Smyrna begins work on new maps
by Noreen Cochran
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SMYRNA — The Smyrna City Council is tasked with creating new voting maps that take into account a 25 percent surge in population between the 2000 and 2010 censuses.

The City Council held its first hearing in connection with a proposed charter amendment to change the city’s seven ward boundaries Monday night.

Although the census was taken in 2010, the city waited until after its 2011 election cycle was over before starting the process to avoid voter confusion in the 2011 and 2012 elections, City Clerk Susan Hiott said.

While Ward 1 will see little change in its voting age population — from 5,047 to 5,589 — Ward 7 will increase from 4,700 to 5,593.

Ward 7 Councilman Ron Fennell spoke about it during the meeting.

“I’m going to lose more than 5,000 residents,” he said. “Ward 7 will lose 40 percent of its voting population.”

The growth spurt came from annexation, Hiott said before the meeting.

“We annexed out that way,” Hiott said. “That was our growth area.”

The city’s total population changed from 41,894 to 51,602.

“Smyrna grew 25 percent from 2000 to 2010,” City Administrator Eric Taylor said during the regular meeting.

City Attorney Scott Cochran said at the pre-agenda meeting if there are changes based on public comment, the City Council can hold more than two hearings.

There were no speakers at the regular meeting either for or against the redistricting plan.

The next hearing and vote will be Dec. 17.

Also on Dec. 17 may be a pet grooming, boarding and breeding zoning ordinance for Light Industrial designated areas, which may be just for grooming when all is said and done.

Councilman Wade Lnenicka said he objected to the other activities because of the potential noise problems.

A noise ordinance amendment was put on hold until the Dec. 17 meeting.

It will create a mixed-use category to augment the current law’s residential, commercial and industrial zones and use a sliding scale of locations and times to regulate decibel level.

The mixed-use zone includes Village Green, which contains late-night eating and drinking establishments.

Lnenicka suggested the zone be further divided into a category regulating the noise level between 4 a.m. closing times and 7 a.m.

However, City Attorney Scott Cochran said it will be better to postpone action on the amendment rather than try to retool the language.

Councilman Charles Welch said any further adjustments can be made after the basic amendment is enacted, with which Cochran and Councilwoman Teri Anulewicz agreed.

“Let’s not let ‘perfect’ get in the way of ‘good,’” she said.

Mayor Max Bacon said the first line of defense for noise complaints will be the police department, plus some common sense on the part of residents moving into the award-winning downtown area.

“If someone buys residential property in the eye of a hurricane, if the wind starts blowing, don’t be surprised,” he said.

Fennel, who brought the measure forward, said his intent is to have a “defensible” ordinance for when noise complaints wind up in court.

In the meeting, the City Council voted 6-0 to table the amendment to Dec. 17.

Councilwoman Melleny Pritchett was out sick.
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Dr. Know
December 06, 2012
Starting with the NatGeo redneck story, and ending with the most pretentious display of abject corruption I've seen (and I've lived all over ticky-tacky Florida and the US), Smyrna and that crook of a mayor have plumbed the depths of dysfunctional government.

While they are busy massaging their bloated egos, wasting property owners tax money on ostentatious street lights that look like something from Coney Island, why don't they try paying the landowners who were robbed during the period of intentional arsons starting in 1989 through eminent domain. Property which was stolen from people who served well the residents of Smyrna for 20 years and who needed the money for medical bills. Land stolen and turned over to private developers to realise this megomaniacal pipe dream.

Google Gordon N. Gerson (arsonist) and the infamous $500,000/year school board attorney Richard Still to see where this all started. You see, it pays to have crooked friends in high places.

Also Google the Birmingham Alabama sewer scandal to see how corrupt Wall Street banks and greedy, ignorant southern politicos work together in three part harmony to turn a $250 million sewage plant into a $5 billion dollar fraud against taxpayers.


The Saga of Smyrna
December 05, 2012
When you think things couldn't be any worse in that awful city something always pops up. What Kirkendoll says is accurate. Smyrna is in sorry shape and the city leaders are anything but.
mk-homeowners last
December 05, 2012
Why does it matter which council person ignores which homeowner?

No-one educated in economics on Smyrna council.

30 years of poor planning.

1) allowing Glock to destroy 13 pristine natural acres to build shooting range.

2) destroying natural grounds at Brawner, killing old growth oak tress,.. in exchange for cement & sod.

3) allowing a mega Race Trac station on the last parcel along Srping that still had 8 beautiful oak trees-traded tree canopy for ugly gas pumps.

4)- no attempt to support neighborhood elementary schools-no safe route to school program- now an unsightly MEGA elementary school far from the neighborhoods it serves.

5)- allowing the Crossings shopping center to become a mega Kroger w/ a giant paved parking lot. (while other cities are seeking smaller , walkable style community groceries)-center is empty & parking lot is already dirty!

6)- allowing a low income senior housing ,..instead of adhereing to a mixed use development at prime real estate-at 75/285

7)-BIKE LANES- NOT in Smyrna

8)-no street trees- not in Smyrna

9)- Concord Road- 20 million dollars,.. for NOTHING-

10)-Jonquil -- EMPTY (& a Publix will drive nail in coffin)

11)-Belmont Hills- the elementary school will keep it from becoming a quality development- all that's going in is apartments that can't even support a parking deck!

12)want to see proof of dysfunction? $758,000 spent on 120 streetlights erected in front of government complex (no trees/no landscaping)-

just circus lighting!!

Just when you think it can't get any worse,.. this mayor finds a new way to hurt the homeowners again & again!!

mary kirkendoll
December 04, 2012
The city elected officials are completely impotent!

Why didn't reporter report the $40,000 from hotel tax being awarded to (a secret??) entity, to study the civil war artifacts the city owns & build display cases to house them??

First, I can't think of any hotels IN Smyrna!

Certainly no TOURISM,.. or reason to visit!!

What the city SHOULD be doing is pouring all their resources into FIXING Smyrna!

Smyrna has a PRIME 75/285 location ,.. that is home only to fast foods, low income seniors, various gas stations & outdated retail!

Town Brookhaven will generate MILLIONS in property tax for their new city. Add quality of life w/ resturants, shopping , movie theatres & more prime office space!

Avalon Alpharetta will bring 4,000 new jobs, in addition to a whopping 21 million sales tax, 4.5 million property tax & 1.1 million new hotel/motel tax! Besides residential, retail & high end rental, they will see class A office space & 2 new hotels! A dining /theater destination!!

... smyrna homeowners are definately on the losing end ...smyrna is just fading away into a deserted, failing city...and no city leaders seem to care one bit!
December 04, 2012
What could really turn it around for Smyrna is a year-long celebration starting January 1st.

2013 will be the 25th anniversary of National Geographic's "Redneck Smyrna" story.

That's Smyrna's only claim to fame, so they need to put on a big party!

If you bring a rope, I will bring a General Lee pinata filled with, what else, BACON!
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