GOP Rep. Joe Walsh Displays True Colors in Time for July 4
by Kevin_Foley
 Politics Progressive
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Just how low will a GOP candidate go to hold onto his office? Meet Rep. Joe Walsh (R, Ill.).

Walsh, a deadbeat dad who never served in the military, recently went after his Democratic opponent, Tammy Duckworth…that’s Lt. Col. Tammy Duckworth, a Purple Heart recipient who lost both legs and part of her arm when the Blackhawk helicopter she was piloting was shot down in Iraq. She later served in the Department of Veterans Affairs, helping our wounded warriors.

Walsh, speaking to a crowd of GOP supporters, accused Lt. Col. Duckworth of exploiting her service to win office, a false and disgraceful attack, but something you'd expect from a guy who fails to make his alimony and child support payments for his five kids.

Some of his audience chuckled at his "amusing" comments.

There are just some things you leave alone in politics, things that aren’t funny, and this is one of them. But GOP hacks like Walsh, always quick to hoot about their own patriotism, have no respect for propriety, of doing and saying the right thing.

Just imagine the far right firestorm if Obama had made a similar remark in 2007 about John McCain exploiting his service. But we get utter silence from House Speaker John Boehner and the other so-called leaders of the Grand Old Party when the victim of Walsh's verbal assault on an American war hero is a Democrat, not to mention a woman.

If you are a veteran or a woman or both and you’re thinking of voting Republican, I hope you think again.

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Kevin Foley
July 13, 2012
Dave- See my latest post about nobody paying attention.
Dave Gorak
July 09, 2012
Mr. Foley:

D.A. King and I are joined at the hip in demanding the enforcement of immigration laws that were created to protect American workers.

If that makes me a "bully," well, then, I'll wear it as a badge of honor.

I don't care where you are on the political spectrum, but there is no way that anybody can defend a federal government that permits 7 million illegals to keep their non-farming jobs and every year issue more than a million green cards to foreigners, most of whom have little education and few skills, and allow them to compete with the 20 million of our citizens who can't find full-time work. And before you even think of arguing that we're talking about jobs "Americans won't do," i.e., construction, manufacturing, transportation and service, please note that the Bureau of Labor Statistics says the majority of the jobs ALREADY ARE BEING DONE BY AMERICANS.

As an aside, I spent 30 years as a Chicago print journalist and considers myself as having "played in the majors" in terms of responsible news coverage. Today's coverage of the immigration issue reflects a legion of lazy journalists who have failed miserably in abiding by their own rules of ethics and standards governing responsible reporting.

In short, our federally created immigration crisis exists in large part because of a media that can't even spell "critical thinking" let alone engage in it.

How our politicians and their media lap dogs are able to look in the mirror every morning is beyond me. Pro-enforcement activists have never asked the media to agree with them but only to give their views the same amount of ink and air time given to those (and their advocates) who entered this country illegally and then had the gall to say the rest of us owed them respect and dignity.


Dave Gorak

Executive director

Midwest Coalition to Reduce Immigration

Kevin Foley
July 07, 2012
Think Again - The Democratic Party doesn't align itself with military causes?

FDR: WWII. Truman: Korea. Kennedy/LBJ: Vietnam. Obama: Ordering the take don of OBL and other high value AQ targets.
Think Again?
July 06, 2012
Even though there are Democrats who are soldiers, I am stating out right that the Democratic party does not typically align itself with military causes. Leaders within that party have, in fact, shown a great deal of disdain for the military over the years I've been alive.

I also am not denying the LTC is a patriot. I said I appreciate her service. Are YOU suggesting only people who serve in the military are patriots? Are you implying because he's in the Tea Party, Joe Walsh isn't a patriot?

If I was voting in her district, I would be more interested in the LTC's platform. The same applies to Joe Walsh. Why is that an unreasonable position? It's a sensible one.
Kevin Foley
July 06, 2012
Think Again - You've been brainwashed into thinking the far right has a monopoly on patriotism.

Lt. Col. Duckworth is running as a Democrat against Tea Partier Walsh. Are you seriously suggesting she's not a patriot? I rest my case.
Think Again?
July 06, 2012
Because Democrats so love the military? Really? News to me. I thought they hated all that flag waving stuff. I thought they were hell bent on cutting the military's budget.

I greatly appreciate Lt. Col Duckworth's service, as most people do, but if I was deciding on whether or not to vote for her or the other guy, what I'd really want to know is what she planned to do as a congressman in my district. Is that unreasonable? I don't think so.

Lib in Cobb
July 05, 2012
Thank you, Kevin. Walsh is a perfect example of Republican childish tantrum politics driven by rage.
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