Georgia Voices: It’s time to fire Obama and ‘hire Romney’
by The Savannah Morning News
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Voters in the Savannah area and elsewhere will soon decide whether President Obama or Mitt Romney will lead this nation for the next four years.

It’s a hugely important decision, with the most critical question being jobs: Which man is better able to put America back to work?

In our view, it’s time to fire Obama and hire Romney. We endorse him for president of the United States.

The struggling economy is by far the No. 1 issue facing Americans today, tomorrow and probably the next few years. The executive in the White House, Republican or Democrat, must have a plan that will encourage employers to invest in expansion, then have the skills to steer it through a Congress that could remain politically divided.

Frankly, Mr. Obama has had four years to get this job done. That includes two years with a Democratic-controlled House and Senate. Yet, he has little to show for it. Frankly, he hasn’t earned a second term.

Here are the facts. In September, the government’s monthly jobless report showed that the unemployment rate dropped below 8 percent for the first time since the president took office. However, that figure rates an asterisk. More than 4 million Americans have given up looking for jobs since January 2009. At the same time, the economy is producing jobs at a slower rate than last year — an average of 131,000 a month so far in 2012. Before the Great Recession started, 138 million people were working. At the current rate, it will take three years just to get back to square one. At the same time, 4-5 million more Americans will have entered the workforce. They, too, will be looking for jobs. Where are they, Mr. President?

But chronic unemployment and a sputtering economy aren’t the only reasons why the president deserves a pink slip. Since Obama took office, the federal government is more than $5 trillion deeper in debt. He bailed on the recommendations made two years ago his own bipartisan panel, the Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform (commonly known as the Simpson-Bowles plan), to help cut the debt by $4 trillion over 10 years. Consequently, the nation is at the edge of a fiscal cliff, which means crippling tax hikes and steep spending cuts in 2013.

Obama is fond of blaming President Bush for the train wreck of the economy he inherited. But the statute of limitations for faulting Bush ran out at least three years ago.

Obama is perfectly able to take the nation on the wrong path on his own. He did this early in his tenure, when Democrats controlled both chambers on Capitol Hill, when he transformed one sixth of the U.S. economy by shoving Obamacare through Congress. This was a premeditated move by the president when the economy was reeling because of the 2007-09 recession.

Compromise is not in Obama’s DNA. He’s a product of bare-knuckled, winner-take-all, Chicago-style politics. Yet he is fond of making Republicans the scapegoats for the nation’s woes.

Presidents of the United States, however, aren’t supposed to make excuses. They’re expected to find a way to get things done. President Reagan did it. So did President Clinton.

Obama has yet to do it on any substantial legislation. It’s a key leadership failure. His my-way-or-the-highway approach has been a colossal flop in trying to unite and rally a politically divided country. And not just on Obamacare. He failed when he tried to impose a cap-and-trade on carbon energy production, end secret ballots for unions via card check and tax hikes proposed for 2011.

At the top of the next president’s list is fixing the economy. That’s where the Republican nominee shines. He’s strong where Obama is weak. He has a five-point plan designed to lift the economy from the doldrums, create jobs, increase take-home pay, get the national debt under control, help small businesses and make America more energy independent.

While Romney remains vague on his tax loophole-closing proposal, at least he has a plan. Obama essentially has none. And unlike Obama, Romney doesn’t practice Chicago-style politics. He has shown he can work with members of the opposite party, which he did as governor of Massachusetts, one of the bluest states in the country. There, he and the Democrat-controlled legislature closed a $3 billion budget deficit without raising taxes.

Romney built a successful business. When he talks about his proposals for reforming Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security, major contributors to deficit spending, there’s a ring of credibility. When the 2002 Winter Olympics was about to crash because of mismanagement and scandal, he took charge and rescued it. That’s what effective leaders do. They find a way to get it done.

Obama is likeable on a personal level. But on the policy level, he has failed. This nation cannot afford four more years of the Obama highs: High unemployment, high debt and high economic uncertainty.

The question is which man can be trusted to manage the economy and budget and work with lawmakers on Capitol Hill, where Republicans will still control one, and perhaps both, chambers. Americans know what Mr. Obama can and cannot do. Mr. Romney represents a change in leadership and direction. We endorse Mitt Romney for president.
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Amanda W
November 03, 2012
Still amazed I live in such a red state when so many of our citizens live in poverty. Astonished so many of my fellow Georgians can support a man who lives to send jobs overseas. Utterly stunned that so many people can bash Obama when he's fighting for things that will directly benefit them. I voted for Obama in 08 and early voted him this year for so many reasons. My father has healthcare thanks to the Affordable Care Act (pre-existing condition) as do millions of previously uninsured children. My mother will have healthcare for the first time since she was disabled at work, back in '94. My job was sent overseas, but I was able to be rehired thanks to the stimulus package. That stimulus package enabled me to get dental care I needed. Don't Ask, Don't Tell has been repealed allowing my friends to serve this country with dignity. The wars are ending, putting an stop to my generation (and friends and other fiancees) dying senselessly. His regulations kept gas prices from rising more than they did, thanks to ending speculation by Wall Street. He signed the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, something Republicans voted against. Violence Against Women? Blocked by Republicans but funding was increased by Obama. He provided transparency of the government of the Recovery Act, something put in place to get people back on their feet after the recession. He's brought America back from the brink of a second Great Depression. He got Osama Bin Laden. He's given $1.4 billion to improve veteran's lives. Refunded research in stem cells that could provide cures and treatments for many horrible diseases. He reformed Defense spending, a SINK HOLE of tax dollars. He supports Planned Parenthood, my only medical care for the years I was without insurance. He supports PBS, the only educational TV aimed at children accessible to the poor (I should know, I was one). He took the first steps to closing Guantanamo Bay. He regulated bank fees and restructured credit card companies policies to protect the average American. He gave tax cuts to small business (and 29 million Americans) to cover getting health insurance. He increased Pell Grant coverage (can't tell you how many people I know that this PERSONALLY affects). I could go on and on and on about how Obama HAS done more than this article states. And to think, all with an obstructionist Congress, sans those first 24 days. The Tea Party has held our Congress and country hostage for their own personal gains. Now sadly, I see they have claimed another paper. How sad.
November 05, 2012
Amanda W

Good post. I don't agree with certain issues you address, but at least we can have a discussion. When folks - on the right and left - post nothing but mindless adolescent insults, it helps no one.

You cover a lot of ground. I'd like to drill down to a few issues.

I'm very happy that your father now has healthcare. Would you care to share more detail about his circumstances? Is he employed? Prior to ACA did his employer not offer health insurance, but now does? Or, is your father retired and because of ACA he is now able to purchase his own health insurance?

I'm also happy that you found employment. Are you now employed in the private or public sector? If you have a private sector job, did the stimulus fund a certain project? Is your job a permanent job?

The Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009. It sounds like sweeping legislation that will guarantee equal pay for equal work. It was signed with great fanfare and it is used to buttress the Democrat argument about the Republican "war on women." It does nothing of the sort (equal pay). It only lifted the 180 day time limit for filing a complaint. In our (Republican) eyes, this is typical Obama: big hat, no cattle.

Transparency of government. Yes, Obama promised the healthcare proceedings would be on C-Span. Yet, what Americans got was back-room negotiations (Corn Husker kickback, Louisiana Purchase), arm-twisting and legislation cramed down our throats. As Pelosi stated [paraphrased], we have to pass the bill, then we can see what's in it. That's no way to run a railroad.

Transparency of government - Operation Fast and Furious. Why did the Department of Justice not respond in a meaningful way to a lawful congressional subpoena?

Transparency of government - Benghazi.

The price of gas? Obama's policies are keeping costs high. To the extent we're producing more oil in the U.S. now than ever before is in spite of Obama's policies. The production is occurring on private and state owned land - NOT federal land. This was addressed in one of the debates.

He got Osama bin Laden. Yes, he did, but I'm not too keen about all the chest-pumping and disclosure of sensitive information that followed.

It is my understanding that Planned Parenthood provides sexual and reproductive healthcare. It sounds as if you received comprehensive healthcare from PP. Am I wrong?

Obstructionist Congress. This is my favorite. The Democratic controlled Senate has not brought a budget resolution to the floor in over three years! Obama's last two budgets did not receive one, NOT ONE, vote from any member of congress - no Democrat and no republican supported Obama's budget. The Democrats dare not put down on paper their plans for the U.S.

I must sign off now, but I hope you'll be back to continue this discussion.
Rich Pellegrino
November 02, 2012
To the Obama bashers: How ungrateful can anyone be? A guy inherits the worse mess in our lifetimes...saves the country from complete crash and burn...and we want to blame him! Go reminds me of and old Richard Pryor skit where they ask him if he would like to be the first black President and his reply: "Hell no, they will only put one of us at the helm of the ship when it is already sinking so they can blame us." How prophetic!
Amanda W
November 03, 2012
I'm with you all the way on this. For this article to say that all blame from the previous administration should have been up 3 years ago is incredibly inaccurate. Financial policies in place tanked the economy. It took 8 years to get like that, and everyone knows that it takes longer to recover than to crash anyways. It's ridiculous.
November 01, 2012
Obviously Obama should never been hired in the first place.

He doesn't know what he is doing and on top of that he is an arrogant, duplicitous idealogue whose bizarre, misguided personal agenda overides the best interests of the country.

Four more years of his non-leadership would be a disaster for this country.

November 01, 2012
Do you think the democrats can win the election by using the 'climate change' issue?
Devlin Adams
November 01, 2012
VFP42, are you a complete dunce, or do you just suffer periods of total delusion?
Southern Democrat
November 01, 2012
Romney made his fortune by shafting employees out of their pensions and moving factories to Mexico & China.

Workers have been shafted out of their pensions, insurance, job security and the list could go on and on. ROMNEY NEEDS TO STOP SHAFTING EMPLOYEES!

I voted for Obama
November 01, 2012
Let's talk more about Romney and his shafting of employees, shall we?

Staples: only had one store when Bain invested; now employs 90,000.

Steel Dynamics: “…one of the largest domestic steel producers and metals recyclers in the United States…”, according to Yahoo Finance.

Dominos: Dominos delivers!

Bright Horizons: a childcare company. “In 2011, First Lady Michelle Obama praised Bright Horizons and its role in society…” according to Yahoo Finance.

Sports Authority: employs 14,000. Sports Authority and the National Sports Center for the Disabled raised more than $400,000 at the 11th Annual Sports Authority Hal O’Leary Golf Classic. Proceeds will benefit children and adults with disabilities.

Stage Stores: a Bain investment that went into bankruptcy, but recovered. Note that bankruptcy is not a death warrant. Companies can survive bankruptcies and often emerge stronger.

DDi Corporation: builds circuit boards and employs almost 2,000. DDi also went through bankruptcy reorganization. They are still in business.

Your turn.
Old timer
November 04, 2012
I wonder if the employees at Staples realize they have been out sourced. Romney made money by rebuilding companies. Stapes was near bankruptcy...he saved actual jobs, not unions, and now Staples in a large healthy company.
Scared to death
November 01, 2012
Frankly, I am scared to death about what an Obama second term could look like. We have his reckless spending, his open mic comments to the Russians which will impact our national security, and it goes on and on. The fact that he has lied continuously about so many things, most recently the events in Benghazi which cost FOUR American lives is even more alarming. This man is hungry for power and will do anything at all to maintain it! We need to fire him.
November 01, 2012
Romney will bring manufacturing jobs back from China, but he will bring them along with their wages. These will be jobs for children. Our children. They will work 12 hours days, 6 days per week. They will live in a dorm at the plant. God only knows what abuse they will incur in those dorms. But hey, it's JOBS! And the rich guys owning factories will get richer, so that's another step of amassing money at the top toward trickle down. The trickle down will happen some day... just keep voting for Republicans' hopey hope for trickle down.
November 01, 2012
C'mon, VFP42. You can do better than this.

Provide us with some facts, reason and logic to support an Obama second term.
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