'Call to conscience' should be to reject Marx
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Kennesaw State University associate professor Tom Pynn called Karl Marx's "Communist Manifesto" a "call to conscience." The conscience is a reflection of a moral code. It moves us to oppose actions, thoughts or policies which it judges evil and to institute actions, thoughts and policies which are good.

So which actions, thoughts, or policies advocated in "The Communist Manifesto" does professor Pynn believe need implementation today? Is it the abolition of marriage and the institution of a "community" of women? Is it the abolition of private property rights in favor of all property being owned by the state (Marx's "proletariat")? Is it the confiscation of private wealth by a progressive and continually increasing income tax? Is it the "free education" of all children by the state and the state alone in Communist ideology, usurping the divine rights of parents? Is it the prohibition of Christianity and all religion in favor of Communist philosophy? Or is it the means by which all the actions advocated in "The Communist Manifesto" would be accomplished, the killing of those opposed to its philosophy?

Lest anyone protest, "that's not what Marx meant," consider the outcome in nations where Marxism was accepted and practiced. More people were killed solely for opposing Communist ideology in these nations than from perhaps all other causes. Marx knew that blood would have to flow to implement his wicked philosophy.

If peace is ever to come to all the peoples on Earth, we must reject Marxism and all wicked philosophies. We must heed another call to conscience, that call which comes from the image of God in which all men and women were created. That image spurs us to believe and follow the only teachings which can bring peace among all the peoples of the Earth: the teachings of Jesus Christ and His apostles. It is only when people believe and practice these commands that peoples of all races, languages and nations can live together peacefully and lovingly.

Clay Henry
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April 04, 2011
How do they want to make every one Christian? Is not enough what such fanatics cause in Afghanistan? Stay out of University. It is not place of dogma but science. You are making the respected religion religion of the stupid, wake up.
April 03, 2011
Mr. Henry has clearly never read Marx--or the New Testament either.
Caleb P
April 02, 2011
Matthew 19:21 - Jesus said to him, If thou wouldest be perfect, go, sell what thou hast and give to [the] poor, and thou shalt have treasure in heaven; and come, follow me.

22But the young man, having heard the word, went away grieved, for he had large possessions.
Alan G Nixon
April 01, 2011
Leaving aside the fact that I think you have misinterpreted the intent of the article and that I'm sure it focused on particular parts or interpretations of the document. Lets have a look at your argument.

"Is it the prohibition of Christianity and all religion in favor of Communist philosophy?"

"the /only/ teachings which can bring peace among all the peoples of the Earth: the teachings of Jesus Christ and His apostles."

/Emphasis Added/

'Irony' - /Please/ do look it up.

I can rephrase your last sentence in many ways that you as a Christian would find completely undesirable, say Communism for instance (imagine that).

"It is only when people believe and practice these [Communist; Atheist; Satanic] commands that peoples of all races, languages and nations can live together peacefully and lovingly."

What you said in your overall argument was(reinterpreted):

Communism as an ultimate option would enslave a lot of people that don't agree with it. That is wicked. I suggest we let Christianity do it instead.

You should understand that every person with a different world view to your own would find your proposition equally 'wicked'.

March 31, 2011
Your Bronze Age desert dwelling myth of a god is not given any credibility by Marx being right or wrong. The only thing you have proposed here is a failed analogy. I am certain that you would protest if I claimed that the worth of Jesus was fully dependent upon how well his followers act, that Catholic priests make Christianity a failure as a world view. Regardless of Marx and any other imperfect and sometimes bankrupt atheists, atheism retains it's worth as a more honest assessment of our reality. Must atheists constantly remind superstitionists that atheism contains nothing beyond that the lack of belief in gods? There is nothing within atheism to turn a person evil. The simple truth is that religion is the perfect vehicle for the evil mind, as an invisible secretive God can be anything to anyone. He can be a savior or killer.
March 31, 2011
"If peace is ever to come to all the peoples on Earth, we must reject Marxism and all wicked philosophies."

True. We should build on the obviously desirable foundation Marx has set for us. Capitalism is a system built on exploitation, even at the most basic level and on the smallest scale. "I'll sell an item to you for more than it's worth and make a profit." It has spiraled out of control into what it is today, which is "I'll make millions, hundreds of millions, billions of dollars by giving employees a small cut of the profits they make for me, which they made by successfully selling products or services for much more than they were worth."

Oh, did you mean to advocate for Christianity? Religions are usually wicked, and Christianity is no exception. How many people have died and will continue to because of religion? How many people feel guilty their entire lives for "sinning"? How many people live in fear because they have been convinced an imaginary "friend" in the sky might punish them at any time? How many people suffer because delusional religious people bully and shun them and restrict their freedom to live life as they choose? How long will progressive change continue to be frustrated by ignorant religious zombies whose sole purpose is to conserve the screwed up world exactly the way it is?
John Snow
March 31, 2011
As a former pupil of Professor Pynn, I found him to be well spoken, well versed and engaging. Discussing The Apology with him was worth every penny I paid in tuition. I would describe myself as a moderate, weary of either extremes and I find the rhetoric of the author much more alarming than anything said in Professor Pynn's classroom.
March 31, 2011
It's really sad that people don't understand what words mean. The Communist Manifesto WAS a call to conscience. That isn't a statement on whether it is good or bad. It was simply a response to what was happening at the time. It's sad that people are unable to read something without assuming a person is suggesting it be implemented.

The only thing that is preventing this world from being at peace is fundamentalist whack jobs to insist their way is the only way, and that everyone else is going to hell. Christianity is not the first, nor the only religion in this world, and it is high time people down here realize that. Kennesaw State has a wide and diverse student population, and not all of them are christians, nor should they be.

To suggest that Professor Pynn was endorsing Marxism is disingenuous. This piece is a glaring example of the distinct lack of education, and exposure to other cultures and religions, that this state is known for. Congratulations on showing your complete lack of historical reference and knowledge of other cultures.
March 31, 2011
Wow, way to use a lot of fancy words and try to convince us you would have an intelligent point. Also, way to quote the professor and not give us any context. Do you really expect us to believe that he referred to the entire document as a call to conscience?

So everyone in the entire world should reject "wicked" theologies and accept the one that you decided is right? Newsflash: all religions are man-made, and your personal feelings about which religion happens to be the ONE TRUE religion have no bearing on the rest of the world. We don't care. We are tired of being preached at, threatened, warned, and yelled at by close-minded believers who can't think outside of their Jesus bubble. But the Bible does provide some fantastic examples of wickedness at its finest. Slavery, murder, genocide, not to mention the threat of eternal suffering in hell if one chooses not to believe. All given to us by a jealous, vindictive (non-existent) god who can't tolerate the thought of humans worshiping anything else aside from him. No thanks!

Human beings do not need religion to be capable of love, same as any animals. Somewhere along the line, the Jesus freaks hijacked "morality" and decided to combine it with Jesus, then legislate the lives of everyone on earth.

Weak argument, try better next time.
James Black
March 31, 2011
So the only way to peace is through your god and no other and meanwhile all other religions believe exactly the same? It's shameful that people let various mythologies Stan in the way of true peace.
March 31, 2011
Terrible and shameful "article." Firstly, you state this: "Kennesaw State University associate professor Tom Pynn called Karl Marx's 'Communist Manifesto' a 'call to conscience.'" and then follow it with absolutely nary a reason that Mr. Pynn may have said WHY it is a call to conscience. For all I know, Mr. Pynn may have been opposed to The Communist Manifesto's ideas--the very ideas that you "wonder aloud" about in your next paragraph. You have constructed an argument against practically nothing, as nobody who only reads YOUR opinion pieces knows what the initial statement means.

What is most grievous about your article, though, is the assertion that we, as Americans and people of this planet, MUST follow the teachings of Christ in order to attain peace and goodwill. I do not begrudge you your faith, but please recall that the rest of us are free to choose our own path when it comes to religion--especially when I absolutely disagree with your premise. As another commenter said, "The type of intolerance bleeding through this article is what breeds hatred, terrorism and war."

Perhaps you are part of the problem, not the solution.
Matt Hutchinson
March 31, 2011
You are dead right! We need to exhibit the same amount of tolerance, love and peace exemplified by Christianity during the Crusades and the Inquisition.

Remember people, it is only through conformity that we can find peace and justice in the world! I bet you hate Islam for that very same reason.

I love it when big and confusing books get in the hands of the mentally deficient. Seriously, my friend, stick to Glenn Beck books where multi-syllabic words are avoided at all costs.
Tayler Moosa
March 30, 2011
I like your statement at the end ( just after the crazy-religious talk ):

'It is only when people believe and practice these commands that peoples of all races, languages and nations can live together peacefully and lovingly.'

Well yeah. If every single person around the globe practiced the teachings that the Bible teaches, then of course everyone would get along peacefully. What an analytical argument. Let me try:

If everyone had a thousand dollars, then everyone could have a thousand dollars.

I know that Pynn can construct a synthetic argument ( where additional information is added to the proposition within the consequent ), and this leads me to believe that he might have reasoning for what he says that just might be above your level of comprehension. Did you email him to ask this question? Or did you simply post it online with the assuring knowledge that this red state of yours would back you up without question. Interesting how Jesus and Co. preached while constantly being in danger, with disciples and Jesus himself being killed for it. Hm... it couldn't hurt to go find some of that courage Clay.
March 27, 2011
What a load of intolerant hogwash! So if I worship Allah, Budhha or Jiminy Cricket, I should keep my mouth shut? I shouldn't enjoy peace unless I worship the same God that you do (or any God for that matter)? The type of intolerance bleeding through this article is what breeds hatred, terrorism and war.
March 27, 2011
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