Mother turns in her son to police - 15 year-old is accused of raping a girl at Lindley Middle School
by Lindsay Field
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Travion Hubbard
Travion Hubbard

The mother of a teenage boy accused of sodomizing a female classmate in the boys’ bathroom at Lindley Middle School last month has turned in her son to authorities.

Tonesa Greene said she drove her 15-year-old son, Travion Hubbard, to the Cobb County Jail on June 11. He was then transferred to a juvenile detention center.

Hubbard is being charged as an adult in the case.

Meanwhile, the mother of the girl who was reportedly raped is speaking out and alleging that the school system waited too long before telling her about the incident and that school officials lied about contacting police. She said she reported the case to police, not school administrators.

Hubbard is accused of forcing a 14-year-old girl into the boys’ bathroom at Lindley Middle in Mableton on May 1 and sodomizing her. The charges brought against him include aggravated sodomy and two counts of aggravated child molestation.

“I feel that the allegations are wrong,” Greene said Thursday. “They portray my son to be a monster, which he is not. I just want to clear his name up.”

She said she believes her son was wrong for having sex at such a young age, but she doesn’t believe he raped the girl.

Greene, who lived in Detroit, returned to Georgia recently to be with her family.

Hubbard was reportedly living with Greene’s sister at the time of the incident.

Greene said a court-appointed attorney has been assigned to her son’s case, but she could not recall the attorney’s name.

Greene also argues that the accusations are false because the girl continued to send text messages to her son after the alleged rape.

“I have text messages from her phone saying that it never happened,” she said. “It’s just sad. Maybe she was scared to tell her parents that she was having sex but for her to say that he did this, then contact him after, that don’t even seem right.”

She said she is hopeful that this evidence will hold up in court.

“My son is being railroaded over some nonsense,” she said.

The boy’s mother said he remains in a local juvenile detention center. That information was confirmed by Cobb Police.

“He’s not doing OK because it’s confusing for a young boy to be accused of something like that and he’s scared,” he said.

The girl’s mother, who asked not be identified in order to protect her child’s identity, said her daughter did send text messages to Hubbard but that she never denied that she was raped.

Her anger now is more toward the school district and how they lied, as she alleges, about the timeline of reporting the incident to police and to her.

“My daughter reported it to one of her teachers on (May 1) and the school didn’t call me until (May 2),” the mother said Thursday. “They also lied about contacting the police department and the school resource officer was not aware of it at all until (May 2).”

Who called police?

The girl’s mother said she contacted police on May 2, the day she learned of the incident, and immediately had her child get medical attention. She said a rape-kit test confirmed that her daughter had been sexually assaulted.

“They do an external exam to see if there is any bruising or tearing and then they do an internal exam,” the mother, who said she is an emergency-room nurse, explained.

“They also try to collect any semen, DNA or hair,” she said. “I’ve dealt with rape (victims at work) so I knew that collecting evidence was critical and that’s why I called the police (May 2).”

The mother also said that Lindley Assistant Principal Sabrina Richardson told her that they delayed contacting police and the child’s family because “she hears about rapes and people having sex all the time and that’s why she didn’t do anything.”

A school district spokesman explained the reporting incident differently, however.

Doug Goodwin said that on May 1 Lindley Middle School administrators were made aware of “rumors of sexual activity between students.”

“It was just rumors at that point,” Goodwin said. “Principal Mike Bivens got counselors to talk to students to get a sense of what was going on, to see if they needed to respond to anything.”

They were unsuccessful.

“On Thursday, May 2, counselors were provided with the names of students who might be involved,” he said.

One of the male administrators, who was not named, reportedly spoke to the female student but she did not talk about anything regarding a rape and left his office.

“A female administrator got her to talk and the student consented to write a report about the allegations,” Goodwin said. “And at that point, the administration reported the alleged rape and the parent was contacted.”

Goodwin said Bivens followed protocol and as soon as the rumors began he immediately “put his staff into action to try and figure out what was going on.”

He said he was unable to release any more information about the incident because it involves a criminal investigation and a student.

More to be angry about

The girl’s mother is also angry because she argues that the school allowed Hubbard back on campus May 6 and never called police to let them know he was there.

“They did not expel him,” she said. “I was told they just put him in another class.”

Goodwin said he could not speak to that but Greene confirmed that her son was allowed to return the next week.

The woman’s daughter chose to return to school that next week as well only to be “harassed” by classmates and teachers, she said.

“She wanted to go back to school,” she said, describing her child as not always being a model student but that she was on the honor roll and wouldn’t have lied about being raped.

“The school didn’t really even seem to do anything when she returned,” she said. “No counseling or anything for my daughter. They need to change policies.”

The girl’s family has continued to hear from his family, specifically the boy’s mother and aunt, who the victim’s mother said pushed her daughter to attempt suicide earlier this week.

“They victimized her and made her feel guilty for what occurred,” the mother said about her daughter. “She is in a mental health hospital now.”


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September 27, 2013
This Story Is Truly Sad. After Reading All The Post and Comments , I sit Here And Cry . I Know Both Students Personally . And I Feel As If This Situation Could Have Been Handled Differently . They Were Recently Dating & Then They Broke Up . But There Was Still Chemistry , They Both Entered The Restroom & Had Sex With Eachother . He Didn't Force Her To Do Anything . When They Both Began To Tell Other Students , Of Course You Knew There Was Going To Be Rumors . The Girls Mother Is Very Strict & She Was Afraid She Would Get In Trouble With Her Parents . So She Decided To Say She Was Raped . But I don't think she expected it to go this far , either way she was wrong . You should be honest at all times . I really Miss , him he was a ball of fun . At the end of the day she should be punished for turning her mistake into something unecessary . "JUST DONT HAVE SEX , ESPECIALLY IN PUBLIC PLACES" !
July 31, 2013
I am just finding about this 2 days ago !!! I am pissed !!! I am related to the family and I can really bring some light to what"s going on since he lived with my ex-wife at the time !!!! The story gets deep. " BRING MY CHILDREN FROM ALL THE NONSENSE !!! I would have never let them go with you back to GA !!!!! Now they have to be around and be part of that !!!!!
Disturbed Cobb Mom
June 26, 2013
Having close ties with the victim and the mom, this girl did not lie to school officials as reported. The mother has not asked for anything and has gotten counseling for the girl and paid for it out of her own pocket! School officials are trusted with our most valuable assets, our children. They are expected to educate our children but also keep them safe. Where were the hall monitors and school resource officers? I've heard the taped conversation between the stepfather of the victim and the assistant principal that people would find disturbing. How do we keep our kids safe in school? School officials are to report suspected abuse. Why did it take so long for them to notify officials and parents of all involved? Where is the obligation to OUR children? It takes a village. And that village includes school officials.
June 24, 2013
This 15 year old had been abandoned and left with the mother's sister while she was footloose in Detroit. To say how he felt being abandoned no one knows. When people have children they are suppose to raise, care for and live with that child or children and if they turn bad when they are grown at least the parent put their 100% into them. Not surprising this 15 yr old was acting like a grown up, he had been left with the idea he was grown up. Except for the fact he has no clue in the world what's going on, what's right and wrong. God will surely hold parents responsible for the evil and malice they cause.

It the meantime somebody has to finish raising this 15 yr old or the county/state will have to.
July 31, 2013
It's exactly what you said !!! I just found out about this yesterday !!! And i am enragged !!!! I know this family 1st hand .
just asking?
August 14, 2013
and where did you get this information from? do you have close ties to the family? how do you know his mother abandoned him? shed some light on the situation.
Joe Bagadonuts
June 23, 2013
What is a 15 year old doing in middle school?

When I was 15 I was already a sophomore in high school.
tired of it
June 22, 2013
The sad part is if this was just sex and not rape, like so many other cases that have gone on this boys life could be ruined because this girl didnt want to admit she has sex to her parents. If it does turn out to be just sex than the girl should be charged also. When kids have sex and they are both under age and it is not called rape in the warrants both should be charged not just the boy. as far as the school from what Im reading it was just rumors at first, you dont call the cops until you know for sure. I guarantee their are alot of the kids in this and other schools having sex. This is a sad situation for all involved.
Sc Observer
June 21, 2013
What's a 15 year old doing in middle school?

I was already a sophomore in high school at that age.
Prosecution In Cobb
June 21, 2013
Sounds like there's enough bad parenting on both sides. Unfortunately for everyone involved, Cobb will prosecute sex crimes with minimal deference to the actual facts and concentrate on a splashy prosecutorial victory. It sounds like two poorly raised minors unlawfully engaging in non-violent sex acts. Granted the male was probably the aggressor in talking the female into having sex and deserves punishment, but the lack of violence and possible willingness of the female should play into the case. He should be treated as a juvenile and sent to an alternative school to finish high school. No he should not be tagged as a registered sex offender. But a juvenile sentence with probation till he's 21 should be a deterrent without completely throwing away his chance at a productive life.
Be Careful
June 21, 2013 is NOT the responsibility of a school to raise your kid.

If this event occured (everyone is innocent until PROOVEN guilty) why doesn't the girls mother get counseling for her daughter. Step up and be a parent. Don't just sit there and expect everyone else to take care of your kid.

The school should have done this, the school should have done that. No, YOU should have done it.
June 26, 2013
I know the mother of the victim extremely well. She's a great parent and has done everything to obtain counseling for her daughter and family prior to knowing the school's recounts of the events. The victim did get counseling, but was harassed continuously by students, a teacher, and the perpatrater's mother. The victim is a straight A student and I have personally witnessed disciine, praise, and support by the mother of the victim.

Being 14 it's all about peer relationships. This boy was a friend of the victim prior to the incident and respected that "friendship" this boy is the father if a child with a 15 year old girl and has been accused of taking advantage of several young girls before the incident occurred.

The mother of the victim has never sought to gain anything from this incident, but to change policy and reporting procedures by the school who claimed "they had to do their own investigation prior to contacting authorities" bottom line what happened was wrong. No child should go to school on fear of being physically, mentally, or sexually assaulted. Yes the school SHOULD HAVE notified the mother of the incident the day it occurred and the young girl was questioned, not a day after, they should have notified authorities immediately and not waited until the victim contacted them. Check the police records, after all it is public knowledge.

The boy's guardian as well as the mother were contact within hours if the incident being reported by the mother and they failed to produce the boy for his statement of the accounts, until his mother was threatened with being jailed.

Be careful of your opinions until you know both parties personally and the exact accounts if the incident.
what next?
June 21, 2013
What have we come to? The school administrator, Sabrina Richardson doesn't call police, neither does anyone else! If my child went to this school, I would remove him and sue the school board and the school administrators! And might I ask, why are we paying salaries to these people? Just disgusting.
Did you read?
June 21, 2013
She did not have the children's names and they were investigating the situation. If we contacted the police every time we heard a rumor, they would be at school 24/7. The girl told an administrator she WAS NOT raped. She changed her story later and then they contacted police. The girl has changed her story and contacted the boy after the incident and stated she was not raped. Do not blame the school for children who lie. I have a feeling when this is all said and done, the outcome will be the boy did not rape her. She should be arrested at that point.
Just Wait
June 21, 2013
The perfect solution. Sue the school board, collect money and do nothing to correct the problem with the kids involved. Suing the school board will not correct this. This is one situation that "turn this wreck into a check" just will not work.
Children lie
June 21, 2013
The fact is that these children lie depending on their mood. Look at that football player who spent several years in prison and now the accuser came out and said she lied. It happens every day of the week. If she was truly rape, why text him? This is sad that kids at this age are even thinking about having sex. It has to due with how they are being raised and what they are learning at home. If she in fact was not raped, she needs to be charged. Prosecutors need to start getting serious about charging people with false claims and jail them. I am NOT defending rape at all. It appears that something is not right. Her mother is more angry about the school than the rape? Really? Lindley is a VERY though school to work in and they deal with kids lying all day long. If administrators asked the girl and she said no, that is what they make their decision on. I watch kids lie every day about being abused at home and it makes me sick what they put others through by lying.
Tangynika Lumpkin
July 08, 2013
I don't know the lil boy but what I so know is that they need to put more trust in this boy and not that lil girl from what I know this lil girl went in that bathroom and talked about it after it happen I pray this child get his name clear I pray for him and when it come to it that lil girl need to have a charge on her
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