Cobb schools lack needed resources
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We need to open our eyes. As a lifetime citizen of Cobb County and the parent of two Cobb teachers, I am amazed at the lack of resources available to the teachers and therefore the students.

My daughter has not had math books related to the new Common Core standards all year. She and her fellow teachers have had to pull and glean their own resources to accomplish the task set before them.

I am aware this was considered a transitional year, but this is hands-down unacceptable to ask anyone to teach anything without proper resources. I would just write this off to a bad year, but when my son began teaching at Hillgrove High several years ago there was not even a curriculum for the business classes he was asked to teach. He and I purchased the resources he used for two years to teach our students.

I am very pro-public school and very pro-teacher, as you can imagine. I applaud the “white boards” and laptops. My daughter uses them very effectively in her classroom. The students of today respond to that type of technology. But we need to give our teachers every resource available to assist them in doing what they (and their families) have worked, studied and paid for — the art of teaching!

My children love their profession. I am an RN. I do my job because of the love and desire to care for people in crisis. My children do it for the love of their students. Their faces reflect it as they speak of their students with whom they spend most of their lives each day.

They have cried over their failures. Rejoiced at their successes. They are their children.

I ask you in this hard economic time not to spend one more dime on team building, paying for outside consultants to tell you what you already know. Let’s give teachers the resources to do their job. A safe environment in which to do it.

I spoke with someone at the county office who flatly told me everyone has all the books and resources they need. And it just is not so! I think most Cobb citizens would be shocked.

We need to begin to discuss this problem and find a solution as quick as possible. Our children deserve it!

Terry Greene

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Cobb Mom
June 02, 2013
I have two children who attend Hillgrove at Cobb. To those who say the "Answer is the parents" seem to forget that most parents have not done High School Math in 20 years, not to mention the math is far different. Most parents depend on looking at TEXT BOOKS. They look at the books to remind yourself how to do the math, THEN you can explain it to your kids. Luckily I tutor, so I am excellent at Math. and have many text books of my own to use or I would have been lost. But even then my daughters teacher was teaching basic Functions in a very different way than the text books and then I have done for years. So when she had to show her work the teacher told her the answer was right, but she lost points because she did not do the problem as she asked.

My daughter passed her End of course Test but sadly Many students in her class did not even pass. I find it interesting that the test results are not posted on the web site yet. They are definitely in because my daughter received hers the last week of school yet they are keeping quiet. That in itself may be a hint that maybe Cobb is not rushing to "show off". The lack of text books is going to seriously impact the students if it is not corrected NOW.
Bob Hovey
May 26, 2013
Y'all are puzzling about whether we are doing the right things in education……. the answer is the parents, and the proof is in today's MDJ.

Look in today's Marietta Daily Journal. There are a couple of pages devoted to Valedictorians and Salutatorians. Look at the surnames…. Half of more in the whole Cobb System have surnames from Asia and the Far East…. Why ? Their parents and families value education.

At least some of these kids have language problems, they are minorities, their parents have not all been born here, they get the same books and crowded classrooms that all the rest of their peers get… and they are the absolute best students, going to our finest universities….. and no quick credit courses either, no athletic promotions, they take hard courses….. the answer is in front of our faces.... their family.

We need to fix ourselves as parents and stop trying to get the county or state to be a substitute for the family.

Please leave
May 24, 2013
I love the nasty ignorant comments...if this is so bad, then move away. No really, please take your "money solves all the problems" attitude and go to another state or school district that doesn't have several of their high schools ranked AMONG THE BEST IN THE really, please go.
top cat
May 22, 2013
Mighty touchy about the artificial turf. Each turf at each high school stadium cost about $1 million. That's a lot. Of course, the previous board said that "math is taught on the football field" so that it qualifies under state law.

Children, by law, are entitled to an education. They are not entitled to play football in multi-million stadiums. Cut the fat and teach the kids.
Fat wallet
May 22, 2013
One million was for all the schools, are you a dunce? Where are these mulimillion dollar stadiums you speak of? You don't give a darn about the kids only your fat wallet.
May 23, 2013
@fat wallet- you think $1 million was going to do turf at all 15 or so high schools? You think each one was only $67,000. The bid was for $9.3 million
@Top Cat
May 26, 2013
Actually, a court, not a former board determined that expending SPLOST funds for turf was legal.

Distorting fact(s) to make your point is ignorant at best, shameful at worst.
who needs books?
May 22, 2013
And this mediocre system is one of the best in the state. Thats why we are 49th in education, we don't even provde books for the students and if we want to some scream that the math or english curriculum is biased.
May 22, 2013
You disprove your own point. The teachers got the job done.

The CCSD does not need additional funding.

"But we need to give our teachers every resource available.."

- Absolutely not
Grass in greener
May 22, 2013
Who needs textbooks? You got new fake turf football fields.
@ Grass in Greener
May 22, 2013
Textbook funding is provided through the same SPLOST revenues that paid for turf.

Funds are currently budgeted and available to purchase math textbooks. The board decided to not make the purchase recommended by the district's text book committee and administration.

To greener
May 22, 2013
Turf saves money on maintenance in over just a few years so give it up on the tyrf crap. The schools are close to third world in this state and you dont even care. That's why large business who locate here import many employees from out of state while many of our students end up in retail.
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