Supporters rally for local illegal student
by Geoff Folsom
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Jesus Cruz, 21, left, walks alongside Dulce Guerrero, a youth organizer with DreamActivist Georgia, at a rally on his behalf Thursday. Cruz is facing deportation after being pulled over for driving without a license. <br> Photo by Geoff Folsom
Jesus Cruz, 21, left, walks alongside Dulce Guerrero, a youth organizer with DreamActivist Georgia, at a rally on his behalf Thursday. Cruz is facing deportation after being pulled over for driving without a license.
Photo by Geoff Folsom
MABLETON — A Pebblebrook High School graduate is getting support from the Cobb County community in his immigration battle.

Praying, holding candles and waving signs in support, 20 people had a vigil for Jesus Cruz, 21, outside the school on Old Alabama Road Thursday evening. Cruz came to the country illegally with his mother in 2002, and is now facing deportation back to Mexico.

Cruz, who graduated from Pebblebrook in 2010, said he wants to go to college and study to be an immigration attorney, but can’t afford it because illegal immigrants aren’t eligible for in-state tuition.

“It’s important because I want to be a better person,” he said. “I want to pursue my dream, and, mainly because this is my home. I don’t want to go back to a country I’m not familiar with anymore.”

Dulce Guerrero, a youth organizer with DreamActivist Georgia, said her organization is trying to apply pressure to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement to use “prosecutorial discretion” with Cruz because he would be eligible for the proposed DREAM Act, which would provide a path to citizenship for certain immigrants who attend college or serve in the military and don’t have a criminal record. President Barack Obama and Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano have said that deporting DREAM Act–eligible young people is not a priority, though Congress has never passed the bill.

“It’s kind of like a form of relief,” Guerrero said of prosecutorial discretion. “They’re able to stay in the United States and drive legally.”

Cruz said his deportation ordeal began after he was found driving without a license, a license he can’t get because of his immigration status. He has a deportation hearing scheduled for Monday at federal immigration court in Atlanta.

Guerrero said several things could happen Monday, including deportation or dropping the case against Cruz.

“We’re hoping they will go ahead and clear his case,” she said.

Anti-illegal immigration activist D.A. King, founder of the Cobb-based Dustin Inman Society, said that “DREAM Act–eligible” has become an excuse for non-enforcement. Though given a choice, he said he would rather see illegal immigrant parents deported instead of children.

“Does anyone remember that the DREAM Act has failed 10 times in the U.S. Congress and is not the law?” he said. “But if it was, it would obviously be one of the immigration laws that was enforced … I predict that candidate Obama’s office will direct that he be allowed to stay.”

Cruz said he has been living with his sister. He said his mother is in Los Angeles, while he doesn’t know his father’s whereabouts.

While some of those at Thursday’s vigil know Cruz well, others just came to support him.

Angela Flores, 27, of Marietta, said no one should take comfort in cases like Cruz’s.

“Even as citizens, we are all less safe,” she said. “We can’t let immigrants and the children of immigrants be left so vulnerable and taken from the place they call home so easily.”

Other young illegal immigrants have gone to court to try to get the DREAM Act passed. On Tuesday, three people announced they will sue the U.S. Senate for using filibuster rules to block the legislation, despite support from 55 senators.

Cruz said being in the United States has allowed him to have a better life and learn a new language.

“That’s a cool thing,” he said.
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May 23, 2012
this kid, jesus, is Not Smart enough for college..He wants MORE of MY taxpayer $$'s to subsidize his college dreams, then his law school 'dreams'

But what this Brainiac is NOT taking into account is that You can't become a lawyer even IF you pass the bar cuz you Are ILLEGAL...duh...Has anyone heard the phrase throwing good money After BAD...!!!
May 22, 2012
So he comes here gets a free education, free medical care and then bitches because he got caught breaking the law and knew he was doing so.

And he wants the community to back him.

Wrong, he should have been held in jail until he was deported.

And how many of his supporters were illegal???

Bit in the rear end
May 21, 2012
Unfortunately this is our own fault. We, the citizens of the US, have been letting this happen for years and now it has come back to bit us in the booty. We need to DEMAND that our govenrment enforce the immigration laws. We need to DEMAND that our hard working tax dollars are supporting AMERICAN CITIZENS! If our elected officials don't listen to what the people want, then it is time for us to boot out the incumbants and get fresh faces in their places that listen to the people.

I do sympathize with the children who's parents put them in this situation, but we can't allow the public to support this non-sense any longer. It is only going to get worse.

I have a simple solution that would benefit the citizens, the government, and the illegals brought here illegally as a child or those who can't afford to legally become a citizen. Let these people who claim to love being here and love our country gain citizenship through military enlistment. Have these kids join the military for 4 years and work for their citizenship. If not this, then sorry go home because your DREAM ACT is not benefitting the majority of just allows more people to break the law and it gives them an excuse.
James Greek
May 21, 2012
That is good idea!
mk - candy store
May 21, 2012
Cobb County schools are BRAINWASHING our children.

Slowly, but surely,.. America will be gone!

South Cobb is already 3rd world!
Confused I Am
May 20, 2012
Is something stopping Jesus from becoming a LEGAL citizen?
Pat H
May 20, 2012
Great sob story to choose to illustrate exactly why all illegals should be deported.

These are the offenses according to Cobb County Criminal Court against Jesus Herberto Cruz Alegria:

1. Theft by receiving;

2. Driving under the influence;

3. Attempting to flee to elude officer;

4. Driving without a license;

5. Disregard stop sign;

6. Open container;

7. Left ctr/improper lane;

8. Traffic-general;

9. Disregard stop sign (there were 2 of these)

Ms. Flores, you are exactly right that we are less safe, with half a million illegal criminals causing mayhem on our roads. Deportation proceedings take too long.
May 20, 2012
Hey, editor ... why no posted comments 24 hours after I (and who knows how many others?) submitted one?
May 21, 2012
I agree but I've got a feeling they take the weekend off. Rarely are comments posted on the weekend.
Southern Patriot
May 20, 2012
He wants to become an attorney so that he can help other ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS break the law, that's analagous to a doctor helping a patient commit suicide. It sounds antithetical on the surface but then again we live in a country where the murder of unborn children is legal and funded by the taxpayers.
Pam J
May 19, 2012
The fact that he was caught driving without a license is a good reason why illegals should not be allowed to stay. If he had been in an auto accident that he caused, the person he hit would have to pay for their own repairs (happened to a friend of mine). If the person he hit died, then what? While I don't blame the children of people who brought them here illegally, at some point the child will grow up and know the truth. If we allow all children of illegal immigrants to stay, it will open the floodgates even more than they are.
May 19, 2012
Sorry, Senor Cruz, you might have learned a different language, but you've cost the American taxpayer a lot of money for sending you through twelve years of school. Can you imagine your home country doing this for an American? Your parent made you a criminal, just as they are. The law was not enforced when they broke in and brought you. If we gave everyone the opportunity to stay who pushes ahead of those who are doing it legally, our country would be destroyed in a matter of a few years. We now have millions of illegal aliens here who need to go back home and demand that their own countries take care of them. We broke and full and have spend over one hundred billion dollars on those who laughed at our laws. No Dream Act, no legalization, no amnesty and no citizenship ever for those who feel entitled to break into this country.
May 19, 2012
Living in the United States is a privilege, not a right for noncitizens. It is truly disgusting that supporters of the DREAM amnesty continue to mislead the public by talking about a small group of teenaged students who shouldn't be punished for the sins of their parents who supposedly brought them to the U.S. as young children.

These "kids" illegally received the benefits of American citizens. While the mantra of DREAM Act proponents is that their illegal presence is through no fault of their own and they didn’t have a choice in coming the United States, I cannot help but ask why the parents aren’t being held responsible. The parents had a choice and they chose to break the law, putting their children in this compromising position. The American taxpayers should not be forced to take on the responsibility of other people’ s bad decisions. Send him and his family back home to Mexico, he can attend college there.

Any politician who supports the Dream Act Amnesty is working against the security of our nation and the well being of our citizens and needs to be removed from office. Millions of illegal aliens whose true identities, backgrounds, citizenship, affiliations and intentions are unknown and unknowable pose a threat to our country and our citizens.

Bob B
May 19, 2012
These illegals always adore the Mexican flag but when it comes to leaving the U.S. they fight attempts to deport them to their beloved homeland.


Jesus Cruz you stole a free U.S.grade school and High School education courtesy the American taxpayers now leave!

All of you illegal foreigners LEAVE! The United States belongs to the CITIZENS.

West Cobb Resident
May 19, 2012
Driving without a license? Send this lawbreaker back to Mexico. Maybe Jessica Colotl can help him pack.
May 19, 2012
If Mr. Cruz graduated from High School in 2010 why did he not IMMEDIATELY apply for legal status? Why is there always an excuse for breaking the law? As a voting, taxpaying citizen of this country I am tired of the "special victim" status for every poor soul that gets caught breaking the law, be it immigration or stealing. Maybe I should renounce my citizenship so I can get some freebies too. I'm tired of all the responsibility (picking up the tab for everything) and none of the benefits (free everything, paying no taxes and "special" status) I think I am about to pull a John Gault.
No stinkin badge,etc
May 19, 2012
Americans have to go out and let these Mexican and other illegal foreign nationals know, that they will no longer tolerate their lawless B.S.
May 19, 2012
Do people not know what illegal stands for?So what about the tons of LEGAL immigrants that does everything to be able to come to the US and you think you should get a free pass?Funny thing is look at rally's that happen and the Supporters demand that the US owes them something and hanging US flags upsidedown..Look how bad Mexico is right now,chopping peoples heads and arms off just for money and drugs,50k dead just over drugs.So yeah,lets open the borders and just let everyone in!!And you say(immigrants aren’t eligible for in-state tuition),,,why should they be?A family is having to pay 1.5M dollars in tuition for 5 kids and you think you should get it for free?lol driving without a license is called a crime and Ive seen it so many times illegals will be driving and hit someone in a car then run..I think everyone has a right to live in the US but there are ways to do it.breaking the law and Sneaking in and then demanding you have a right to be here is just dumb..
May 19, 2012
Driving without a valid license means driving without valid insurance which puts everyone at risk. Its a bad situation for all concerned. No easy fix here.
John Earl
May 19, 2012
Angela Flores, dishonestly combines Illegal aliens and LEGAL immigrants in one group. Additionally, she suggests that, as a Hispanic Citizen, she is less safe. Could it be that the reason for thatt fear stems from the massive numbers of criminal (hispanic) illegal aliens that are present in Georgia, as well as, the rest of the Nation.

There is no Illegal alien exception to the equal application of the law. These people continue to spin the facts and argue that there should be one exception after another.

Angela Flores, are you a citizen; or, are you just another Hispanic whom has come here to colonize this country rather that to assumulate?
May 19, 2012
The citizens of the United States are losing the integrity of their laws increment by increment and sob story by sob story. There will be no end to the erosion of our constitution and laws until the illegals have an complete open border to Mexico whereby the U.S. citizen will be expected to finance them by welfare, education, medical, etc., while they send their profits back to Mexico in remittances and pay little to nothing in taxes here. It's got to stop or their will be no United States as it was founded once these invaders control the ballot boxes. The current census figures are warning enough without the passage of any more amnesty-like bills such as the Dream Act that does include chain-migration. It's sad that young people like Jesus Cruz and the millions like him have gotten caught up in their parents' illegal migration, but it will be sadder if a sovereign nation is transferred into another Latin American appendage.
Letter Of
May 19, 2012
No matter what side of the fence you are on in this man's case, he is still not justified to drive without a driver's license. Because what he is saying is he does not agree with the law, so he is going to go ahead and drive.

It appears to me that illegal immigrants don't start trying to change their status or apply for citizenship UNTIL they are caught breaking the law. Then they start telling us all that is wrong and why they need to go to the head of the line. Many children suffer for the mistakes of their parents and I don't mean just illegals.

And there cannot be an "IF" clause in the law that says if your parent brings you to the U.S. illegally when you are a child, then you are exempt from the immigration laws. That law would be even worse than the one that grants citizenship to ANY child born on U.S. soil, even if the neither one of the parents are U.S. citizens. That one needs to be changed/repealed also. It would stop a lot of the illegals from coming across the border. We need to do away with the incentives for the Illegals to come here ILLEGALLY.

There is a correlation to wanting a law changed- Many young people do not think it is right that the law makes them wait until they are 21 to drink alcoholic beverages LEGALLY, yet they can die for their country as a soldier. BUT that is the law.

Illegals only start trying to change their status after they are caught. They go about their plight backwards.
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