Obama a master of ‘The Art of Distraction’
by Claire Dunaway Cyr
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The Obama administration has mastered the art of distraction. The media and many liberals have fallen all over themselves to assist with the administration’s brilliant campaign of marketing, labeling and diversion.

The distraction (and deception) targets emotions; it is hard to argue against how someone feels.

Five years of distraction have provided examples almost too numerous and overwhelming to list.

Obamacare started with an easy argument of good intentions; many followers feel that there is a right to health care (regardless of practicality). As the Obamacare train wreck becomes undeniable, Obama quietly pushes back the implementation of the key jobs-killing mandate to conveniently come after mid-term elections.

“Fast and Furious” was misleadingly sold as a mere continuation of a Bush era program. Distraction became difficult as more details came to light. Obama successfully slapped executive privilege on the scandal; nothing to see here.

Rather than confront a slew of scandals and respect the desire for truth and transparency, Obama overwhelmingly ignores real or potential wrongdoing under his watch. It’s as if Obama denies any role in his own government!

The Republican “War on Women” allegedly discourages equal pay, removes reproductive rights and keeps women “in the kitchen.” A few Republicans have admittedly facilitated the claim with outlandish abortion statements. Yet liberals and the media strive to hide the opposite extreme in the gut-wrenching details of the Kermit Gosnell trial.

An “Equal Pay” banner on social media uses an emotional approach without relevant statistics (geography, experience, education, hours worked) to “prove” that women make less than men coupled with the heroic claim that Democrats will fight for equal pay.

Sadly, this “War on Women” claim makes a mockery of real atrocities endured by women around the world.

According to many on the left, a “racist” is one who disagrees with Obama, Susan Rice, Valerie Jarrett or Eric Holder. Unfortunately, racism does exist, but the term loses meaning when used loosely to shut down conversation or trivialize a person who merely opposes policies.

There is a relentless persecution of those in any typically liberal group who dare to step outside of the “liberal” box. Openly conservative or libertarian gay, black and Hispanic individuals suffer alarming harassment from the “tolerant” left. Clarence Thomas was recently called “Uncle Thomas” by Ryan Winkler, a Minnesota Democrat.

Although the “birther” movement started with Hillary Clinton supporters, the term “birther” is synonymous with “lunatic” thanks to smart marketing. Yet, in 1991, Obama’s literary agent claimed his Kenyan birth, a 2004 newspaper article called Obama a “Kenyan-born U.S. Senate Hopeful” and Yahoo recently referred to Kenya as Obama’s country of birth.

A “birther” may actually believe in Obama’s Hawaiian birth but feels that he likely enjoyed the perks of attending college/grad school as a “foreign” student. The reality is that Obama attended prestigious schools after admittedly being a mediocre student without ample family financial backing. His applications and school records seem to be off-limits.

Tea partiers are labeled as extreme radicals. The suggestion of the dangers of the tea party has obviously impacted liberal followers. Rasmussen recently found that 26 percent of Obama supporters view the tea party as a greater terror threat to this country than Muslim radicals! Huh?

The gun-control debate consumed the nation for months and seemed to diminish briefly. Perhaps Obama was embarrassed over the CDC gun violence study (which he ordered) negating his argument. Now with emotions running high over Trayvon Martin, Obama nonchalantly suggests gun control again.

I have no doubt that Obama, fresh from his $100 million dollar African trip, appreciates his followers who continue to label conservatives as “out of touch.”

In the meantime, the debt is escalating, economy is stalling, only 47 percent of Americans have full-time jobs, negative effects of Obamacare are growing, gas prices are soaring, an immigration “reform” bill which will further exacerbate unemployment (especially among lower socioeconomic communities and teens) is being pushed, America is arming Syrian rebels who are guilty of atrocities beyond description, demoralizing military cuts are made, Egypt is in a crisis with growing violence, rumors of an Iranian nuclear weapon continue, and so on.

Obama’s current focus is climate control and the Trayvon Martin case.

Obama likely counts on Americans not to realize the skyrocketing energy cost consequences of his “climate control” policies.

During a time where the focus of this country is distracted solely on the divisive (and tragic) Trayvon case, Obama makes a speech which ensures that the country’s focus stays put for a bit longer.

Perhaps the media fixation on the royal baby will be a welcome distraction from the distractions after all.

It’s not that conservatives have never tried to label or distract, but it seems that they have never done so with such sweeping efficiency and willing devotees.

Claire Dunaway Cyr of Marietta is an artist, elementary school art teacher and group fitness instructor.

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July 29, 2013
Kevin and especially anonymous have proven Cyr's point about birther labeling. Obama and his publisher first made the "birther" questioning plausible as stated above.
Kevin Davidson
July 27, 2013
The birther movement did NOT start with Hillary Clinton supporters. I wish people would stop repeating that myth. It started on March 1, 2008 on the right-wing Free Republic blog. From there is was promoted on the right-wing "Freedom's Enemies" web site. It's big push came as the result of blogging by conservative activist Jim Geraghty at The National Review the following May.

Yes, there were some Hillary Clinton supporters who picked up on those rumors around the second week in June popularizing it on the "Texas Darlin'" web site, but they largely dropped birtherism when one of them found the announcement of Obama's birth in the 1961 Honolulu Advertiser newspaper. Hillary supporters were also some of the first birther debunkers.
July 27, 2013
Cyr has gone full birther.
Let it go
July 26, 2013
You seem to be obsessed, dare I say DISTRACTED, with the man / president Obama and have yet to even offer more than a whimper against the Congress which bears most of the responsibility for the state of the nation.

In just a few years, Obama will be president no more, yet I can assure you almost all of the issues you raise will persist regardless of the political party of the next president. Congress will continue on unfettered as people like you are distracted by the figurehead the president.

Don't worry, you are in good company.
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