What’s happened to all the political moderates?
by Dick Yarbrough
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Dick Yarbrough
Dick Yarbrough
After reading Geoff Folsom’s article in this past Thursday’s MDJ on the current state of politics in Congress, I wonder if we can ever get ourselves out of the morass in which we find ourselves today.

Folsom reports that two former members of Congress, Nancy Boyda (D-Kansas) and Sue Kelly (R-New York) opined to an audience at Kennesaw State University that moderate members of Congress are a vanishing breed. Republican Kelly said the far left and right wings of the parties have driven everybody else out. “The wings of the party are eating their own,” she stated.

Democrats have gone so far left on us that they have lost touch with reality. You didn’t see much about it in the liberal weenie media but the bunch of nitwits running the Democratic Party even dropped any mention of “God” from their platform during their recent convention in Charlotte. To get God back in their good graces it took an amendment and three roll calls with voice votes that were too close to call. After it was announced that the motion passed, many booed. Nice.

I can’t wait for that crowd to get to heaven and explain to God why they think He is less important than same-sex marriage and abortion on demand — two of their favorite subjects. They had better talk fast. They won’t be there long enough to unpack their bags.

By the way, the Democrats were also very reluctant to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, but after listening to the Obama Administration’s mealy-mouth response to the attacks in Libya, I suspect the Israelis weren’t surprised and probably didn’t care. Like God, they don’t need the Democrats.

And then we have the Republicans who are being hauled as far right as Democrats are pulled left. I am a conservative sort by nature, but I don’t like Kool-Aid drinker zealots of any ilk. In Georgia, we have elected Republicans to govern and what have they done? They have turned into sycophants for the American Legislative Exchange Council. I truly believe if this organization told State Sen. Majority Leader Chip Rogers (R-Woodstock) to eat a tree stump, he’d have that sucker digested by dark.

A word about the American Legislative Exchange Council: Much of what they do I approve of, such as trying to reduce corporate regulations and their position on tax issues. What I don’t like is the fact that they surreptitiously draft legislation and hand it to our geniuses under the Gold Dome to introduce. (In Florida, one legislator forgot to take ALEC’s name off the legislation before introducing a bill.) It should come as no surprise to you that the idea to dismantle public education comes straight from ALEC’s playbook.

Former Rep. Boyda told the KSU audience “The influence of money in politics is corrosive.” I would agree and say that it is just as bad in Georgia as it is in Washington, only there is just less of it here. I keep asking this question and never get an answer: Why does Georgia’s Speaker of the House David Ralston (R-Blue Ridge) need $356,415 in campaign contributions to run unopposed in his district. You think there is no quid pro quo? Please.

I am proud that I irritate both wings. It is done with all the malice aforethought. Most of us are somewhere in the middle and our voices go unheard. I’m just trying to even the odds a little.

I just wish that Boyda and Kelly had mentioned that one of the glimmers of hope in these dark political days is our Republican U.S. Sen. Johnny Isakson, from right here in Cobb County. He has managed to be both moderate and effective in Washington just as was his Democratic counterpart, Sam Nunn, of Georgia. Maybe it is the drinking water, but I think it is more that Isakson as well as Nunn figured out that their job was to serve all the people and not just the wing nuts. Bless them for doing so. It seems to have hurt neither of their careers.

I don’t know where our current political situation is going to carry us but I am beginning to think that maybe we don’t need political parties and we sure don’t want them high-jacked by extremists.

Maybe we need to convince more people like Johnny Isakson and Sam Nunn to run for public office, although that might be a tall order. How many Isaksons and Nunns are there willing to run the risk of being (shudder!) moderate?

As for the rest of the political zealots and special interest groups on both wings and our intrepid public servants that kowtow to them, may they all upchuck their Kool-Aid on their shoes.

You can reach Dick Yarbrough at yarb2400@bellsouth.net or P.O. Box 725373, Atlanta, Georgia 31139.
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Moderates indeed
September 22, 2012
Wait a second Dick...you can't pen a column with such a title and then go on a rant replete with childish name-calling directed at the Democratic side of the aisle and then agree in principle with a lobbying arm of the business community (but merely take issue with their brand of quid pro quo politics) -- and then group yourself in with the "moderates". I've read your column for some time now and have found your rather self absorbed form of antiquated sarcasm directed at the Dems 9 times out of 10. While you've decried the "liberal weenie media" in this and many other of your so called columns, you fail to mention your own part echoing the output from the crazed right wing media outrage factory. Oh yes, where have all the moderates gone....indeed, get a mirror Dick.
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