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Two years ago Rush Limbaugh declared to his listening audience that if Obamacare was upheld by the Supreme Court, he would leave the country for Costa Rica. To that I say goodbye, good luck, and good riddance---although I’m not sure if Costa Rica might not have some kind of government run health insurance. I’m also not sure if Limbaugh isn’t self-insured, considering his vast wealth. Now, this is a man who has truly succeeded in the land of opportunity despite having a limited education and other limitations. What he doesn’t lack for, though, are strong opinions and a large followings. Just ask Congressman Phil Gingrey who a few years ago went up against El Rushbo before he groveled at his feet to beg forgiveness for some “unfortunate” remarks. Fortunately for Gingrey, the Doctor of Truth “graciously” accepted Gingrey’s apology.

The scare talk surrounding the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) reminds me of Newt Gingrich when he predicted a depression if President Clinton’s tax increase were to pass. We all know how that turned out. Mitt Romney continues to blast ACA while trying to ignore the fact that it was modeled on Romney Care in Massachusetts. The other day a defender of Romney and his health care solution as governor said that there was a big difference between the two programs. The defender argued that ACA is a single payer plan and Romney’s was not. Actually, this uninformed gentleman couldn’t have been more incorrect. And standing next to him was another Romney defender who is on Medicare. I asked him how he liked his single payer plan, and he sheepishly admitted that he liked it a lot. Oh, let’s not forget that it was Newt who only a few years ago proposed mandatory health insurance for all Americans.

The rhetoric against Chief Justice John Roberts says a lot. So many of his new critics only like the rule of law when the rules are somehow interpreted in their favor. Congressman Gingrey said in a radio interview last week when asked if he would like to have a beer with the chief, that he would prefer to pour one over his head. Nice talk from an elected representative. But Limbaugh and Gingrey have some things in common. In particular, neither ever gave anything back to America for what America provided them. (I don’t count Limbaugh’s contributions to charities. To be able to give as he can is a gift in itself---to him.) Do you think Limbaugh would be where he is in Somalia, Russia, China, and most other countries? Gingrey got a tax supported education at Georgia Tech that was practically free back then. Afterwards, with draft deferments in hand he attended the Medical College of Georgia, another tax supported institution that allowed him to practice medicine and achieve financial and professional success. But when the war tocsin of Vietnam sounded, Dr. Gingrey didn’t volunteer to give back and offer his service to the military that desperately needed doctors. And Limbaugh also took advantage of deferments and some unspecified medical exemption to avoid military service. Try to ask him about it on his show as some have and watch how sensitive he is to it.

The ACA can be debated forever, but for now it has been affirmed. In time the bugs will be worked out, and I suspect that more Americans will find that there is more good than bad about it.

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EM Buckner
July 04, 2012
One question I have (probably for the critics of the USSupCt more than for our "Agitator") is why the critics who have complained so long and bitterly about "judicial activism" seem to be the same ones now whining that the Roberts court refused to jump in and make the political decision they wanted. Is "judicial activism" a bad thing when your policy preference is negatively affected, but a good thing when your policy preference is aided?
Diane B.
July 03, 2012
I think this column will agitate the crap out of a lot of your readers--just what we all need.

Hollywood actors are significantly different from Limbaugh. Maybe they do have undue influence over some fans, but they really don't have people glued to their talk for hours every week, getting almost all their "talking points" (maybe "marching orders" says it better) from such an uninformed source. I keep running into people who get every bit of their information from Limbaugh and Fox News. That's scary.

Here's hoping Romneycare--recycled as Obamacare--proves to be the thin end of the wedge that leads to true single payer health care.
Devlin Adams
July 02, 2012
Short term memory loss, there Oliver? Why chide Limbaugh for his stupid threat when half of liberal Hollywood thretened to leave the country if Bush got elected. They are all still here and raking in millions from the fools hwo worship them?

As to Obamacare, Roberts just made it real simple to repeal it. No longer is a filibuster proof majority required. A simple majority will do it now.

When the working class and the poor, who elected Obama, find out that they are gonna pay forthe lion's share of the total cost of Obama care, he will be out and so will Obamacare.

And that is tood bad. If the arrogant SOB had compromised and worked with he GOP leaders to carve out a an that we all coud l;ive with, the good aprts of it might have survived. He had to make it a "my way or the highway deal." After all, though, it never has been about health care, it has always been about government control of another major industry.
Chuck C
July 02, 2012
Oliver, where's the "agitation" in this blog? You're loosing your touch!!! I am sure your words resonate with a majority of Americans. Let's pick up some on the agitation!!!!
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