New ‘Declaration’ needed of energy independence
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On July 4, 1776 our Congress adopted our Declaration of Independence. Now, 238 years later, we need another Declaration of Independence, not from slavery to the Crown, but slavery to foreign energy. Thomas Paine’s “Common Sense” pamphlet is historically credited with helping overcome our dependency on the benevolence of King George III and the colonists’ subservience to British monarchy.

Where in the world is our common sense today? We have become dependent on a commodity provided by the Middle East of which we own an abundance of within our own borders. We have allowed the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, a cartel of 11 foreign countries, some that are no friends of the United States, to collectively hijack our economy by dictating oil production and price. Their price for a barrel of oil has more than doubled in less than a decade.

And, the price of their oil is not our only problem. We are actually enslaved to a region of the world where we culturally disagree, infinitely more than we did with the British monarchy 238 years ago.

If an abundance of oil didn’t exist in North Africa, America’s cultural differences with Arabs wouldn’t matter in the least. The people of those North African oil producing countries would hardly know that we even exist. And likewise, we would have little or nothing to do with them. That would mean that our War on Terror would have never happened and all of those attacks against America before and after 9/11/2001 wouldn’t have occurred.

But, unfortunately they did. And after more than a decade of the War on Terror, and way too much spilled American blood and divested treasure, we are still far from ending America’s War on Terror.

There is a sensible way to extract our warring involvement in the Middle East. How? By simply extracting our own fossil fuel and supplying our own energy needs. Why not become energy independent? It would mean no more War on Terror, no more inflated oil pricing and no more unemployment problems. And much, much more security and prosperity for the United States of America.

Of course, we may have to declare war on our environmentalists since they have this stubborn aversion to expand our production and refinement of oi, or any fossil fuel for than matter, despite how it would ultimately improve our country. These adversaries include the present administration and the preponderance of the Democratic Party, who have in the past and continue to display their opposition to expanding our reliance on domestic oil and coal production. We need a clone of a man like Thomas Paine who can bring some “Common Sense” to this country.

We need a political leader who can persuade all Americans we need to support and adopt a Declaration of Energy Independence.

Bob Lanzotti

Retired Army LTC

Retired Cobb County Elementary School Teacher

Adjunct Professor, Kennesaw State University

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Concerned Citizen
June 26, 2014
Our dependence on Mid-Eastern oil was not and is not the predicate for the Global War on Terror, Extremist Islamic fundamentalism is. Islam and those that follow the teaching of Mohammed's Koran have been at war with Christianity for centuries. Middle Eastern Islamists conquered Persia, and most of eastern and central Europe up through Spain during the middle ages. It was only northern and western Europe that were spared. It was the Catholic Church, through the financing of mercenaries, historically are known as the "Crusades", that were finally able re-establish Christianity to central and eastern Europe and drive Islam back across the Mediterranean.

Dependence on Mid-Eastern oil and the revenues derived is what has financed and precipitated this new adventurism by Islam. The religious war is old, their tactic of terrorism is new. The objective remains the same, crush Christianity and establish a worldwide Caliphate, using Sharia law as the basis for regulating both public and private aspects of life.

With respect to "Global Warming", the worldwide "terrorism" being perpetrated by the extremist Islamic Fundamentalists has nothing to do with that debate.

Science 101 Bob?
June 25, 2014
Can we assume you did not teach science? There's this little thingy called global warming and fossel fuel that you might want to read up on Bob. And Bob, in recent years we have become almost totally independent from Mid East oil.
Grammar 101 Bob!
June 26, 2014
Can we assume you did not teach (or learn) GRAMMAR?! There's this little thingy called spell check! Haha! You act like you're an expert and then misspell the point you're trying to make. It's called: fossil fuel! Next time proofread and you just might be taken seriously!
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