Patriotism Monopoly
by Kevin_Foley
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Those war dead belong to we conservatives! You progressives stay away from them!

That's the message from my local right wing critics. They read my two recent columns about Private David Parman, the late soldier from Missouri whose grave I visited last month in Luxembourg. He died during the Battle of the Bulge, just weeks before World War II ended.

I symbolically apologized to Private Parman for the chaos and dysfunction wrought by tea partiers in the House and Senate that brought the country to a stand still for nearly three weeks. I posited that Pvt. Parman died for a higher ideal, not the "look at me!" antics of Sen. Raphael Cruz and his nihilist nabob buddies, and certainly not for that sociopath, Sarah Palin.

The critics think they own patriotism. They believe you can't be patriotic if you don't agree with their narrow world view. It's not possible to honor America if you're a progressive like me, because we want to see the greater good served, not just what's good for millionaires and billionaires.

What my critics reveal about themselves is hypocrisy akin to Cruz's and Pailn's. They no doubt partake in "socialist" programs like Medicare and Social Security and if they don't today, they will soon. They may also have received unemployment benefits, or veterans benefits, or disability benefits, all of which could fall under their definition of "socialism" (as if they even understand the term). Yet they roundly condemn "government largesse" as "statist."

In fact, their comments could be lifted from any Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity rant. They remind me of the brainwashed soldiers in the "Manchurian Candidate" when they hear the name Raymond Shaw. Conservatives tick off by rote all the jive they've heard from conservative media types when they hear words like Obama or progressivism.

Their 18th century tea party notion of "small government" doesn't work in a 21st century country where 350 million people live in a highly complex socio-economic strata that promises to become even more complex in the decades ahead.

It is that complexity, in fact, with which these poor souls struggle. They desperately want things to be simpler, easier to understand, reduced to black and white. They pine for the days of Andy Griffith and Mayberry - a North Carolina town that had no blacks, by the way.

They get all that from Limbaugh, Hannity, Coulter, and the rest, who are successful because they appeal to and affirm the audience's fear, ignorance and, yes, prejudice.

Patriotism isn't the private property of right wingers. It's a quality all Americans of good will share. Because I disagree with what you believe doesn't mean I'm unpatriotic.

So get over yourselves, conservatives. As I told one reader, I looked, and on none of the crosses or Stars of David in Luxembourg could I find the words "conservative" or "liberal." 

They were just Americans who died defending all of us.

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October 29, 2013

The list is actually called the Essential Benefits or Essential Health Benefits. Google "obamacare essential benefits." It's all over the internet. Heck, go to the HHS website and use their search bar.

No, what is a problem for Conservatives is the Gubmint telling us what kind of insurance is best for us. The consumer should make that decision.

"If you like your plan, you can keep your plan" was a bald-faced lie, and they knew it.
Lib in Cobb
October 29, 2013
@Cobb Guy: Provide source for "the lists".

One very important positive impact of The ACA, people like you have "exploding head syndrome".

Is The ACA perfect?

Answer: No, it's not. It is however, a huge step forward.

Forward is a problem for conservatives, a very big problem.
October 28, 2013
Our progressive friends might return to inform us that, yes, while certain insurers are cancelling current policies for their insureds, the insurers are offering "better" policies as a replacement.

Question: Who is defining "better?" The consumer or the Gubmint?

Answer: The Gubmint, of course. It is "better" because the new policy is mandated to cover the "Essential Benefits."

Question: What are the Essential Benefits?

Answer: There is a published list that includes, among others, maternity care, mental health and substance abuse treatment, pediatric care, emergency/hospital services, etc. To be fair, yes, some of these benefits will be used by many, if not most, folks. However, depending on your situation, your place in life, do you or will you need maternity care? If not, why should you pay for it? Do you need substance abuse coverage? If not, why should you pay for it?

Question: Will the new, "better" policy cost more than the insured's current policy?

Answer: Let's ask our progressive friends to chime in.

October 28, 2013
Per KF,

"This program is DESIGNED [emphasis added] to deliver health insurance to 30 million uninsured Americans."

And therein lies the problem - unintended consequences.

It was also designed to...

...allow folks to keep their current plan.

...allow folks to keep their current doctor.

...allow folks to experience a decrease in their premium.

It looks like that ain't the case and you don't have to watch Fox News to see the reports:

LA Times, 10/26/13, Chad Terhune: "Thousands of Californians are discovering what Obamacare will cost them — and many don't like what they see."

NBC News, 10/18/13, Anna Gorman and Julie Appleby: "Health plans are sending hundreds of thousands of cancellation letters to people who buy their own coverage, frustrating some consumers who want to keep what they have and forcing others to buy more COSTLY [emphasis added] policies."

Thank you for the "intro", KF.
Lib in Cobb
October 27, 2013
@Kevin: It is truly amazing just how much acceptance the GOP has when it is their idea.

If The ACA was the idea of Bush 1 or 2 or King Ronnie, the GOP would be falling all over themselves in a effort to be near the first in line to sign up.

I have a friend who is Christ loving Republican and as expected he is opposed to The ACA. He believes that the death of any innocent child who dies due to lack of access to healthcare is god's will. YUP, they walk among us.
Kevin Foley
October 26, 2013
Lib, the same people who excused 4,500 needless American deaths in Iraq are cheering the ACA rollout problems. They also conveniently forget the many problems with the roll-out of Bush's unfunded Part D.

What a bunch of transparent frauds. read the vitriol coming from so-called Christians under my recent column. Disgraceful.

This program is designed to deliver health insurance to 30 million uninsured Americans. It's a conservative idea, but because a Dem and especially a black one implemented it, they want it to fail along with everything else the president has done or will do.

Lib in Cobb
October 25, 2013
Cobb Guy: The president has a large roomful of people working on the glitches. I don't believe our president is so hands on that he is going to re-write code. I too am not happy about the problems, please keep in mind I voted for him 7 times, I have something at stake here.

There are MANY who do hate President Obama, there are many who demonstrated their hate during the government shutdown which could have been avoided but the country was being held hostage by the GOP.

This has become a matter of the "right" can't wait until he is gone and they really don't want H. Clinton. Unless the GOP comes up with a "miracle" candidate real soon, it will be Clinton. Ted Cruz if he could be president would be more divisive than any other president in history, worse than nixon. The GOP hates Obama, now you know how we Progressives felt about and still feel about Bush 1 and 2.
October 25, 2013
Hi Lib

It's been a while.

We/I don't "hate" Obama. We/I very strongly disapprove of his policies. The ACA is bad policy. It MUST have the young healthy crowd in the pool.

And now, with all the website glitches, do you really think the young-iPhone-click here-immediate gratification Millenials are going to have the patience to complete hand-written applications since the site is inoperable?

I really think Obama could lose this young crowd and, with that, the economics (adverse selection) will sink the ACA.

Also, as I said previously, to me, Obama REALLY does not appear to be engaged in the problems they are now experiencing with ACA. He speaks of "accountability", but it just ends there. I see no ACTION on his part. He hasn't taken charge of the situation. He is not claiming any ownership of the problems. There's no git-er-done.
Lib in Cobb
October 25, 2013
@Cobb Guy: Mr. Foley is demonstrating his ability as a social commentator, you don't agree, so that makes him wrong.

I have been called a traitor many times because I don't agree with the "whistle nut right wingers". I am atheist that makes me a heathen who will burn in hell. It's a good thing I don't believe in heaven or hell or I would be worried. I have been threatened by the right wingers right here on this forum and others because I don't agree.

We Progressives are just as much loyal Americans as the "right". I love this country, I don't love everything done in Her name.

To all the politically constipated folks (Republicans). Since you are all "blind patriots", that would be the "my country right or wrong" crowd and allegedly support everything done by the US, please explain why there is so much hate directed at President Obama and in particular The Affordable Care Act?
October 24, 2013
Congressional hearings were held today, of the contractors. One would think any hearings would be begin with the entity at the top - HHS Secretary Sebelius, at a minimum - however, she had prior commitments. Right. Sebelius had time last week for Jon Stewart, but won't make time for Congress this week.

I digress.

The hearings disclosed today that the administration was aware of the "glitches", but pressed on with the start date of October 1, regardless.

This is Obama's signature "achievement", as they say. Do you think HE was aware of the glitches?

1. If Obama was aware of the glitches, then what we are witnessing now is nothing other than confirmation that he simply doesn't care. He doesn't give a d*#n about actually providing healthcare. He managed to get Obamacare signed into law and, as such, he's done. Time to go give some speeches to adoring, glassy-eyed, zombie supporters, or hang out with Jay Z.

Obama has never been, and is not now, engaged. Governing is too messy, too difficult, for him. It's not fun like giving speeches.

Fer cryin'outloud, he's now talking about immigration reform as his signature "achievement" is circling the drain.

2. If he didn't know of the glitches, then why not? If this is the case, what sort of idiots, fawning sycophants and parasites make up his staff? Obama is the "CEO", fer Chrissakes! Can you spell incompetence?

One more thing. I wonder how Valerie Jarrett fits into all this. I wonder how she fits into everything we've experienced for the last five years.
October 23, 2013
Do not be distracted, friends.

While we all honor Pvt. Parman's service, KF's...WRITINGS...about Pvt. Parman are nothing more than a distraction from the news of the day - the epic fail of Obamacare and how it could certainly damage Obama's legacy and the big-gubmint cause of progressives.

KF's "Apology" is dated October 11; eleven days into the rollout disaster. Go back and read it again. It was a beautiful piece, until the final paragraphs.

KF is not honoring Pvt. Parman; he is stirring the pot, distracting and deflecting. For what other reason would he insert those final wretched paragraphs into his "Apology?"


Today is Oct. 23 and Pvt. Parman is still, ostensibly, the subject.

Even MSNBC is finally...F-I-N-A-L-L-Y...reporting somewhat honestly about the trainwreck. I'd say it's about time for KF to come clean and demonstrate that he is a serious and honest commentator.

Then there is KF's obsession with Senator Ted Cruz. Have you noticed how KF refers to him as "Raphael." Here's a hint - KF is not trying to be respectful; everyone on Planet Earth calls him Ted. Not only that, according to the U.S. Congress Biographical Directory, the spelling is Rafael.

Why do you hate hispanics, KF?
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