Obama needs crash course in how to wrestle a bear
by Nelson Price
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Vladimir Putin is concerned about what the world thinks about him, especially America.

Barack Obama is concerned about what the world thinks about him.

President Obama feels, as he has stated, if we are nice to regimes such as North Korea and Iran, they will respond in kind. This theory is the basis of his international relations. If we offer and give them enough, they will like us and be nice to us. He has evidenced an eagerness to accommodate Russia and forget past betrayals in order to become friends.

Dr. Charles Krauthammer in his new book, “Things That Matter,” acquaints readers with a mental disorder known as solipsism. It is the belief that the whole world is ME.

A more advanced form of this malady is “plural solipsism,” which is the belief that the whole world is “like” me. Sufferers in denial of ‘others’ develop the concept of a “common humanity,” that is, everybody thinks alike. Everybody does not “think like me.” Putin and Obama do not think alike.

“The Internet Encyclopedia of Psychology” further explained solipsim as the doctrine that, in principle, “existence” means for me, my existence and my mental outlook. Solipsists are insensitive to the possibility that any thoughts other than their own are existent. An example is when the solipsist hears the word “pain,” it is understood to mean “my pain.”

It results in a supreme indulgence in a preoccupation with one’s own feelings and desires.

That is a major contributor causing the American/Russian ideological conflict.

Putin thinks everybody thinks like him. Noted above is the idea Putin is concerned about what people think of him, and he is. However, he doesn’t think like President Obama.

Putin’s concern is not that people don’t like him, he doesn’t want them to like him. He wants them to fear him. This governs his actions. They are designed to engender fear.

President Obama wants everybody to like him and have no fear of him. This results in a policy of placation. This be “nice to them and they will be nice to you” isn’t working. The dogma of fear is showing fear does work.

Putin tends to think like the cold and cunning old KGB colonel he was.

Obama tends to think like a community organizer, however that is.

Even when they use the same words, they give different meaning to the words.

The more the world, especially America, dislikes and fears Putin, the more he likes it. It is his game. The Sochi Olympics to him were not an effort to make the world like him, but rather to fear such a country that could produce so wonderful a spectacle and provide flawless security in the face of threatened terrorism.

Putin not only talks tough, he acts tough. At a recent gathering of national leaders, Putin and Obama were scheduled to work out at the same time. Obama went to the gym. Putin’s press representatives put out the word he was going swimming in the nearly frozen lake. While Obama was showing off his skill at shooting hoops with a few members of the American press in attendance, Putin showed up at the lake shirtless and went for a swim in the icy waters with a large number of the international press recording it.

Obama needs a crash course in how to wrestle a solipsistic bear. Quick, before it is too late.

The Rev. Dr. Nelson Price is pastor emeritus of Roswell Street Baptist Church in Marietta.
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Ben Twomey
March 25, 2014
Kevin Foley and "just sayin" both need to put away their religious prejudices. Nowhere in the column did Dr. Price recommend using force in the Crimea.

In fact, he did not recommend the use of force, period. He did not mention the Crimea, period.

Please, both of you learn to leave your biases on the shelf when reading something and try to understand the contents without your passion and bias interfering.

There is a course for us to follow that is somewhere between kissing Putin's rear and going to war.

It does not rely on fear,but on strength.

Since Obama's election and his initial "apology tour" the U. S. has been perceived as weak through out most of the rest of the world.

that image must be repaired.
just sayin
March 27, 2014
And what exactly would that solution be Ben, "Between kissing Putin' rear and going to war". Apparently your solution is to make threats, talk tough, act tough but do nothing and hope for the best! I doubt that was what the preacher's intent, Especially since he was a vocal cheerleader for the Iraq War.
Kevin Foley
March 23, 2014
Stick to things ecclesiastic, Rev, and avoid sounding ignorant on geopolitical matters. Like all the other reactionaries, you try to portray as weak the guy who laid is presidency on the line in ordering the killing of OBL.

The U.S. has no direct interest in Crimea. Are you, Christ's disciple, recommending a military confrontation so thousands more American lives can be wasted as they were in Iraq?

Give it a rest.

just sayin
March 23, 2014
Well spoken by a true right wing Neo-Conservative. It's better to be feared, so how did that work out for you in Iraq! The last resort for any right winger is despised diplomacy, military force and tough talk is always number one for a cowboy mentality. Shoot first and ask questions later may work for you, but for the troops with their lives on the line, perhaps not so much. Was George W Bush considered weak when Russia invaded and occupied Georgia. George simply went on vacation to the ranch. Not one negative comment from Nelson Price.
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