Americans want bomber, if convicted ... Put to Death
by Matt Towery
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Matt Towery
Matt Towery
An ABC News-Washington Post survey shows that well over 70 percent of Americans want the surviving accused bomber of the Boston Marathon to be executed if found guilty in a court of law. Executed, as in the vicious manner in which he and his brother allegedly took innocent lives at was to be a happy and joyous athletic tradition. Executed, as in the cold-blooded manner in which they assassinated a security guard at MIT. Executed, as in a carefully planned, methodical elimination of life and limb — something the accused may understand all too well. So now here is the real question: Does anyone really believe that President Obama would favor the execution of this young man if he were convicted of the serious charges he faces? To be quite honest, I would be hard-pressed to suggest that the president would actually favor the death penalty in this case. Of course, he was all too pleased to hunt down and OK the killing of Osama bin Laden, so there is some past precedent to suggest that the president might favor the same type of justice for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. And the stories that are developing around the bombing of the Boston Marathon, including the arrest of several students who are accused of lying to officials and obstructing justice and news that the mother of the two accused bombers was also on a potential terrorist watch list, might be making it harder for even President Obama to take a less hardline view of the case. Increasingly this case appears to be presenting us with a prime example of how terror will manifest itself in America, and around the world, in the future. Individuals who have either entered the county legally or even been made citizens will take their resentment for their own failures to succeed in this nation and turn to radical forces to be encouraged and trained to attack innocent Americans. And, because they will increasingly be coming from within our own assimilated ranks, they most likely will have friends and associates who know of their feelings and their inclination to do harm to others. While the president warned Americans not to leap to conclusions just a few weeks ago, the events that are unfolding were easily imaginable at that time. Yes, if they had relatives and friends who never called the FBI or other law enforcement agencies to identify the two likely culprits, then they likely have a wider cast of characters who either sympathized with their actions or at the very least placed relations and friendship above a duty to justice. The mother of the accused bomber was in fact on a watch list, as was his now dead brother. The charming manner in which the mother has comported herself alone makes one wonder about her true role in all of this, if any. The friends from school who not only failed to reach out to authorities once the two suspects were shown on surveillance cameras to the entire nation, but who allegedly actively attempted to hide evidence or information come as no surprise. Most Americans did jump to conclusions, and these types of involvement coming from others is likely what most were imagining. And let’s be honest here: Most of us likely believe that the Obama administration’s approach to both the accused killer and those around him will be cautious and tepid — full of bold statements but lacking the “severity of the law” that this administration so often claims to seek out. This case is becoming stranger and stranger in the sense that we have others charged, some question as to whether DNA links a female to at least one of the bombs, and the overwhelming belief by many that these bombers, while “homegrown” in a broad sense, likely had either training or assistance from others beyond our shore. There are now too many people, too many intricate pieces to the puzzle, and too much defiance of the law and what is right here to simply write this chapter off as the act of lone and youthful wolves. This looks like cold and calculated terror that sprang forth from the heart of more than just one dominant brother. This looks like murder most foul — terror most extreme — and a case where, if found guilty, the man responsible should, as most Americans now believe, be put to death.

Matt Towery heads the polling and political information firm InsiderAdvantage. Follow him on Twitter @matttowery.
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East Cobb Senior
May 06, 2013
Simply put, that mealy-mouthed charlatan in the Oval Office sympathizes with terrorism and terrorists. Read his book and there should be little doubt that he was greatly influenced by his father who was in fact a terrorist during the Mau-Mau rebellion in Kenya during the 1950’s and his mother an ultra-liberal socialist. Obama has an innate hatred of anything he perceives as “Imperialism”, “Colonialist” or “Capitalist” and believes that America, to its shame and detriment, has aided, abetted and engaged in all of these practices. Although he carefully masks his guttural revulsions in neutered rhetoric (Work Place Violence, Homegrown Radical, Spontaneous Demonstrations), those who recognize and abhor his world-wide apologies for America’s “misdeeds”, and his deliberate and calculated omission of words like Jihadist, Radical Islam and Terrorist are not fooled.

To Obama, Gaddafi had to go because of his “Colonialist” incursion into Chad and Mubarak in Egypt as a George Bush puppet and passive supporter of Israel. He further believes Iran’s revolution was justified as liberation from American imperialistic domination and that their nuclear program is nothing more than “self-determination” and a counter measure to Israel’s nuclear arsenal. Obama’s tepid support of Israel is rooted in his belief that Israel is a Colonial power, established by the U.S for geopolitical and strategic purposes, and is illegally “occupying” the Palestinian homeland. He views the Assad regime as legitimate and the uprising as illegitimate anarchy. His meaningless “Red Line” statements on both Syria and Iran were politically motivated to appease concerns and frustrations on the home front as was his, now known very long delay, “authorizing” the killing of Osama Bin Laden.

Obama is a master of oratorical double-speak and word manipulation. Rarely does his rhetoric match his actions. Obama, through his experience as a Chicago street organizing thug and “inciter” has perfected the art of “opportunism” and “blaming”. This has also honed his ability to lie with both the conviction of truth and impunity. He is a “My Way or the Highway” type that has never mastered the skills associated with leadership or governing and who surrounds himself with minions who only nod approval at his dictates. A classic illustration was the “Mirandizing” of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. Since Obama had already dismissed the possibility of a larger terrorist conspiracy in his infamous “Homegrown” statement, his minion Holder authorized this action to preclude any further interrogation to determine if such a conspiracy did exist. Now the Obama administration is hard at work, along with their slobbering mainstream media, trying to “humanize” Tsarnaev as a nice “teenage” boy caught up by influences beyond his control.

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