Cowards with guns will always be afraid
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Jerry Dupree’s letter “Stand Your Ground Law badly needed,” (Friday’s MDJ) is sadly ironic. Mr. Dupree obviously is frustrated and lives in fear of some unknown assailant.

He fears some unknown person approaching him in the dark with violent intent will force him to defend himself. Isn’t that exactly what happened to Trayvon Martin? George Zimmerman did not identify himself as a member of neighborhood watch or tell Martin that he was armed. He assumed that Martin had criminal intent and started a confrontation that led to the killing of a 17-year-old armed only with a bag of Skittles.

This country has long had a legal justification for self-defense. However the “Stand Your Ground” laws are nothing more than a license to kill without consequence.

These laws written, promoted and financed by the NRA and the American Legislative Exchange are nothing more than laws to promote the carrying and use of firearms without any state or civil recourse by conservative legislatures in Republican-controlled states.

The right to take a human life simply because you are afraid is not justifiable. A coward with a gun will always be in fear. That’s why he’s is carrying a gun.

Zimmerman started a confrontation with Martin only because he was armed. Does anyone believe Zimmerman would have approached anyone unless he had a hidden advantage?

The confrontation did not go Zimmerman’s way when Martin fought back against the unknown stranger and he was shot point-blank in the chest.

Zimmerman’s injuries portrayed as life threatening are humorous. I’ve seen worse in school-yard fights.

The confusion over “Stand Your Ground” laws and the judge’s instructions would have justifiably baffled any jury and allowed Zimmerman to walk free. These laws will continue to lead to unjustifiable murders just as the murder of a young black man in Jacksonville who was shot because his music was too loud. The killer cited “Stand Your Ground” and claimed he saw a shotgun.

No shotgun was ever found. My guess he will probably walk free also.

Dave Young


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George Middleton
August 01, 2013
My word! How about a few real facts to replace the media induced ones from which you are drawing some erroneous conclusions.

The “Stand Your Ground Laws” were passed because people were tired of exercising their right to protect themselves and then being prosecuted for it, as is still happening in some states that have not enacted some kind of “Stand Your Ground” law. People should not have to become victims simply because they are not allowed to defend themselves.

Then too, the “Stand Your Ground” law was never an issue in the Zimmerman trial, the details of which you have unbelievably twisted. Zimmerman did not start the physical confrontation which led to the eventual shooting death of Martin. The physical confrontation was initiated by Martin. Based on testimony from his girlfriend about the cell phone call he made to her, the attack may have been a “hate” crime. Her testimony would lead one to believe that Martin regarded Zimmerman as being gay. So, maybe his attack was with the intention of beating up a “gay white cracker”, so he could brag about it on Facebook. Of course, what went on in his mind is something we will never know. One thing is fairly obvious. He was not in fear of Zimmerman. People in fear for their lives call 911, or the police, not some absentee girl friend who can do them no good.

In spite of all the speculation by the media and people like you, the provable evidence overwhelmingly supports the jury verdict.

Oh, yes, you talk about Zimmerman’s injuries, including a battered nose and multiple cuts and abrasions on the back of the head caused by his head being repeatedly slammed into the asphalt, as “humorous”.

That makes it obvious that you have never been in a physical confrontation wherein the aim is to inflict the most serious physical damage possible, up to and including death. I have a question. How long was Zimmerman supposed to lie their while Martin repeatedly slammed the back of his head into the asphalt and beat him with his fists? How long would you have stood it?

Check out the story on the front page of today’s paper, and tell me that Joshua Chellew would not have been justified in shooting one or more of the people who were attacking him. They ultimately caused his death.

If you enjoy being a victim, go right ahead. As for those of us with courage and backbones, we intend to fight back.

No Skittles
August 01, 2013
Never bring Skittles to a gunfight.
August 01, 2013
Apparently sir, you live in a world of fantasy and believe no harm will ever come to you, and you have faith that if you ever have a problem the police will be there in seconds to protect you.

You need to take off the rose colored glasses and look around.
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