Smyrna might allow more sign advertisements
by Noreen Cochran
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SMYRNA — Smyrna business owners may soon get more freedom in how they advertise.

The Smyrna City Council heard the sign committee’s recommendations during Monday’s Committee of the Whole meeting, a work session for upcoming City Council meetings. The Council also discussed buying new exercise equipment, a private school’s expansion and allowing alcoholic beverages at city events.

Community Development Director Ken Suddreth said the four-person committee recommended allowing wall signs for up to 30 days at a time four times a year, flags with messages on them and digital signs as long as they don’t distract motorists.

“The question becomes how long should it say, 30 seconds or a minute, so it’s not constantly changing every five or 10 seconds,” he said.

The committee, consisting of Jeff Kendrick of Commercial Signs, Jay Wallace of Adventure Outdoors, citizen representative Sean Murphy and McDonald’s restaurant owner Floyd Sims, will meet next Nov. 7.

“I hope the next meeting is the last meeting,” Suddreth said. “We may not be finished till December, and you won’t get it till January.”

The city fitness committee, headed by Human Resources Director Kay Bolick, got two bids, between $93,000 and $95,000, for buying or leasing fitness equipment and flooring.

Mayor Max Bacon suggested installing the new equipment at the Smyrna Community Center and bringing the older machines to City Hall for a city employee wellness program.

“If it’s successful and our employees do use it, let’s upgrade from there,” he said.

Community center users said through a

survey they want more treadmills, weight resistance machines, rowing machines and weightlifting benches.

Councilman Ron Fennel said the purchase dovetails with the city’s goal of promoting a healthier community, while Councilwoman Teri Anulewicz said it could save citizens money on taxes.

“A lot of taxpayers may not realize health care is not an insignificant part of this budget,” she said about the general fund.

Councilwoman Melleny C. Pritchett said the existing wellness program of weight control and tobacco cessation is showing tangible benefits.

“It saves money on insurance,” she said.

In other business, Primrose of Smyrna West on Church Road, an educational child day care center, wants to enlarge its 10,000-square-foot facility on its 4.35-acre parcel by adding a 1,000-square-foot classroom, he said.

It won’t be on the City Council’s agenda until Nov. 19 because the public works department needs to review the additional impervious surfaces the new structure will create.

The center’s parking lot will not need to be expanded.

“They’re not adding more parking,” Suddreth said about its 44 existing spaces, where 24 are required. “They had more to start with than what was necessary.”

Finally, a change to a city ordinance may allow adult beverages in city parks, opening the door to alcohol sales at city-sponsored events such as the summer concert series.

“Over the years, we’ve just looked the other way,” City Administrator Eric Taylor said.

The City Council meets Nov. 5 at 7:30 p.m. at City Hall, 2800 King St.
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@ smyrna guy
November 01, 2012
It seems that you should be more concerned about the condition Smyrna is in, as I am, than going after me. Maybe YOU and your APATHY, part of the problem in Smyrna?

In vibrant cities, (Roswell, Decatur, Sandy Springs, now Brookhaven, Chamblee, Dunwoody, Alpharetta), citizens TAKE PART in direction of their city. They are INVOLVED and VOCAL! They EXPECT, DEMAND and CREATE quality communities, ammenities and development! They help restore important landmarks, retain quality schools and have a high quality of life!

(food trucks aren't quality of life)

In Smyrna, citizen participation is discouraged and not allowed.

In better performing cities, citizens would never allow neighborhoods to be neglected, like many of Smyrnas. They would never allow a mayor and city to use tax money on wasteful projects that benefit only a select few friends and cronies,.. while neighborhoods remain poor and rundown.

Smyrna guy,... you really need to get out more,... you might see how unattractive Smyrna has become.
Pat H
November 01, 2012
I agree. I lived in an apartment in Smyrna for 6 months when I first moved here. My son was in middle school and the school was horrible.

I purchased a house in East Cobb and continue to congratulate myself on my good fortune for not buying a house before I was aware of the community and their schools.
Smyrna Guy
November 01, 2012
I am not sure what all your hate is about. I am in Smyrna all the time. I live here, shop here, eat here, involved in schools here, etc.

It is time to get off the soap box and try to work with people instead of always attacking. People tend to be turned off by all the sabre rattling.

I have always heard opinions are like rear ends. We all have one and they are all different. Your opinion about Smyrna does not carry anymore weight than mine or anyone else.

Are we pleased with everything our elected officals do? No, certainly not, but it is the system we have. As citizens, we need to be involved and encourage our elected officials toward positive change. But, to be effective, we must do it in a positive manner.

Pat H
November 01, 2012
@Smyrna Guy

Are you the person who determines what is said and what is said in a positive manner?

Who elected you to this position?

Dissent is necessary and should be encouraged. Stop criticizing and listen instead, you might learn something. If you don't like the manner or the message, too bad. I served my country to allow you to criticize someone else's speech and enjoy providing you that protection. You don't get to decide what speech another may have is inappropriate.

If you don't like it, too bad, so sad, it is legal and protected. BTW, what Smyrna schools are you around that are okay? You need to get out more, review the SAT scores at Walton and understand that the schools determine the value of the homes in the district.

Max Bacon was a product of Smyrna schools. He could not finish college. For the next 40 years, he could not get a degree. Enough said.
mk-circus lights
October 31, 2012
The folks in Smyrna are kept in the dark about the city spending and waste.

The cost of the lighting in front of the 'government complex', is astounding! This is what taxpayers just bought-

60 pedestrian lights @ $6636.65

64 streetlights @ $4406.75

39 sidewalk barricades(bollards) @ $1996.30

The grand total-$758,086.00!! To light up a vacant city!

While Concord Road sits in ruins, South Cobb Drive and Windy Hill Road have had no improvements in 30 or 40 years!

This is a disgrace!!
Smyrna Guy
October 31, 2012
It is going to start being hard for people to take you seriously if all you do is rant and rave.

mk@ smyrna guy
October 31, 2012
I would hope that you, as a 'smyrna guy' would help me question this city of 50,000, to why conditions are so poor w/ so many negleted neighborhoods,... and the only spot in town that seems to get millions and millions pumped into it ,.. is the grounds surounding the government buildings.

(eerily similar to Bell, Ca.)

As a 'smyrna guy', you are either looking out for the tax payers that are being swindled,... OR you are protecting the swindlers!!
Smyrna Guy
October 31, 2012
Listen MK,

I remember what the downtown Smyrna area use to be. It was basically an area you drove through without stopping to get to Marietta or to the Cumberland Mall area. My family and I now find opportunities to go and do things in Smyrna. Everytime I am in town, I see young couples with young kids walking around, eating in the resturants and enjoying the City. I for one am thankful that Smyrna is not like Decatur(way too many fruits and nuts). Let Decatur be Decatur and let Smyrna be Smyrna.

The recession has hit a lot of us hard. I don't like the fact my property values have dropped but they have and I have to deal with it. Don't feel like you are the only one who this has happened too. Money for infrastructure improvements is tight. Had the T-Splost passed, cities would have had additional funds for improvement projects. Homeowners have to do their part to keep the neighborhoods up. I realize the problem with many vacant properties in Smyrna but that is also the case in every City. Stop hating on the City and try to be more positive in your approach. It is time to become part of the solution and stop stirring up crap.

mk-wheres FBI?
October 30, 2012
THESE are the back room meetings the FBI should sit in!

We , the taxpayers, can only hope & pray that the FBI is looking under rocks in Smyrna, while in Cobb. A city in dire staights, while the mayor and his ilk comtinue to spend millions and millions in one square miles area of the city, the city government complex. These meetings are never about the citizens and neighborhood or economic problems. They are always about how to spend taxpayers money keeping city employees as comfortable as possible.

From gravy insurance policies, pension plans, early retirement, bonuses, draperies, carpets and chairs for their offices, fancy new Ford vehicles, $750,000 of way over the top street lights in front of the government buildings, and now, to add to the circus environment,... $20,000 LED signs flashing in front of city parks and buildings!

FBI, please investigate this mayor of 30 years!!!
mk- RIP smyrna
October 30, 2012
Just a sad state of affairs in this city, that once upon a time, had so much potential.(early '80's)

Those people that sit in a room behind locked doors, have no clue. And seems they don't really care anyway. Their purpose is to make city employees lives as comfortable as possible, while ignoring the citizen population and the city as a whole!

Most of Smyrnas neighborhoods are negleted and barely hanging on. Included is the 400 homes in the Smyrna Heights neighborhood, who, the 'citizen representative' , Sean Murphy, ran his own little neighborhood group for the past 4 or 5 years. What was the purpose of Seans neighborhood group? He was a sitting member of the Smyrna Downtown Development Authority and accomplished NOTHING for the neighborhood, so I can only speculate his role was to keep everyone silenced while the city tries to destroy the house values of Smyrna Heights and one day encourage a developer such as John Wieland to come buy out the 400 or so undervalued & unwanted Smyrna homes.

The city officials have run out all the small businesses, encouraged these homes to become undervalued and sat back in silence as the neighborhood turns rental. How is THAT for leadership? Neighborhoods like this in Decatur or Brookhaven are highly sought after by young professionals as they add on or buy as tear downs and build infill. There just is no land value in Smyrna!!

These city leaders have no clue what outdoor 'trails' are (see Roswell), or a dining destination (see Roswell & Decatur) or bike lanes, sharrows, street trees, tree canopies, young professionals, diverse architecture, dwell housing, highrise, midrise, skate park, water park, botanical garden, (real)community gardens, street art, theatres, art galleries, single stream recycling, quaint village neighborhood, trendy resturants, urban apertments, live/work lofts, greenways, sustainability, reuse, repurpose,... etc., etc. (the things that BRING value!!)

Bring on the cities $20,000 LED lights . They will fit in just fine w/ the absolutely ridiculous $750,000 circus lighting that just went up in front of the city government complex! Smyrna officials,... QUALITY businesses are steering clear of this city , because of you!!
Smyrna Guy
October 30, 2012
MK, why don't you just move. It might make you happy and would definitely make us happy.

Dang, enough already.
dear john wieland
October 30, 2012
Please let Wieland buy this woman's home so she can leave us alone.

MK - that John Wieland idea you have: good thinking! Also, please learn how to spell and/or proofread.
October 30, 2012
Mayor Bacon must have three new chums, right MicKy?

One sells signs, one sells exercise equipment, and one sells booze.

It's a conspiracy against the citizens of Smyrna!

Signs will convince them to drink, and drinking will make them fat and stupid, so then they'll join the health club, where they likely will have their cars booted!

Nothing like this would ever happen in Decatur, although I do not live there and don't read their local news nor attend their local government meetings and therefore have zero direct knowledge, but of course, the grass... It is greener!
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