbers and let the public know how much they are on the hook for because of this issue!
Made up numbers
August 20, 2014
Not at all true, please show where you made these numbers up from. 1000 extra kids? I doubt there are any that came from South America this year as you state. DA King is that you?
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