‘Incendiary’ Foley column more off- base than usual
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Your columnist, Kevin Foley, is indulging in the basest kind of incendiary journalism in his column regarding the recent standoff between armed government paramilitary troops and armed civilian militia.

His use of colorful and inflammatory words and phrases is clearly meant to paint a picture of government employees doing their duty and being beset by hostile civilians armed to the teeth and anxious to start a shooting war. It is a total lie and fabrication on his part, perpetrated with the aid of other liberal writers.

The excuse that a federal court ordered the BLM to round up the man’s cattle in payment of the alleged one million dollars in unpaid grazing fees does not stand up to the smell test. They were not ordered to send paramilitary troops against a civilian. Such an order would have been unlawful. There are legal provisions for accomplishing that through the aid of local authorities.

Further, the government paramilitary forces slaughtered many of the cattle. Exactly how were those dead cattle supposed to be of any value to the government?

As to the presence of armed civilian militia, had the government not sent paramilitary forces against a civilian, there would have been no armed militia. As it was, the only violent acts committed were by the government forces against unarmed civilians, using Tasers and dogs.

No civilian pointed a weapon at any government employee and threatened them. The government forces did, however, threaten to open fire on unarmed civilians advancing on them with theirs hands in the air. Through the foresight of the civilian forces in having their women and children accompany them, such action by the government was averted. They knew that nobody wanted to open fire on a crowd of unarmed civilians men, women and children.

The Bureau of Land Management’s stated mission is: “To sustain the health, diversity, and productivity of the public lands for the use and enjoyment of present and future generations.”

That being the case, here are some things for which we should be asking for an accounting. “Why does an agency, with such a public serving mission, have armed and trained paramilitary forces on their payroll? If they are not part of the BLM, to which department do they belong on what authority were they acting on behalf of the BLM?”

“Was a formal demand to surrender the cattle in payment of the debt legally prepared and legally delivered to Mr. Bundy prior to the beginning of military action against him?”

No, I am afraid Mr. Foley’s spin is more off base than usual this time. The BLM owns this travesty, not Mr. Bundy, not the militia and certainly not the media.

Nettie Helen Stemm


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May 07, 2014
Oh, Nettie...of course I agree with you but please oh PLEASE don't do anything to make K-Fo stop writing. His columns have gotten to be so hysterically ridiculous that I look forward to Friday, knowing full well, I'll get a good guffaw!

'Irresponsible media.' K-Fo, actually penned the words, 'Irresponsible media!' What a stitch! He then comments on his own stuff and now has a new handle, such as 'Mike H.' The poor guy has such 'you know what ENVY' of Fox News. It's become pretty sad but oh, so entertaining!
Kevin Foley
May 07, 2014
kneeslapping (whoever you are) - please don't fail to introduce yourself to me. Sounds like we travel in the same circles! I always love to meet my fans!
East Cobb Senior
May 07, 2014
Your letter is right on point. Kevin Foley is an unabashed slobbering ultra-left wing liberal and his skewed and warped view of the world is always evident in his columns and rebuttals. He constantly transposes his opinion for facts and unashamedly denigrates anyone who disagrees with his fallacious viewpoint. Had there been a Republican President in office when the BLM did what they did Foley would have excoriated the government, the BLM and the President for that type of behavior. The definition of HYPOCRITE and Kevin Foley are synonymous.
so extreme
May 07, 2014
Foley is one of the most extreme democrat columnists I have ever seen. His outlook is vitriolic when it comes to anyone disagreeing with him. I simply don't read his columns, its a waste of time and always, without fail, leaves a bad taste in my mouth. And incidentally, the scenes from the Bundy thing reminded me of what happened in Fascist Germany. People ought to inform themselves about that.
Kevin Foley
May 07, 2014
Nettie Stemm is wrong. The BLM didn't send "paramilitary troops." The BLM sent its rangers to protect the employees engaged in carrying out a lawful court order after armed vigilantes showed up to "protect" Bundy.

The BLM saw the danger after gunmen aimed loaded assault rifles at their personnel and defused the confrontation by releasing the cows, as I noted in the column. No cow slaughter. No tasers.

Ms. Stemm is clearly uninformed on the entire episode.

And, by the way, those armed vigilantes are still in the vicinity of the Bundy ranch, spoiling for a shoot out with the BLM and intimidating local residents and reporters.
Ben Twomey
May 07, 2014
Of course someone who "chose not to serve" would not know the difference between a park ranger and a paramiltary government troop.

The armed government troops were there first.

Also,there has been no documented evidence of any civilian pointing a loaded weapon directly at a government employee.

The gopvernment backed down, not to diffuse the situation, but because they knew better than to fire on civilians. Additionally they were ordered to by the Couty Sheriff, whose jurisdiction supersedes theirs in this case. Defying his order and firing on civilians would be clear violation of the Constitution, since the civilians were practicing their Constitutional right to free assembly and to keep and bear arms.

Stemm is absolutely correct and you are wrong.

Further the militia that is still in the area is there in response to a threat by Harry Reid. "It's not over."

Kevin Foley
May 08, 2014
Twomey, like Nettie you reveal yourself as one steeped in near total ignorance, relying on only far right wing fringe media types like Alex Jones and Glenn Beck to tell you what to think. More on people like you and Nettie in Friday's regular column.

No extremist guns pointed at BLM employees? B.S.:

Ben Twomey
May 09, 2014
Foley, thanks for not disappointing me. I knew two things as soon a I posted that response.

First, that you would attack my intelligence and knowledge., which you did, in your self satisified smugness.

Second, that you would reference this, or some other equally irrelevant image to document your phony claim.

Here is some homework for you.

1. Identifiy the man with the rifle. Is he one of the cicilian militia, or is he a government sniper?

Second, At whom is he "pointing" the weapon? Notice I did not say "aiming" because that is clearly not what he is doing. Of course, I would not expect you or anyone else with "gunphobia" to know that.

I have seen this same picture from other angles and what it clear is that the closest people to this man's position are between 350 and 400 yards away and they consist of a mixed crowd of civilian and government employees. At such a range, it is pretty much a certainty that he was not "aiming" at anyone if particular.

Any other "proof" you would like to offer for you B. S. claim, Besides this MSNBC type propaganda?

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