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by Oliver_Halle
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I have written a number of times about the abysmal failure of our congress to pay for the costs of war, which include our wounded veterans and those veterans rotating back into civilian life and looking for decent employment.  We all, as Americans, should bear the burden of paying the price, whatever it is, if our country goes to war, whether a war we didn’t choose or one of choice.  Lip service in the form of bumper stickers to support our troops, ostentatious display of the American flag, and other acts of patriotism do nothing to help those who paid the price and need and deserve our help.  

I did not see it reported in the MDJ, but it was reported in the liberal/lame stream New York Times and AJC, among other media outlets, that all but five Republicans in the senate voted against a five year, billion dollar jobs training bill for our veterans.  Part of the bill would have been paid for through fees levied on Medicare providers and suppliers who are delinquent on their tax bills.  Republicans defended their action, or inaction, by claiming that the bill did not specify where the money would come from.  Since any kind of tax, in this instance a war tax, is unthinkable by Republicans, I assume the message sent to our men and women in uniform, intended or not, is to eat cake.  For those who have been touting for the past three years a slam dunk Republican victory in November, this should really help to make it across the finish line.  Especially when voters recall the billions spent in earmarks in past years.  

At the same time that the veterans jobs bill was voted down, former Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates (an Eisenhower Republican---an extinct species) commented on the sequestration effects that will occur on the defense budget in January if Congress doesn’t address the problem.  The Obama haters are blaming him for the problem, but the fact is that it was a bi-partisan agreement in which both houses provided for automatic cuts and tax increases to offset the debt over ten years by 1.2 trillion dollars.  That includes big cuts to the defense budget and all discretionary federal spending that happens to encompass federal law enforcement, aircraft controllers, and a myriad of other services that the American people depend on.  Gates pointed out that defense contractors have figured out how to diversify their manufacturing  to as many states and congressional districts as possible in order for our elected representatives to resist shutting down any projects that would impact jobs---even weapons systems that the Defense Department says it doesn’t need.  Those who are angry at the potential defense cuts and consequences should look at their own delegations for answers, many of whom also voted down the veterans jobs bill. 
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September 24, 2012
Seems to me Romney wasn't saying he doesn't care about the 47 percent...he said his campaign can't reach them with the lower tax message and must find another way to picque their interest.

I hate the way you Democrats have put words in his mouth to create your fallacious narrative. Republicans need to correct you when possible, otherwise, they deserve to lose. But also, truth loses. Doesn't that bother you?
Laura A.
September 24, 2012
The way you used your father in law, Mr. F? The way Michelle O. pretends to care about military families, yet doesn't seem to have time for them except during election time? (and her husband cannot even pronounce Navy corpsman, but calls one a corpse man? What a joke. The way O outs the Navy SEALS, prosecutes them when they give a terrorist a fat lip and threatens any who wants to write a book saying they don't like him?

Halle, you'd be serving readers well to contact some of those who voted against the bill you describe to find out what else was tacked on. Also, how many Democrats didn't vote for it? And why should Medicare providers pay extra? Aren't they already taking a hit just by working with Medicare? Obama's war on doctors will come next, just wait.

And then there's sequestration, a fact orchestrated by an Obama White House that pledged to slash the defense sector to dangerous levels. The fact is, Obama knew this would happen when he created his "super committee" and the result is they could spread the blame around just the way you are doing. Republicans are stinkers for going along with this, but they aren't the ones who want to cut defense by 41 percent while basically leaving massive entitlement programs in place, with maybe an 11 percent cut here or there (and those are probably duplicate programs anyway).

You know that Navy you love so much? When Obama is done with it, you won't recognize it, let alone defend ourselves against China or others. But that's ok because O believes we need to drop down U.S. status in the world, to level the world playing field. We cannot and should not be a global power. Just wait until after the election, he told Putin's lapdog....he'll have a lot more leeway then.
Lib in Cobb
September 21, 2012
Yesterday the Republicans in the Senate blocked a bill which would fund a program to help veterans find employment after leaving the military.

These dopes don't realize that they are making it much harder to keep or get a majority in congress.

I think that's called, "biting your nose to spite your face". I call it,"stupid".
Kevin Foley
September 21, 2012
Mr. Halle, you must know the far right politicians only love the troops when they can be used as window dressing in a photo op.

Many of our troops are in the 47% Romney said he doesn't care about.
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