In Bethlehem, the great ‘I am’ became captive to time
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If you are reading this, you know the Mayan Calendar was wrong.

Persons quizzical about why Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ might find the following an explanation. One reason is they believe He was born in accordance with accurate prophetic teaching.

“There is born to you this day in the city of David, a Savior, who is Christ the Lord” (Luke 2:11).

Lewis Pasteur explained how a virgin could conceive and bear a child when he said, “Laws of nature are a comfort zone designed for our comfort by God. They are not a straight-jacket for Him.” God abrogated the laws of natural procreation and Jesus was miraculously conceived.

May the following give Christians cause to rejoice and others a better understanding of why they do.

While Rome was busy making history — Immanuel, God arrived.

While man was trying to make himself god, God made Himself a man.

While the world reeled from portentous gods like Caesar, Alexander the Great, and Herod the Great, the world overlooked Mary’s little lamb.

It was as though trumpeters of eternity took their stance on the turrets of time to herald Messiah’s birth.

That night a band of angels extolled, “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men” (Luke 2:14).

Then all heaven broke out. The Ancient of Days became a newborn that night.

A dark night’s sky formed a canopy for the light of the world.

The fountain of life nursed at a virgin mother’s breast.

He was as old as His Father and eons older than His mother. He who in eternity leaned on the beast of His Father, in time nursed at the breast of His mother.

In that moment of time God grabbed the love initiative and chose to live in our world. There in Bethlehem the potter stepped into the clay.

Jesus was royalty born in a barn.

In Bethlehem the great “I am” became captive to time. The vastness of eternity was squeezed into a moment of time.

He who had existed from everlasting-to-everlasting was reduced to living moment-by-moment.

He who the universe could not contain now was restrained by the walls of a stall.

No wonder the skies burst into joy — joy to the world.

Before the child born that night ended His earth walk He left footprints in the Judean sands and stained the grey stones of Calvary with His red blood.

For believers and those who do not share those beliefs there is enough love to be shared.

I will not wish a Merry Christmas. There is something about that word “Merry” that seems to offend some people. Therefore, I wish you a Blessed Christmas.

(i>The Rev. Dr. Nelson Price is pastor emeritus of Roswell Street Baptist Church.
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aggravated in Cobb
December 31, 2012
Why is that people can choose to worship anyone or anything Jesus? I know plenty of people who do not share my beliefs as a Christian, but I do not love them any less. I do not feel the need to put down their beliefs or treat them any differently. I do not feel the need to slander those who believe differently than I do. So I ask you, why is it, that if I wrote an article on my Wiccan beliefs, or my Muslim beliefs, or my Hindu beliefs, everyone would just accept it as my personal freedom to believe how I choose? I find it ironic that if I were to write an article extolling Christian values, those same people run to their computers to hurl indignities in my direction. If you don’t believe in “the reason behind the season,” don’t bother reading the article. Why are you wasting your time just to be mean spirited and negative? You don’t have anything better to do with your time?
Michael Organ
January 09, 2013
If organized religion was just a benign pastime that did not harm I for one would not only tolerate it but welcome it. Unfortunately it is not. It is another excuse to hate others and in its most fundamental form to visit upon us the most appalling atrocities. For this I not only reject it I hope for the day that it is consigned to the trashcan of History.

As for the idea that I should just let those that harbor these ideas just get on with it: to that I say no no no. I as a peace loving, people loving person find it is incumbent on myself to actively seek to dissuade those who promote this intolerance even if it is in a benign form. For is in not true that 'The Only Thing Necessary for the Triumph of Evil is that Good Men Do Nothing'
December 24, 2012
To Abbot, Kakapo, and Organ, I say MERRY CHRISTMAS! Organ & Abbott should found new religions, seeing as how they alone have somehow managed to see past the rabble and spot the real truth while the rest of us wallow in the folly of lies that have endured for millenia. In fact, I will begin worshipping Organ & Abbott right now in this post. ALL HAIL ORGAN! BOW BEFORE ABBOTT! Thou didst leave thy throne of knowledge to post on this page for us mere mortals to marvel at thy wisdom!
December 23, 2012
Wonderfully put. Happy Christmas and God bless !
Michael Organ
December 23, 2012
of cause my last comment will not receive editorial approval as it will be deemed offensive by those that believe in childish things.
Michael Organ
December 23, 2012
Never ceases to amaze me, a person can do the most difficult of thing as write but then uses it to convey the most juvenile of subjects in a serious way. The bible is full of wisdom but then spoils it by pushing a fantasy that can surely only appeal to the simplest of minds. I quote from that book:

When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things. Corinthians 13 - 11

This is wisdom indeed but then the writer having penned this wisdom proceeds to instruct us to worship a fantasy made up by primitive thinkers in order to gain control over those of childish minds. To quote a Aesop proverb beloved of the priesthood :

Be careful for what you wish for, you may get it

Therefore if you wish us to grow up don’t be surprised when like all good children we reject your fantasy for what it is and realise that God is a delusion beget of childish origins and best left in the nursery.

But then some never do grow up which is why others must take the helm and guide the ship to better waters whilst the children worship the imaginary sea god.

This Xmas I will play the game and let the little children enjoy the fantasy of the season but always harbouring the hope that they too will grow up and put childish things away.

May you all see the light but at the end of the festive season return those fantasy’s to the cupboard where they truly belong.

December 25, 2012
Hey you little kid it looks like you have never growing up and you dont know who god realy is as the devil is in your hart and your pocket and the love for money make peope less belivers and blind them from seeing the right was (gods way).

most people dont see why they should go to church as they can be at working making money incresing their wealth on earth when you die how much will you take with you?

dieing with gods love in your hart is the only wealth you can have with you.

i feel sorry for you people when you know the truth it would be too late.

may god forgive you.
Ray Abbott
December 23, 2012
What utter garbage. Hey Mr Smartie? Who looked after the universe while God was freelancing on earth?

Read your bible. It states many times that Jesus is Gods SON not God Himself.

How plain can it be. Doesnt need any interpretation whatsoever.

Trying to use the words "I am" as proof that Jesus was in actual fact Jehova God is prepostorous as these two words are two of the most common words in day to day language.

The natural causality of EVERYTHING we know of suggests family (earthly & heavenly). NOWHERE in nature is it ever found where a father is also the son. Seeing as how God made nature would he go against nature by making himself his own son. NO. It s plainly stated that the first of his creations was his only begotten SON whom he sent to earth on a mission to redeem mankind to God (Jehova). Now isnt that easy to understand. The scriptures were written to be read. No special skills required to do it. Comprehension is needed not interpretations. The religionists who try to prove their unscriptural trinity doctrine by using the words "I am" are lazy people just blindly following the doctrine of their churches instead of reading the bible themselves.

The trinity is never mentioned in the scriptures.

Read your God given bible not the man-made nicene creed.
December 23, 2012
"While man was trying to make himself god, God made Himself a man."

Jesus specifically denied that he was God. Matt 19:17 You might also like to reflect on how the Lord's Prayer begins. It says "Our Father" not "Our Jesus" Of course 'Our father" is the same Father God we all share with Jesus.

Diana UK
December 23, 2012
Wonderful words......thank you
R Waters
December 23, 2012
Thank you well said
December 23, 2012
Now that is divine inspiration. Very edifying, I was lifted us in the spirit as I read this article, in my humble opinion, it is the BEST news published by Google EVER; it can only be equalled..

This is THE GOOD NEWS...if you can receive it. God bless you and have a BLESSED Christmas.
December 23, 2012
One problem, Jesus was not born in December. So the relevance of Jesus to Christmas is fiction. There is no relevance. Christmas is well documented to be a festival with Pagan roots. If the birst of Jesus was so important, then I would think the bible would record his exact birth date, just like it recorded the exact location. Anyways, you might want to do a bit of history checking before you associate Jesus with Christmas, as there is no connection.
December 25, 2012
Before you say the word NOT BORNE IN DECEMBER you should ask the question HOW DID THEY KNOW?

The Assyrians (Babylon history) recorded the day and month that (SON OF GOD) Jesus was borne

After he was Crisfield and his work was a completion he went back to the father.

the early Christians celebrated the birth of god every year and Easter is celebrated 3 days after good Friday as Jesus did what no man could ever do (die and wake up 3 days later) and also at that time there was no Santa, Christmas tree, Easter eggs or buying gifts it was about praying and asking god to be blessed (don’t be confused)

If you don’t know something ask don’t just assume, god loves every one

De Hiway Hauler
December 23, 2012
Love your article, comparative words (as well as quotes). Peace on earth to all men.....
December 23, 2012
thank you. May you have a blessed Christmas.
December 23, 2012
Yeheshua ibn David, was appointed a god by the Emperor Constantine, at a point in history ignored by all true believers. He was born in the town of Beit Lechem. Heb.House of bread, a former center of worship of the corn god Adonis or Heb. Adoni meaning "Lord" No Roman census was ever held in winter and there was no mention of Christmas until around 300ce. when as the father of the byzantine church Maimoneds said that in order to eliminate the celebration of Saturnalia, a feast of drunken debauchery and lechery lasting from the 23rd to the 27Th of December, they would declare that time the birth of Yeheshua ibn David the descendant of king David who declared him self not as a god but as traditional spiritual leader of the tribes of Israel.

Don't let history get in the face of a good mythology.
Trev Adams
December 23, 2012
Dr Price, your words, "While man was trying to make himself god, God made himself a man," resonated so strongly with me. It was through this great moment of Love that salvation came within our reach, for, if Jesus had not been born, there would have been no Cross or Resurrection and therefore, no Salvation.

I join with the Angels in proclaiming the Grace, Love and Mercy of our Living God. May you also have a blessed Christmas in the cold while we are blessed in the heat in Western Australia.
December 23, 2012
Thank you

that is great about time some one is talking about

Immanuel (Jesus) the real god who will save anyone who turne to him for help.

hes always their for you.

God loves everyone who calls his name.

Go and pray to him as he is everlasting to the end of our days.
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