Henry’s column on global warming laughable
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Re: Reg Henry column on global warming, Friday’s MDJ

Please! Spare your readers ridiculous articles like these. Only left-leaning social-engineering types (Al Gore, Barack Obama) and air-headed conservatives (John McCain ... I’m giving him a HUGE benefit of the doubt calling him a conservative) still believe in the hoax of climate change (the sanitized, new name for global warming, since every time Al Gore attends a climate change conference it’s frozen out). Next, you’ll have articles on the Earth being flat. Leave that stuff to liberal rags like the New York Times.

Fair and balanced is one thing, but putting pap like this in your fine paper is laughable.

Don Spruill
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April 23, 2012
And if "Anonymous" would ever use anything other than MSNBC or CNN as an informational source it's head would explode!
April 15, 2012
Misters Spruill and Adams are mistaken. One can't post links here, but google the National Science foundation and see how many climate change skeptics there are. Very, very, very few. Many of those are on retainers from oil and gas companies.

You climate change deniers have strong feelings that you magically transmute into certainty. But you're still wrong. Look at the data collected, or ask those who collected it.

Think i'm joking? Go find some of that "body of scientists who deny man has any part of the global warming pattern..."

I am heartened that you acknowledge that there is a global warming pattern...now go find those scientists that think we have nothing to do with it....and ask them to show you their data...it will be a pretty shabby and threadbare garment.

Then look for data supporting admission of man's effect. You'll find a closetful of extensive garments with well sewn seams.

That's post enlightenment rationality and method. Most find it superior to the sneering divination you deniers use for inquiry and assertion.
April 14, 2012
Bye Bye Crazy Liberal...one down, several hundred thousand to go. By the way, I doubt your house is worth 50 million. (that's what $50,000 Grand means to those of us who passed high school math)
Too funny
April 08, 2012
I notice you didn't mention any actual scientists in your diatribe against climate science. And I hate to break it to you, but global warming deniers, flat earthers, creationists, young earthers, birthers, anti-vacciners, etc. are all cut from the same evidence-rejecting, paranoid cloth.

Thankfully, the scientific method is alive and well and evidence-based knowledge marches on.
April 08, 2012
Thank-you for stating so many facts. (sacrasm)

Thank-you for using facts instead of name calling to state an opinion.(sarcasm)

Thank-you for proving why the world needs more science and less fox news.

Thank-you for reminding why I want to get out of the South so bad- I know don't let the door hit me in the bottom. Don't worry- it worth losing the $50,000 grand on my house just to get out of here!
Kevin Foley
April 08, 2012
Mr. Spruill- Funny you should bring up flat earth, because before that case was made, there were a lot of round earth conspiracy theorists, probably as many as we have global warming conspiracy theorists today.

Instead of watching Fox and listening to Rush to understand global warming science, you should take a moment to explore the mountains of independent scientific research collected over the last 30 years that support the case that the earth is warming and greenhouse gases are the likely reason.

Here's something for you and other deniers to ponder: we know the motivation of conservative pundits and pols: they want to protect the big donor fossil fuel industry which produces CO2. But why would thousands of climate scientists around the world who have all independently arrived at the same conclusion conspire to manufacture a "hoax"?
Devlin Adams
April 09, 2012
Your exaggerations about the evidence, of course, fail to mention the body of scientists who deny that man has any part in the global warmning pattern which has, after all, been going on, to some extent, or another, ever since the Big Bang.

Of course, if that information were to receive the same amount of publicity as the popular hysterical "the sky is falling" side does, then Al might have to give back his unmerited Nobel prize.

BTW, I really do thank you for providing so much comic relief with your inane left wing diatribes.
April 09, 2012
If Don Spruill ever used anything other than FOX or Rush Limbaugh as and information source his head would explode!
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