Readers sound off on Occupy police insult
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EDITOR’S NOTE: Below is a selection of the responses from readers of in reaction to recent MDJ stories.

Marietta woman files suit over profanity arrest ...

Anonymous — I moved to Cobb to get away from these crazies. Can we deport her to Portland?

Just Wait — Please, please, please, please, let me be on this jury!!!

Jurytime — I called ‘dibs’ first!! Pick me! Pick me!

VFP42 — So now the word got out that if you bad mouth the cops just enough to get yourself arrested, you can get on the government dole and “earn” a fat pay day. What can we do about this? I think a nice tazing would make some people reconsider before talking their way into $16,000 of taxpayer money.

Irma Stits — The only thing that rude and disgusting women needs to occupy is a cell at the Cobb County Detention Center.

Watcher — I wonder when the “Occupy Movement” will move into the Marietta Square?

Irma Stits — They were there last year, all 7 of them.

Lawyer scum — What a sweet, Easter morning for Amy. Going out to get butter (there’s a shocker) and she’s feeling so spiritual, she raises her middle finger, high to the sky. Only it’s not to praise God for His son rising from the dead, it’s directed to two police officers who start their day, pledging to serve and protect. Even the likes of Amy Barnes. Heaven help us all.

Just Wait — You know why she was in jail for 23 hours? It took that long for her to find someone to post her bail. They must have been “occupied.”

Cobb Citizen — State law prohibits profanity in the presence of someone 14 or younger. This creature has learned to toy with the system of freedom. She has done the same thing in the past and sued. Unfortunately, she was awarded a decent amount of money. She is a leech. To all those who attack the police and want them to pay out their pockets for lawsuits, the starting pay for CCPD is about $38,000 a year. If you want police officers so scared to act under the protection of the law, then you will have complete chaos.

Flash of Reality — Ms. Barnes and her ilk are living proof that there are far too many freaks in this world and not enough circuses to house them.

Anonymous — Demand that your law enforcement officers learn and follow the laws concerning free speech and stop throwing people in jail because they said something that isn’t nice.

Anonymous — This woman is not a nice person. BUT, this cop thuggery has got to stop. We either need cops that are 1) smart enough to know the law; 2) mentally balanced enough that they don’t act like Nazi bullies whenever someone says something they don’t like, or 3) have the deep pockets to actually personally pay for their illegal behavior.

Anonymous — Get a grip my man and stop making excuses. The cops must be held as accountable as they wanted to hold this jackass OWS scum. Unfortunately for us taxpayers ... the cops are wrong ... the scum OWS woman is not.

Wellnowiknow — Trust me when I say I’m going to be as nice as possible as I write this. I actually have met Amy Barnes, and now I know what kind of people were involved in this bowel movement, I mean, Occupy Movement. Cussing and flipping the bird to police officers in the presence of children? I’m not surprised at all that this was done by such a classless person. My only question is whether this lawsuit can be thrown out immediately and that any court fees would be paid by this person.

Anonymous — No the lawsuit will not be thrown out. The Nazi thug actions of the cops will cost Cobb taxpayers a sizable amount. Today it is a nasty OWS woman they bullied ... tomorrow it could be you.

Old Timer — What a disgusting and vulgar person. She’s just trying to make an easy buck so she’ll never have to work. Not that she does now. I pray she loses!

Ur kidding — I find the woman pathetic and greedy. She was not put alone in detention to “punish” her. It was for her own safety due to a hearing impairment. She should thank Sheriff Warren for having policies thank are intended to help her. Her lawyer is just as irresponsible.

VFP42 — What are we taxpayers going to do now that people know they can get a fat paycheck just for running their crazy mouths?
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charles rogers
November 13, 2012
There are always those who dog others for dogging the police here. But how many of you are from here? My family had been here hundreds of years and we have watched this county government and police become more corrupt each year and nobody said nothing about it because they became scared of this government. The main reason Cobb is so corrupt is because the people keep re-electing the crooks back into office. Every one seems to think that this is the ideal county to live and were correct before 1968. Now that I have stolen weed from the local police as a teenager and witnessed a couple of murders done by cops nothing surprises me anymore about the mentality of the local people. The issues in schools is about bullying so what do you do when you are bullied by the government? Just take it and move on or would you do like me and sue the living daylights out of them while you are still around to do it?
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