Tragedy points to need for ‘Great Awakening’
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Knives, guns, baseball bats, ice picks, shovels and so on. Each can be used as weapons. Guns are the most effective, of course. But each one is inert. It has no power of its own to do anything. It must have a force behind it. If the force is evil, evil will be the result. What is the source of good, or goodness?

My answer is religion in general, but Christianity in particular. The overarching message of Christianity is “Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.” That’s clear enough.

In the wake of the unspeakable, unimaginable, deeply-affecting horror in Connecticut, the Big Media, in concerted lockstep as usual, pursue gun ownership as the cause. It is not. Evil — the absence of good — is the cause. Naturally, but contemptibly, they are not going to look unto themselves — their movies, their “music,” their morally spent entertainment-as possible root causes.

It has been reported that this agent of Satan spent hour upon hour at sadistic video games. That would seem, to a reasonable person, to explain quite a lot.

Because of a few perpetually-yelping ankle-biters, Americans have been made to fear their practice or espousal of any overt signs of religion, which is the only saving grace for humanity.

Humans are not born civilized. They require instruction, and from birth. If the instruction, tacit or overt, from Hollywood, for instance, which seems to be the font of Everyman’s information these days, is unobstructed and unadorned hedonism, that will be the pattern of behavior imitated. If video games that involve serial, unending violence, anarchy and mayhem are watched to the exclusion of positive and moral instruction, then that violence will most surely manifest itself as well.

America needs a Great Awakening, and thoughtful introspection. We need to reassess the information and messages that are being received by our youth. An entertainment complex

that has no moral boundaries, and that will release any and all toxic and corrosive influences into the cultural mainstream, needs to be sorted, examined, and culled. We must demand, for ourselves and our children, goodness and positivism.

Find it where you can; it’s there for the seeking.

Harry Hagan

West Cobb
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Too funny
December 23, 2012
Seriously MDJ, why do you guys keep giving air time to this guy's quackery? Are there no writers out there who want to talk about problem solving grounded in the real world? You don't need the theological baggage of a Hebrew war god to know that we should treat each other well. In fact, I urge HGH to apply his "love they neighbor" standard to everyone in society - gays, atheists, muslims, hindus, etc. I do that daily without any supernatural threat or reward hanging over my head.
Kevin Foley
December 23, 2012
You're right. We need a great awakening. We need to wake up and see how the NRA and their conservative political allies allowed the latest mass slaughter, along with all the others, to happen in the first place.

Video games? Movies? They have these in developed countries. Guess what Harry? They have a fraction of the gun violence because they have strict gun safety laws. They do everything they can to prevent maniacs from getting their hands on massive firepower.
December 23, 2012
Then move there Kevin. The door is open. You are not going to protect anyone with your drivel. Why dont you try to get hired on with the police department and actually try to protect people.
Jim Stoll
December 23, 2012
My God Harry, you can't advocate a return to our religious heritage. That would be restricting free speech and that would be a violation of our Constitution. How dare you think such thoughts? AMEN!
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