Many wonder which side Obama really on
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I’ve not been a very big fan of U.S. Sen. Saxby Chambliss (R-Ga.) these last couple years and wasn’t surprised to see him choose not to run again after losing support among conservative Georgians. That said, he has always been a good senator when it comes to supporting a strong defense, our military troops and their families here at home.

I ask that he please “finish strong” as the senator from Georgia with rank on the Armed Services Committee by getting to the bottom of the recent prisoner exchange, whereby President Obama’s inept and corrupt White House staff firstly negotiated with the terrorist Taliban leadership (whether it was in Qatar or not is irrelevant, they are still Taliban) and then made the horrendous decision to exchange one American — by many accounts an Army deserter who hates America and was trying to turn to the enemy side — for five high-value Taliban terrorists who will most likely leave Guantanamo prison and be killing our troops within weeks (as has happened in the past).

This “prisoner exchange” smells to high heaven, and by some accounts was done to provide political cover for Hilary Clinton’s upcoming presidential campaign, to galvanize her from critics who rightly say she and Obama leave Americans behind when the going gets tough, as they did in Benghazi.

By bringing home Bowe Bergdahl, Obama tries to portray himself as the president who cares, but in reality he’s endangered even more American lives at home and abroad while bringing home a man who should likely be prosecuted for desertion and freeing five of the most dangerous terrorists in the world.

As a strong military supporter and family member, I’m outraged that our country and our elected officials would allow this blatantly political move without question. If ever there was a time to stand up and ask, “What happened here?” now is the time.

Please do so on behalf of this Georgian and the many dedicated and professional military members who are shaking their heads at this move and wondering whose side this president is really on.

Laura Armstrong

West Cobb

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Maria A.
June 05, 2014
President Obama did the right thing in bringing back one of our soldiers. If Bowe Bergdahl did in fact do anything wrong or illegal, I'd rather he face justice here in the U.S.

You would think that Ms. Armstrong and all the critics would be happy that he had been returned.

Unfortunately, President Obama will always be criticized and disrespected no matter what he does.
Ben Twomey
June 05, 2014
Laura, the four detractors here are all forgetting, or conveniently overlooking, the fact that Bergdahl was not a prisoner. He was in no danger, In fact he was where he wanted to be. He was where he was going when he deserted his post in face of the enemy.

I agree he should be brought home and prosecuted, but not at the expense of freeing the five top rated Taliban terrorists.

When these crazy bastards kill some more Americans, who is going to shoulder the reponsibility? Certainly not our Presidentm who turned them loose illegally.

He has never taken responsibility for a damned thing he did.
why not
June 05, 2014
As someone who continually touts herself as an uber-patriot, flag waving, bugle tooting supporter of our armed forces exactly how do you know what happened to Sgt. Bergdahl. Everything as of now is speculation and whipped up anti-Obama FOX News hysteria. As late as February John McCain agreed with the prisoner exchange. Kelly Ayotte and other Republicans warmly welcomed Bergdahl's return from Afganistan. Now a complete flip flop with the political cowards bowing to the right wing noise machine. If Bergdahl is guilty of something I'm sure the military can handle it and punish him accordingly. Would you rather he were left to die in the hands of the Taliban so you and FOX could crucify Obama for "NOT" rescuing an American POW when he had the chance.
Laura Armstrong
June 05, 2014
I believe the men who served next to the guy who deserted. I believe initial reports from Centcom and military bloggers the year he walked away from his post and before the politicians got involved.

I do not believe Susan Rice (liar and liar again)or White House staffers who've called Bergdal's platoon commanders "psychopaths." Nor do the baloney explanations from leftist, Marxist, anti-military Democrats float my boat. Obama and Democrats don't understand the military culture and did not understand that this guy would never be considered a hero. He's a traitor who walked away from his post and slimed his way through five years, giving training and information to the enemy. And now other sons and fathers are going to be in even more danger because of the terrorists Obama released back into the world.
I support troops
June 05, 2014
Oh Laura, there you go again. I know which side Obama is on, but what side are you on? I thought you supported our military. I guess I was wrong.
Bill Millette
June 05, 2014

Sen. Chambliss has nothing to lose , at least, so I believe, by lowering the boom on this administration which shows little regard for the lives of our citizen-soldiers. It is all about moving the USA to a more socialistic society. The efforts and bravery of our countrymen in uniform do not weigh heavily against the ideological program of those currently in power.

Our Congressmen sit and allow these laws to be broken and our Constitution trampled on. Supposed conservative Republicans slowly slide over to the progressive side and care only for their careers and not for our republic. The supply of clay feet in DC is almost unlimited.

Our men and women in uniform keep us safe and pay a high price to do so. They deserve every consideration.

I just hope that Sen. Chambliss does not "mail it in" in his last few months, but rather goes out fighting to his last day to maintain our Constitution and supporting our military.

Kevin Foley
June 05, 2014
Ms. Armstrong's letter would have read thusly had Obama decided NOT to exchange 5 Gitmo detainees for Bergdahl:

"Obama proved he is anti-military and doesn't care about American fighting men by abandoning Bergdahl."

As usual she tops her opinion off with another wild conspiracy theory no doubt gleaned from Alex Jones' web site.
Papermill Gal
June 05, 2014
Obama would rather prosecute our military members for punching a Taliban in the face and host families of deserters than sincerely support any of the families of true heroes. If people (Kevin) hasn't seen that by now, he never will.

This argument isn't about the returned American, but about the president's non stop dissing of our troops, their missions, their culture, their warrior mentality. Obama is the WUS president and is uncomfortable with military men, and it shows every time he has to be the commander in chief.
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