Man allegedly tries to stop foreclosure sale with courthouse bomb threat
by Lindsay Field
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Tommie Milan Boleman Jr.
Tommie Milan Boleman Jr.
MARIETTA — The Cobb County Sheriff’s Office has arrested its second person in four months for allegedly calling in a fake bomb threat to the local courthouse.

Tommie Milan Boleman, 45, was arrested Tuesday just after 9 p.m. at a home in the 800 block of Fairwood Pointe in Acworth on charges of making terroristic threats, false statements, obstruction/intimidating a juror or officer and false public alarm, all felonies, and disrupting a public meeting. He is being held in the Cobb County Jail without bond.

According to a three-page arrest warrant and a release from the Sheriff’s Office, Boleman is accused of using a Verizon Wireless pre-paid phone card that he bought from a Walmart in Dallas around 10 a.m. Tuesday to call in a bomb threat to the Cobb County Courthouse at 10:25 a.m. that same day.

Investigators, using phone records, learned that Boleman reportedly called the Cobb County government information line to make the threat.

He told a county employee “that there was a bomb in the courthouse and he could not believe they were selling her house,” the warrant states.

A news release from the Sheriff’s Office states that the home on Fairwood Pointe was under foreclosure and scheduled to be sold on the courthouse steps Tuesday morning.

The owner of the home is listed as Terri Harrington, according to the release.

“At this time, it is not clear what the relationship is between Boleman and the owner.”

State laws set the sales of foreclosed homes to be held on the first Tuesday of every month.

After Boleman allegedly called in the threat, deputies searched the area for explosives using a K-9 but no bomb was found.

“As I have said before, we will not tolerate anyone trying to intimidate our court officials, our prosecutors and our citizens coming to the Cobb County Courthouse to conduct business,” said Cobb Sheriff Neil Warren Wednesday.

“Our agency has policies and procedures in place to handle this type of incident,” he said. “As far as I am concerned, the deputies responding to this situation did an outstanding job and I am proud of their efforts.”
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August 07, 2013
So just how is it the Sheriff's fault idiot break the law???
August 07, 2013
In response to "wronginvestigation"

#1 - So, you don't want them to investigate it? Because I am sure those who work in the courthouse everyday appreciate that law enforcement goes to the extent it does to make sure even a threat isn't real. Because welcome to the world of law enforcement - just because we get a threat call, we have to treat it as the real thing. You never know when it could be real....Oklahoma City would probably agree.

#2 - Since you seem to think you are so highly educated in law and terrorism, you would know that at the county level a person can be charged with terroristic threats/acts or even domestic terrorism. Not to mention you would also know that not the NSA, but the FBI is the lead investigating agency for domestic terrorism.

August 09, 2013
#1 No I do not want them to investigate prank calls. Rather, I would prefer they investigate who allows for such poor security at the courthouse that pranks calls cause an evacuation every single time, and then also investigate what damn FOOL sends all the courthouse personnel out into the streets in this post-9/11 post-Boston-Marathon world. We might as well remove the metal detectors from the court house and lay off their operators because anyone wishing to shoot all courthouse personnel by the dozen knows beyond any doubt that they need only make one phone call and everyone will come outside to be slaughtered on Sheriff Warren's watch.

#2. I said bring on the G-men. G-men are the FBI. They can phone up their pals at the NSA and ask for a favor.
August 07, 2013
JJ Wilson must have used his one call from the jailhouse.......
wrong investigation
August 07, 2013
#1 The investigation we taxpayers now require is one that determines who continues to allow for a courthouse that is so insecure that it can be entirely disrupted by some fool making a prank call. Whoever is responsible for the insecurity of our judicial complex is the one who should be sitting up at the jail "awaiting trial" for what I alleged could be considered theft by conversion of their tax paid salary we pay them while they clearly do not perform their duties of providing a safe environment for our public servants and our members of the public forced to be at the courthouse no matter whether it is to face accusations or to sit in the jury waiting room while solicitors and the defense attorneys play their hands.

#2 A bomb threat would legitimately fall under the "terrorism" category, so why is "Mexican Chaser In Chief Who Still Thinks Caller ID Is Always Right" Warren the one investigating? The NSA should be able to solve this crime, solving it FOR REAL (as opposed to arresting the first person with a home in foreclosure whose car was allegedly found in the area of a phone having a number made to appear somehow on 911's caller ID), finding the guilty person, in about 5 to 10 minutes according to that whistle blower guy.

Perhaps there is a "job creator" type out there leasing secure facilities for foreclosure auctions and he found that if his friend in China makes some calls using fake caller ID, dumb local yocals will flock to his business and lease a secure facility from him for their foreclosure auctions. Have we checked with other courthouses outside Georgia on this? Somehow I doubt it since Warren is just an immigration guy. Maybe he called Mexico and asked them for tips?

On the other hand, perhaps it's Al Qaeda poking at our very clear weaknesses. If so, this game is WAY out of "Mexican Roundup" Warren's league. Bring in the G-men!
did it
August 07, 2013
Did it ever occur to you that pehrhaps Wilson confessed or he is on video making the call or a whole host of things linking him to his crimes. Heck go visit Wilson and see what he has tosay. As for insecurity, you obviously have never been to the courthouse. In regards to you personally attacking the Sheriff with racist sir, are an idiot.
well boy howdy
August 07, 2013
"He did not say if the call came in to 911, as Wilson’s call did"

Doesn't the MDJ mean Wilson's ALLEGED call?

Hmm, anybody starting to wonder if the allegation that the Sheriff is lazy from his OTJ training workings with Mexicans and if perhaps he doesn't understand stastistics and just arrested the first person he found at or potentially near the gas station (well his CAR was reportedly at the gas station) having a home in foreclosure despite the probability there would be multiple people with homes in foreclosure at or near any/every gas station given the high incidence of home foreclosure in "we foreclose instantly" Georgia and the need of everyone owning a car to buy gas? Hmmm.

Read Bayes' Theorem again Sheriff. Maybe you'll understand it now with your eyes less shut on the topic.... but I doubt it.
The Big Dawg
August 08, 2013
To "well boy howdy." Your comment tells me alot about you. I bet you are lazy, your house is probably under foreclosure and you make money under the table like illegal aliens. I bet you know just enough about Bayes' Theorem to feel like an expert but your pathetic life makes you want to go after successful people like Sheriff Warren because he is neither lazy nor on the job training.
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