Disliked King’s ‘bullyish’ behavior
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As I was reading about Helen Goreham’s town hall meeting in the March 15 MDJ, what struck me was the arrogance and “bullyish” behavior of (immigration reformer) D.A. King. I realize that everyone has their own opinion about IMAGE, but when he talks, it’s like he’s the only one who knows all, and everyone else is wrong. I’m pretty sure Ms. Goreham and the other elected officials studied and thought hard about the implications of implementing IMAGE for Cobb.

Mr. King is not an elected official. He’s just a citizen with his own opinion, like the rest of us. He sure does get special treatment, though, by some people and the media, too!

Ms. Goreham is not the only official who has doubts about the implementation of IMAGE. Other commissioners have doubts and concerns, also, as well as the mayors of Cobb, and some in the business community. Does that mean we should vilify all of them, as Mr. King wants to do with Ms. Goreham?

We don’t always know the details and logistics of implementing certain programs that involve government and business and affect so many people. Most elected officials only want the best for their constituents.

I think it’s time we start treating each other in a more respectful manner, even when someone else’s opinion differs from ours.

Maria Acevedo

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April 01, 2013
Maria Acevedo is a Cobb Schools employee who works for illegal aliens and amnesty on her Cobb computer and Cobb time. Helen's kind of people.

mk -salute D.A.!!!!!
March 25, 2013
I 100% agree w/ Laura Armstrong, Pat H. & Robert Johnson.

The government(through public schools) have dumbed down the public to the point people just don't possess critical thinking skills any longer.

As our country turns into this banana republic, corruption grows, education standards flounder, American wages fall lower & lower & our constitution is being dismantled before our very eyes, D.A King has stood up for our country, our constitution & the American people, which is more than our traitorous elected officials are doing.

We will see civil unrest break out in the U.S. Who will you run to protect you then? People like D.A. King, I imagine.
Laura Armstrong
March 23, 2013
Is Maria A. an immigration attorney? Connected with the national open borders movement? I won't waste time googling her but it's obvious that D.A. King is in the sights of people with far more resources and power than Foley, and they are in the process of trying to smear him using their Alinsky tactics.

D.A. King is a man of principle and a kind man who the left wants to paint as some kind of an extreme skinhead. (D.A. is conveniently short of hair). But the reality is, D.A. has studied issues surrounding immigration and is fully versed on the funding, tactics and strategies of the open borders activists as well as the development of related legislation and the nuances of the federal government's role vs. the state and local roles. He knows and exposes those who say one thing yet do another, thus he is dangerous to (for example) local Republicans and chamber of commerce bigwigs who hide behind their R yet legislate like a D. The man is non partisan.
Mike Holzknecht
March 22, 2013
Well written Ms. Acevedo.

It is refreshing to read thoughtful observations in the MDJ.
Gordo Meis
March 22, 2013
Great leter Helen - who helped you write it? Your kind-hearted staff? Good-bye Helen.
Robert Johnson
March 22, 2013
Kevin Foley, you fraud. N one will ever mistake you for a "big deal" or take anythjing you say as honest or true. You are a recycler of left wing vomit. Doesn't it bother you that King actually knows something?

Hooray for King. I wil be glad to see Goreham go.
Kevin Foley
March 22, 2013
Cobb County's Ron Burgundy ("I'm kind of a big deal").
off balance
March 22, 2013

You "read" about D A King's "bullyish" behavior. You did not see it or hear it if your post is correct. Thus you draw a conclusion from a written word. Not unreasonable, but I did not see bullying in what I "read", I saw a knowledgeable person exposing the fact that one of our elected officials who was reversing a decision she had told her constituents in order to be elected, and displaying a level of knowledge inferior to her challenge by D A King.

Pat H
March 22, 2013
Be specific if you charge a citizen with bully behavior, Ms. Acevedo. You are probably an illegal alien sympathizer and just don't like the message. However, King is right and you can't debate the facts.
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