Group: Loudermilk ‘embellished’ military record
by Haisten Willis
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Col. Larry Mrozinski speaks during a morning news conference in downtown Smyrna on Tuesday. Mrozinkski alleges 11th Congressional District hopeful Barry Loudermilk (R-Cassville) is not being truthful about his military experience and called for Loudermilk to release his official military documents to the public.<br>Staff/Haisten Willis
Col. Larry Mrozinski speaks during a morning news conference in downtown Smyrna on Tuesday. Mrozinkski alleges 11th Congressional District hopeful Barry Loudermilk (R-Cassville) is not being truthful about his military experience and called for Loudermilk to release his official military documents to the public.
Staff/Haisten Willis
SMYRNA — A group led by retired U.S. Army Col. Larry Mrozinski says 11th Congressional District hopeful Barry Loudermilk is exaggerating his military record on the campaign trail.

The group gathered in downtown Smyrna on Tuesday morning for a news conference. They say Loudermilk, a former state senator from Bartow County, has repeatedly implied he was a pilot during his time in the Air Force, when in fact he was a communications specialist.

“Serving one’s nation or representing those who serve is a sacred trust and honored tradition in America, not to be embellished or used to manipulate or mislead the public for personal gain,” Mrozinski said during the conference. “We cannot afford to send representatives to Washington D.C. with a cloud hanging over their heads.”

Loudermilk is in a Republican runoff against former U.S. Rep. Bob Barr, of Smyrna, which will be decided July 22. Because no Democrat registered to run, the winner is expected to win the seat for 2015 and 2016. The 11th Congressional District includes all of Bartow and Cherokee counties, a large swath of Cobb and a small section of Fulton County.

Mrozinski also ran for the seat, but finished far behind the leaders and has endorsed Barr.

Loudermilk, through his spokesman Dan McLagan, fired back against the accusations.

“Where is Bob Barr’s discharge form?” McLagan said. “It’s sad Bob, who never served in uniform, is attacking Barry’s 20 years of military service.”

McLagan said Loudermilk was in meetings in Washington on Tuesday and was not available for an interview.

Contrasting the claims of embellishment, McLagan said Loudermilk has downplayed his service while campaigning, and said Barr is behind the accusations.

“Barr is hiding behind men in uniform,” he said. “This is what you do when you’re 20 points down in the polls. It’s just sad.”

The Loudermilk camp also released a resume detailing his military service and his honorable discharge from active duty. Loudermilk has a private pilot’s license, which is what his camp said he referred to during the forums.

Barr insists he wasn’t behind the press conference, saying several veterans have approached him with concerns about Loudermilk exaggerating his service record.

He said Loudermilk is playing politics.

“They see me behind every criticism that’s raised,” Barr said. “That’s just typical Washington politics.”

In a letter to the editor that ran in Friday’s MDJ, retired aviator Bill Stanley outlined his issues with Loudermilk.

“Although I’m a retired military member who served two tours in Vietnam as an Army aviator, I have never been one to think less of a man who did not serve in combat ... or even in the military service,” Stanley wrote. “What puzzles me is why some who have not served in combat, or have served in less ‘glamorous’ positions in the military, tend to embellish their service.”

Stanley took issue with statements Loudermilk made during a June 14 debate at Kennesaw State University. These included, “I’ll commit to you as someone who knows the importance of national defense. I’ve lived in that arena. I worked in that arena, and as an aviator — as a pilot — I know the value and the importance that our aerospace and our airpower has. We must do everything in our ability to keep (Dobbins Air Reserve Base) operating and open.”

“Anyone witnessing that debate would assume, from his carefully misleading statements, that he was an Air Force pilot with the skills needed to address issues of operations of Dobbins, and the intelligence experience needed to address the present foreign policy issues in Washington,” Stanley wrote.

Stanley, an east Cobb resident, served as Veteran’s Chair in Tricia Pridemore’s unsuccessful run for the 11th district seat. He says he’s a Barr supporter but was not asked to write the piece by Barr.

Barr took 26 percent of the statewide vote, while Loudermilk took 37 percent during the May 20 primary. Four other candidates were knocked out of the race that night.

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Accuracy Please
June 29, 2014

What are you a joint chief of? It is certainly not accuracy. Go look at Loudermilk's DD214. He never served 20 years in the Air Farce.

You ask for Barr's "discharge form." What is that? Then you say Barr never served, so why do you ask for Barr's "discharge form" in the first place? Barr has never claimed he served in the military, so what is your point? Since he never served, discussion of his service is moot. It doesn't exist.

The issue of discussion, if you bothered to read the article, is Loudermilk's embellishment of his military service record.

Hey JointChiefs, are you a low information voter?

June 28, 2014
“Where is Bob Barr’s discharge form?” McLagan said. “It’s sad Bob, who never served in uniform, is attacking Barry’s 20 years of military service.”

Disinformation now PLUS embellishment!
John Kerry
June 27, 2014
I received Loudermilk's flyer in the mail today. It was extremely vague and general about service awards, but did attempt to put them at the top of the information for him. His comments quoted in the paper do appear to embellish his record as an enlisted air force snuffy. Most of all, Bill Stanley is a very good man and judge of service, and if he's asking simply to see Loudermilk's DD214, why won't the candidate release it?

On the other hand, Barr and sons have played dirty with fellow Republicans in previous contests. Remember the incident on Marietta Square when he was running against Linder? Dirty, dirty stuff.
James Fannin
June 26, 2014
My unsolicited advice to Loudermilk's spokesman is that if you are refuting an allegation that your candidate embellished his service record, don't embellish his service record in making your defense and suggest he served 20 years when he served 8 and no, the Civil Air Patrol does not count toward 20 and it is "embellishing" to suggest it does.
Get Promoted
June 25, 2014
Eight years, and he only made it to E-5 Staff Sergeant? By eight years service, most people are E-7, at least an E-6.

I am not familiar if the Air Force has an up or out policy? You AF vets know? That could account for leaving at eight years?
Will Do
June 25, 2014
The Civil Air Patrol is NOT repeat NOT a military service and does not give one credit in any way shape or form for military service. Come on people, that is why it is the CIVILIAN Air Patrol.
Nothing to See Here
June 25, 2014
What is suspicious about leaving after only 8 years? Not everyone wants to make a career out of the military. And maybe...just taking a guess here...he didn't want to serve with Bill Clinton as his Commander in Chief??
Robo Joe
June 25, 2014
@nothing to see here

Your comments indicate you never served in the military.

It IS suspicious, when some quits at the eight year mark.

Moreover, up until Obama became CINC, the military was free of politics, meaning it did not matter a twit who was the CINC. American military personnel follow orders, period.

Military service is not a popularity contest, where one gets to decide things, based on who your present commander or the CINC is. It is called the spirit of military service, and if you had served, you would understand this.

Loudermilk's web site states he served active duty between 1984 and 1992, so his service was under Ronald Reagan and Bush, not Bill Clinton.

Sorry, you don't just quit in the military, because you don't like your new CINC.

Just Wait
June 25, 2014
Since when does 3 make a "group?"
Tom Wilder
June 25, 2014
Apparently Dan Mclagan hasn't seen Loudermilks DD 214 either, it clearly states SSgt Loudermilk served in the military 7 yrs and some months, NOT 20 years
June 25, 2014
Perhaps the additional years include Mr. Loudermilk's service in the Civil Air Patrol, an agency of the Air Force.
June 25, 2014
@Tom Wilder

So what made Loudermilk quit? Makes no sense, after almost eight years service, when in a short twelve more years he could have retired with pay and benefits.

That is where Loudermilk's military advisor failed him. Mentioning service beyond one enlistment serves only to raise many questions. What is being NOT told here?

West Cobb 4
June 25, 2014
The June 14th debate quote by Mr. Loudermilk as stated in the article does NOT make me believe he is embellishing his record. Nor does it come across as misleading or carefully crafted. It reads as two separate issues as the word "and" separates them ("I worked in that arena, AND as an aviator -as a pilot- I know the value and the importance that our aerospace and our airpower has..."). Based on the headline I expected much more compelling evidence of embellishment. Is there more? If this quote is the only evidence of Mr. Loudermilk's alleged exaggeration, I must say I am neither convinced nor impressed. By the way, I voted for Bob Barr in the primary and am VERY concerned for the future of Dobbins ARB and Lockheed Martin Aeronautics.
June 25, 2014
I am with you West Cobb.

This sounds like the cries of a huckster or a less than too intelligent person.
Command Sgt Major
June 25, 2014
Both camps, Loudermilk and Barr's, need to back off of each other.

At Ease!

Barr and Loudermilk are both outstanding candidates for the office they seek. It is now time to circle the wagons against the real enemy, which is the corrupt secular progressive democrats and their failed president. Thou shalt not attack a fellow Republican, a quote from Ronald Reagan.
Sad attack on Louder
June 25, 2014
These people are sour grapes, and how sad to attack Loudermilk's service to this country. Loudermilk has shown his official service record, yet these people continue to attack him. They had shown his record on the news, and it is extensive. Yet, that isn't good enough for Barr's camp. Please, he clearly stated in that forum that he is a pilot now, and made no reference to being a pilot when he was in the service. I am glad he won the spot in the runoff, because I wouldn't want any of these other men, who make up lies and act like middle school girls, to represent me. My vote is definitely for Loudermilk after this embarrassment of Barr's camp!
Jay Wallace
June 25, 2014
Webster says the meaning of embellish is ": to decorate (something) by adding special details and features : to make (something) more appealing or attractive" To say Barry was not embellishing his speech reminds me of Bill Clinton and the meaning of is.
Barr has a history
June 25, 2014
I agree and not surprised that Barr is bringing up this nonsense. Loudermilk has a fine and outstanding service record. Reminds me of when Barr was in office previously with all the phony crap and the claim that he was not of color. What a joke Barr is.
June 25, 2014
Jay, a better example of embellishment which was of more consequence is "there is no doubt Iraq has weapons of mass destruction" Now that was real embellishment costing countless lives. Or this whole story made up by the Barr campaign to try to discredit a dedicated member of our military. Pathetic!
Be Specific
June 26, 2014
@Barr has a history

Outstanding? In what way? Specifics please.

You are behaving like the media, calling anyone who wears a uniform a hero. The vast majority of U.S. military personnel are not heroes and do not have outstanding service records. However, their service is honorable.

Your comments, like others here, indicate you have never served in the military.

When your commanding officer pins an award on your uniform and characterizes your service as outstanding, that is one example of outstanding service, where the exact award becomes part of that person's military record.

So exactly and specifically what are Loudermilk's awards and decorations that would characterize his service as outstanding?

Hint: A good conduct award and service awards do not make one's service outstanding, and anyone who has made it only to E-5 after eight years of service does not exactly indicate outstanding service.

So knock off the military stuff and start telling us other reasons why Loudermilk is qualified for the office he seeks.
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