What can Broun do for you?
by Jon Gillooly
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GOP candidate for U.S. Senate Paul Broun, right, meets with supporters including, from left,  Scott Johnson, 11th Congressional District GOP chairman, Amy Kremer and Jan Sheffield at Williamson Bros. Bar-B-Q in Marietta.
GOP candidate for U.S. Senate Paul Broun, right, meets with supporters including, from left, Scott Johnson, 11th Congressional District GOP chairman, Amy Kremer and Jan Sheffield at Williamson Bros. Bar-B-Q in Marietta.
MARIETTA — U.S. Rep. Paul Broun (R-Athens) says he is “the true conservative” in the race to replace retiring U.S. Sen. Saxby Chambliss next year.

Broun spoke to a cheering crowd of about 50 people at Williamson Bros. Bar-B-Q on Wednesday, pledging to vote down any continuing resolution that contains funding for Obamacare this fall.

“I am the true conservative in this race because I believe in the Constitution as our Founding Fathers meant for it to be,” Broun said.

Other candidates talk about balancing the budget, but Broun said he’s got the strongest balanced budget amendment in Congress.

“Looks like all these candidates running for the U.S. Senate today want to be Paul Broun. Cause they’re all saying what I’ve been doing,” Broun said. “I’ve got the record none of them have. And I’ll be the only candidate in this race where we will make it four (constitutionalist senators): Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Mike Lee and Paul Broun. … We’re already working very hard to put this country back on the right course.”

Broun said he’s been endorsed by Ron Paul, while the Club for Growth rated him the No. 1 member in the U.S. House when it comes to defending economic freedom. He said Heritage Action rated him one of 29 members of Congress to receive the distinction of being a “Conservative Sentinel.” Heritage Action gave that designation to those who scored 90 percent or higher on its legislative scorecard.

“No other candidate running for U.S. Senate is even in the top 90 percent,” he said.

A government shutdown?

Broun said the greatest attack on freedom in the U.S. is Obamacare, which must be ripped out by its roots.

“We’ve got to delay the implementation of Obamacare by defunding it in the (continuing resolution) before it destroys America,” he said, pledging to vote no on any continuing budget resolution that funds the program.

A rally is scheduled for Sept. 10 in Washington to promote the defunding.

“This is going to be our last best chance,” he said. “Now, the problem I see in Washington is our leadership doesn’t want to do that.”

A Washington publication, he went on to proudly say, named Broun one of 12 thorns in House Speaker John Boehner’s side.

“I think that came out before I voted for Allen West to be the Speaker of the House,” he said, to applause. “Nobody wants to shut down government, period. I don’t want to shut down government, Mike Lee and Ted Cruz don’t want to shut down government. But what I do want to do is shut down Obamacare.”

While the continuing resolution cannot repeal Obamacare, by stripping its funding it will delay the program until the votes are there to repeal it, he said. Once repealed, he advocated rolling out his own patient-centered, market-driven health insurance proposal.

Killing Common Core

Eliminating the controversial Common Core State Standards is another action Broun favors.

“Common Core is a top-down dictation of the educational system of our children,” he said. “It is basically No Child Left Behind on steroids, and we need to repeal No Child Left Behind and Common Core by getting rid of the Department of Education. That’s the long-term solution.”

In its place, he said parents and teachers should be in charge of directing the education of their children.

“Common Core was accepted by Sonny Perdue when he was governor, as well as our former superintendent, Kathy Cox, so this administration has been saddled with it,” he said. “From my conversation with the governor they’re just trying to deal with it in the best way possible. I want to get rid of the Department of Education and that will solve this problem.”

The U.S. Department of Education spends about $70 billion annually, Broun said.

“Those fat cat bureaucrats that have never taught a child to read have an average salary across the department of over $101,000 a year,” he said. “I say, let’s close down the Department of Education. Let’s pay our teachers more. Let’s get the government shackles of No Child Left Behind and now Common Core off of our teachers.”

The NSA was wrong, Snowden was right

Edward Snowden was right to expose the National Security Agency’s wrongful spying on U.S. citizens, Broun said.

“The American public deserves to know, and when we have a government that’s taking your phone records, your email records, and sticking its ugly nose into your business without due cause it must be stopped,” he said.

The Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday that the NSA scoops up 75 percent of all Internet traffic, citing current and former NSA officials.

Broun said he’s done everything he can to stop such spying and he pledged to continue the fight.

“Anybody who will stand firm and say the federal government is trouncing upon your rights should continue to do so and we need to protect that,” he said of Snowden. “What he’s done since then is another matter, but his allowing the American public to know what the NSA was doing, which is totally unconstitutional, against our Fourth Amendment rights, was a proper thing to do.”

Marietta-based Georgia Tea Party Chairman J.D. Van Brink was among those who turned out to hear Broun speak.

“It’s obvious there’s a real yearning among the people to return to a constitutional republic,” Van Brink said. “That’s what I get at all the meetings I go to, and that’s really what the Georgia Tea Party has been about from the beginning is restoring a constitutional republic, and I’m always heartened when I come to meetings like this and I hear all these people who share that same philosophy, and it’s growing and it had to because the alternative is unthinkable.”

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September 01, 2013
"God ordains that marriage is between one man and one woman............"

Paul Broun, currently working on his fourth wife.
August 28, 2013
No mention of Braun's premature littering of large campaign signs currently making east Cobb look ridiculous? Braun has been one of the most illogical, hard right ideologues in the House GOP, one of many congressmen willing to hold the economy hostage for political points.
October 14, 2013
Connie Mack Jr
August 27, 2013
" What can Paul do for you?"

Not much like most of the comments made here by the local idiots and political want to be's of both 1% corporate control political parties. Paul should move to Russia and help banish both Republican and Democrat parties for treason from the Planet..

Don't blame me! I voted for Putin
Lib in Cobb
August 27, 2013
"A cheering crowd of about 50", as reported by this article. Not much of an endorsement.
August 27, 2013
Yes, 'Lib in Cobb' (aka, Kevin Foley). A crowd of 50. That's more then the crowd of 10 that always gather for Rich Pellegrino and Jerry Gonzalez. Oh that's right...it's because their supporters are all illegal.
Lib in Cobb
August 27, 2013
@LibinCobbisKevin: No I'm not, but I am flattered.
John Galt
August 26, 2013
Broun, please don't just stop with the ACA. You need to work to privatize centrally-planned (read communistic) retirement plans as well.
Just Wait
August 26, 2013
This guy is so far to the right that he is about to fall off the edge of the earth.
Dist 10 refugee
August 26, 2013
You're better of voting for Charles Darwin. Broun is an embarassment to the state.
Rick Z
August 26, 2013
The checks and balances of the Constitution were largely the result of compromises among the Founding Fathers. They argued their conflicting viewpoints vigorously, but ultimately came together and resolved them for the common good. Unlike Broun and the rest of his fringe wing.
Too funny
August 26, 2013
This guy is a caricature of insane ideas.
August 26, 2013
He is the one to back but he also needs to go after the I.R.S. they need to be outsourced to a national sales tax that’s tied to a limit. All government employees need to be on Obama care if we can’t kill it. Worried about gun violence just think how many people will be killed by Obama care.
Lib in Cobb
August 26, 2013
Broun believes in Jesus. OK, that's fine. Would Jesus deny healthcare to anyone in need? No, Jesus would not, but Broun would. How can he then be Christian?

Hypocrisy at it's finest!
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