Teacher raises should be at bottom of list
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You know, it just never seems like there’s enough money going around. Somebody is always complaining that more is needed. Depending on who that somebody is, that could be seen in a positive or a negative light. Someone like John Williams, for example, might be seen as greedy because all he seems to care about is making money. Yet, then you have the Cobb School Board who keeps demanding and demanding for as much money as possible and nobody will react at all. And for what? Pay raises? Seriously? Is that really necessary?

I would think not. What’s next, an annual retreat? Assuming for the sake of argument that it is necessary to hire 193 new teachers due to the growing size of the student body in Cobb is it also necessary to pay the board members more money? Adapting to a specific educational need is one thing, but a raise in pay is not vital right now. They don’t need that. I mean, we’ve got a budget that’s close to a billion dollars here. It would make sense to spend more of that money on cleaning up the mildew in the schools and fixing some of their maintenance problems. One would think that the pay raises would rightfully belong on the very bottom of the priority list. After all, this is people’s taxes we’re talking about here. The money should be spent carefully.

But it’s not. And no one is saying anything about it. Instead, they’re too busy trying to make Williams look like some greedy, bourgeois little money-grubber, while at the same time wondering if Scott Sweeney’s corporate ties are worth whining over. This has gotten to the point of ridiculousness. Personally, I think they should’ve given Williams that tax abatement. Since the school board refuses to use the money for what it’s supposed to be used for, they don’t deserve to have that money at all. Not one bit. So instead ,why not just use the money to help people like Williams have the incentive they need to want to do business in this county and provide more jobs? And then, when the CCSD doesn’t have the money for a while, maybe they’ll learn to appreciate it more and start using it for what it’s supposed to be used for.

That’s something everybody needs to think about, including columnist Dick Yarborough. Instead of acting all obnoxious and making fun of Williams for taking his ball and going home, so to speak, in regards to Williams’ move to Fulton County, he should be asking why the county school board is giving themselves raises instead of spending the money to clean up and maintain the schools. But instead all Yarborough can do is poke fun at Williams for not being able to “take a kick to the bum-bum.” Truth to tell, after 40 years Williams no longer has any reason to do business here anymore. He has nothing to gain from it. So he left. And instead of acting like some snotty little smart aleck Yarborough should grow up and learn to see the forest for the trees. The school board just doesn’t have anyone competent among their membership.

And that’s just all there is too it. The people shouldn’t be worrying about Sweeney’s corporate ties or anything like that. They should be worrying about how their money is being spent and right now it’s not being spent correctly at all. Since this is an election year, this issue needs to be pounded into the ground with full force. The bad spending habits of the CCSD need to be halted and now or nothing will ever get better in the schools.

Jonathan Worley


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To Mr. Worley
May 02, 2014
Thank you for saying what many are thinking.

I do have to give credit to Sweeney. During the past few meetings, he's challenged the district and board to add more teachers than the district/board has agreed.

He's pushing to reduce class sizes further and he made a solid argument for how it can be done when questioning the district's CFO.
May 02, 2014
Mr. Worley, I have known an incredibly nice, intelligent family by the same name here in Marietta since the mid-60's. I sincerely hope you aren't related because your level of ignorance of the facts involved is EPIC and would cause them immense embarrassment!

1) Raises for Board Members haven't been discussed.

2) Raises for teachers aren't being proposed.

3) RETURNING the money cut from staff salaries years ago has been discussed, resulting in a 1% (half) restoration tentatively planned.

4) Mr. Williams' behavior was that of a spoiled, greedy, power-wielding, foul-mouthed brat.

5) Mold issues should be resolved ASAP (actually got this one right!) I believe the chief of maintenance should answer to this!

6) If money is mismanaged, a grand jury needs to be alerted!

7) You wrote, "... all there is too it." It should've been "... to it." -2 pts

First Things
May 02, 2014
One thing you got right Mr. Worley is that maintenance for the schools with things like leaking roofs and mildew, which is extremely dangerous, needed to be fixed first...before NEW schools are built. In fact, the school board and superintendent should be sent to jail for allowing students and school personnel to be in these conditions. If it were the board room on Glover St., the building would be evacuated and meetings held at a Galleria hotel until complete repairs were made. Don't give me that false, caring attitude for the students. Many taxpayers are not gullible and stupid. We just can't circumvent the rules like the board and CCSD upper crust do.

When it comes to John Williams and anyone else on the take from the school system, students and county taxpayers, they should be whipped in the Marietta Square. And then sent to Fulton County.
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