Foley column resonated with vet, but went too far
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I read Kevin Foley’s Oct. 11 column “An Apology to Private Parman” with great interest. I was a staff sergeant / 81-mm mortar observer in the European Theater during World War II.

Foley’s column became increasingly personal, as I read about the outfit Parman served in, the 315th Regiment of the 87th Division. I served in the Acorn 87th Division. Let me say the 315th is incorrect, as the regiments were the 345-346th and 347th.

On a hunch I researched my regimental book and found Pvt. Parman not only in the 345th, but in my company, Company M, the heavy weapons platoon. I do not remember David, as my time was spent with a rifle company. I do know that he came from Denver, Miss., a very small town of less than a 50 people.

The date of his death was March 18, 1945. After the Battle of the Bulge we were in Koblenz, Germany, on that date. Casualties were light except for snipers. A day later we crossed the Rhine at Boppard, Germany, and raced to the Czech border. The European war was over in the first week of May.

Our division then departed for the States to prepare for the invasion of Japan.

Pvt. Parman was left behind, interred along with thousands of his comrades.

I honor them all and still today have contacted many of the survivors in my company. Our ranks are fast dwindling.

So when you see a WWII vet, shake his hand for a job well done.

The question of the flowers on his grave (mentioned by Foley) remain a mystery unless his family is aware of his location. I will contact the Parmans with the information that I have.

One paragraph of Foley’s article caused a flood of (negative) comments. All I wish to say is it could have been excluded.

Glen Stockman

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Kevin Foley
October 23, 2013
To Hale, Hagan, and all the other letter writers and critics. Read my latest blog.
Guido Sarducci
October 23, 2013
Your latest blog is just more of the same vomit with which you have been dirtying this newspaper.

Give it a rest!

Nobody wants to read your hate-filled crap. But not many are willing to sit still while you hijack a true American hero and use his good name to spread your hate and filth.

If, as you say, you appreciate his sacrifice, then honor him for that and leave the hate talk out of it.
Nathan Hale
October 23, 2013
Parham was a Mississippi boy! Thanks so much for your detective work, for personalizing this fallen hero and his well as your service.

We'll never know what Parman's politics would be, either as a young man or if he'd lived to be your age. What we do know is that you both assisted good men in preventing a worldwide age of darkness that might've been ushered in by the evil axis.

Comments surrounding Foley's initial column illustrate the wide gap between the liberal mind and the conservative... even after numerous veterans have vented their feelings to Foley this past week -- that it's sacrilege to use Parman's name and death in his petty political narrative, Foley maintains his stubborn tunnel vision. His leftist mindset prevents him from seeing the visceral reaction of veterans to Foley's premise and his goal: to destroy Sen. Cruz. Mr. Foley. Good people will NOT sit idly by while you hijack a brother's sacrifice.
October 24, 2013
Rafael Edward "Ted" Cruz was born in Canada. I don't know why he doesn't want to use his real first name... Rupert Murdoch was born in Australia. I think they both are rooting for their home country, not the US. Cruz's father was a communist, just like Obama's father. Murdoch and his family don't care about the US, they want Australia to take over as the only super power. Let's get rid of foreign rejects like them.
Kevin Foley
October 23, 2013
Thanks Glenn. I was very moved that Pvt. Parman's grave was the only one of the thousands adorned by flowers. Even after 70 years, somebody remembers him.

He wasn't sent into combat in a vacuum. He went because we were fighting for a Democratic ideal. That ideal was recently desecrated by a small number of radical extremists seeking to circumvent the rule of law.

Thank you for filling us in on David Parman and thank you for your service in a great cause.

October 23, 2013
@ Kevin Foley

It's becoming very evident that you're obsessed with linking someone who gave their life in defense of Democracy and freedom to your cause. Basically, the way I see it, you're desperately trying to legitimize your cause (progressivism) on the honor of a fallen American soldier. Frankly, this disturbs me because when I look at the Progressive Leadership and the Progressive Thought Leaders, I see a group who have been ardently anti-military, many (if not most) have not served in the military and some maintain a disdain for the military members. It was widely reported that during Clinton's presidency the military was looked upon with great disdain. And, of course, many of the Progressive movement's most senior leaders were conscientious objectors, draft dodgers, flag burners, and spit on soldiers returning from Vietnam. So, to claim an American soldier, that gave his life for freedom and Democracy, as the progressive movement's poster child is a farce since many of the leadership in the progressive cause was a bunch of cowards who hid out in Haight-Ashbury when their country called.

But Kevin, please don't stop writing this stuff. Don't stop your column and your blog because it's interesting and enlightening to see how the progressive mind thinks. And, after all, your freedom to speak your mind and publish your ideas without fear reprisal is what Pvt. Parman died for. Just like he died so that Sen. Cruz and the Tea Party can speak their minds without fear of reprisal.

Our Man in Powder Springs

Harry Hagan
October 23, 2013
What an extraordinary and wonderful letter, Sir! Many thanks, and God's richest blessings to you!

This is just fabulous--the picture and the story. So well written and presented, with a picture, even; wow! This has made my day.
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