Facebook face of Marietta 14-year-old charged with double murder
by Nikki Wiley
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This picture appears on the Facebook page belonging to 14-year-old Jaydon Lee Reid, who is charged with killing two men at Wild Horse Creek Park, 3820 Macedonia Drive, next to Tapp Middle School in Powder Springs.<br>Photo special to the MDJ
This picture appears on the Facebook page belonging to 14-year-old Jaydon Lee Reid, who is charged with killing two men at Wild Horse Creek Park, 3820 Macedonia Drive, next to Tapp Middle School in Powder Springs.
Photo special to the MDJ
POWDER SPRINGS — The Facebook page of a teenage boy charged with killing two men at a local park shows photos glorifying a life of crime, while students at McEachern High School on Thursday described one of his alleged victims as an easy-going man who had no enemies.

Police arrested 14-year-old Jaydon Lee Reid and charged him Monday with the shooting deaths of Terrance Banks, 23, and Sterling Hargrave, 21, at Wild Horse Creek Park, 3820 Macedonia Drive next to Tapp Middle School in Powder Springs.

According to the arrest warrant, Reid robbed Hargrave and Banks of cash and marijuana using a 9 mm pistol during a “drug transaction” Sunday evening.

Students at McEachern High School, which Hargrave and Banks had attended, would not identify themselves to the MDJ, but many of them said they knew Hargrave, the younger of the two victims.

They described him as the type who got along with everyone.

“I’m not shocked about what the 14-year-old did,” one student said. “I’m shocked about how Sterling died. I didn’t think Sterling would die like that.”

Some students said they think Reid wanted to be a gangster.

Photos posted to Reid’s Facebook page show him pointing a gun at a camera and holding large stacks of money. Another image on the page displays an Apple iPad logo with the words “iMurder” substituted for iPad. The image depicts an apple with crosshairs in the middle and splattered with blood.

The name used on the Facebook page is “Jay’Jay Goin’ham Reid.” “Goin’ham” stands for “going hard as a mother------,” according to the website Urban Dictionary.

McEachern students said Reid attended Tapp Middle School, which sits beside the park where the shooting took place, but Jay Dillon, spokesman for Cobb schools, would not confirm or deny if Reid was enrolled in the school system.

Cobb District Attorney Vic Reynolds said his office will look into potential gang connections to the shooting once the police finish their investigation, but Reynolds said he was unsure if they would find a link.

“We’re waiting to get the entire file from the police department,” Reynolds said, adding he expects to receive the documents in the next 60 to 90 days.

He said it’s a “harsh reality” that while Reid is a teenager, he will have to pay an “adult price” if he is found guilty of murdering the two men.

“It’s extremely concerning anytime you have a double homicide,” Reynolds said. “It’s tragic, but certainly when the suspect is 14 years old, it makes it worse all the way around.”

Cobb Police Department is the lead agency in the investigation because the killings took place at a park owned by Cobb County, but the park is located within the city limits of Powder Springs and a city police officer apprehended Reid during a foot chase, said Powder Springs Mayor Pat Vaughn.

Vaughn called the double homicide “senseless attacks” and “contrary to all that we stand for.”

“To the victims’ families, we offer our sincerest sympathies during your time of grieving and loss,” Vaughn said in a prepared statement. “To the citizens of Powder Springs, know that we will continue our efforts in combating crime within our city, and that your safety is of utmost importance.”

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April 04, 2014
Wish we had a decent Mayor and police chief in Powder Springs. Maybe we could get a handle on crime.
March 23, 2014
We've been told for a long time, from many mouths, that diversity is good for the community.
Charlie Robinson
November 18, 2014
Diversity is good, it just depends on what kind of diversity. Evil versus good.
the wrong face
March 22, 2014
Please, MDJ, this kid is not the face of Marietta….he's the face of Powder Springs. Don't unduly mar the reputation of our fine town with something that didn't happen here.
March 22, 2014

You can't go back and retract all of your ignorant comments once the truth is revealed. Please refrain from making comments that cannot be justified. It only magnifies your ignorance in the end.

The best response to a situation like this is PRAYER!!
tired of it too
March 21, 2014
kudos to the folks speaking out. i have been told by a black neighbor that they dont want to live in a black neighborhood because it is unsafe. but now that they are there here comes another black neighbor...and now you have powder springs and kennesaw becoming super dangerous.
Tired of It
March 21, 2014
March 21, 2014
But he jus' a lil' baybee...lookin' fo enuffs money fo' some skittles an' ah Arizona watermelon Ice Tea.

Whether you are black, white, yellow or red...if you see an unknown black 12-28 year old male coming toward you at any time...you have every reason in the world to believe that your safety may be at risk.

Just Wait
March 21, 2014
Guess we can be pretty sure that his parents weren't to active in his life.
August 21, 2014
That's just it he was in a group home for a little while so his parents couldn't be that involved
March 21, 2014
1. Capital punishment for all murderers.

2. Until decent, hard-working, moral, law-abiding blacks work harder to segregate and distance themselves from the unproductive and cancerous elements of the black community and of black culture, it will be impossible to accuse whites (or Asians and Hispanics, many of whom want nothing to do with blacks either) of being racist for not wishing to live among blacks or have their children attend school with blacks.

3. We cannot blame poverty, segregation, frustration, hopelessness or alienation from the mainstream for this crime, or for the increasing crime problem in Cobb (and Gwinnett and Rockdale). Nor can we do so with Clayton, which went from being a working-middle class area with good schools and virtually no crime to being a high-crime economic basket case with unaccredited public schools in less than 10 years. This isn't Watts, South Central, Detroit or Washington D.C. Cobb County is a suburban, high income area with plenty of jobs (a below 6.5 unemployment rate) and great schools. And yet the response to this is silence. When it is George Zimmerman versus Trayvon Martin, there are marches and rallies. But this? Silence. No statements from Obama on how if he had a son he would look like Banks, Hargrave or Reid.

4. And where did this kid pick up this thug criminal identity that has nothing to do with his actual privileged suburban Cobb background? Hip-hop and rap. But we can't have little black boys listening to Mozart, Beethoven and Bach or reading Shakespeare and Calvin at school and at home. No, stuff like that would only harm them, right?
Amen to this
March 21, 2014
Totally agreed. The public raise cane when it is a white or Hispanic killing a black, but black on black crime is simply accepted? Heck no, when is the black community going to start to pick themselves up and get it together. CCSD is going down hill and the demographics are shifting fast. The problem is the parents not checking on their kids. Clue-you DO have the right to look at your kids Facebook, Twitter and text messages. You are the parent! The US is in a downhill spiral.
March 21, 2014
And it's stuff like this that's causing the exodus of law abiding residents who are leaving Powder Springs in numbers, moving further North, or out of the metro Atlanta area altogether.

You can drive into Powder Springs any time of the day now and see young black males walking the streets like zombies - no jobs, no mission, turning around quickly when any car drives past them as though they're incredibly nervous - why?? Hmmmm.

My once very safe neighborhood has had break-ins and attempted break-ins in the last year. The Police here don't stop the "zombie walkers" to see why they're out at all hours just walking the streets, for fear of being labeled as "profiling". All the while, crime increases and more law abiding people move out. And now we have 14 year olds here killing people. Wonderful.

The For Sale sign goes up in my yard this weekend.
Mike In Smyrna
March 21, 2014
It does not take a rocket scientist to draw a hypothesis - The students knew the younger of the two victims – what are the odds that he was their marijuana supplier.
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