Liberals can’t seem to get a break.
by Pete_Borden
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Of late, things have not been going well in the liberal camp.  In fact, one might say, they are awash in their own stupid mistakes.

Their effort to push through an unconstitutional law requiring additional background checks for purchasing weapons fell through.  It failed simply because it was propped up by a passel of lies.

 Lie # 1, of course, was that it would keep weapons out of the hands of criminals and the mentally unstable.  Of course no law affects criminals because they do not obey them.  Mentally unstable people do what the Newtown shooter did.  They kill somebody and take their legally purchased weapons.

Further they kept retelling the lie that the Newtown shooter used a semi-automatic rifle to “mow down” his victims.  According to the police determination, the AR-15 never left the trunk of the car and the shooting was all done with handguns. So much for “mowing down!”

Another lie was that the background checks would never be used to create a federal gun registry.  Based on the validity of this administration’s promises, nobody really believed that.

Further, the President claimed that 90% of the people in the country supported the background check, when, in fact, there is no empiric evidence to support such a statement.

The final lie was that the administration was not intending to disarm the American people, in spite of the fact that both Biden and Feinstein have made numerous statements alluding to that as their real goal.

Liberals must have hidden their heads under the pillow when the President lost his cool and had a temper tantrum, on TV, because he did not get his way. It reminded me of my 4 year old great grandson.

In the first days after the Boston Marathon bombing, many of the popular liberal talking heads on TV and in the press were expressing their belief and hope that the bombing was carried out by white right wing extremists.

Too bad, folks!   As it turns out, it was carried out by two Islamic terrorists. The surviving member of the duo has admitted his part and indicated that his brother, who was killed by police, was the brains behind the plot.  Did you hear that, Mr. President?

Further, they are now saying that the fact that they are Muslim is immaterial.  When will the liberal camp quit trying to whitewash Islam?  There are peaceful law-abiding Muslims, we all know.  We also know that some kinds of snakes are harmless and actually perform a service for mankind, but the other ones are particularly dangerous and not to be trusted.  For that reason, smart people distrust snakes until they find out what kind they are dealing with.

We are told that when Osama bin Laden was allegedly killed, that would be the undoing of al-Qaeda. Yet, just two days ago, the Canadian police arrested two people and uncovered an al-Qaeda plot to bomb trains going from Toronto to New York.

Our First Lady, Michelle Obama, was reported visiting one of the former Muslim suspects in the Boston bombing, in the hospital.  Note that she did not bother to visit any of the victims. Pretty embarrassing, I would say.

Oh, and by the way, liberal doofus, British born Piers Morgan, who promised to self deport if the gun control bill did not pass, has NOT been seen boarding  a plane back to jolly old England. In fact, at last check, he has not even bought a ticket.   Could it be that Obama is planning to fly him back on Air Force One, at the expense of the American taxpayer?   I doubt it. Most probably the real truth is that Morgan was lying through his teeth when he said it.

Hang in there liberals!  Something may go your way yet. But, don’t; count on it. You pretty much cooked your goose when you re-elected an unqualified man to the Presidency.

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George Middleton
April 25, 2013
Right on, Pete. I was oparticularly incensed by the fact that Mrs. Obama visited a Saudi and did not visit the victims of the bombing. It is even worse that the kid was a suspect in the bonbing,a s reported in the press.
George Middlton
April 25, 2013
Kevin, if, indeed, the first family did visit the

victims of the bombing, then I stand corrected, and I apologize to them.

I doubt your statement about the student not having been a suspect, but I will check it out, if I can find an unbiased source. That is begining to be a chore. FOX is radical right. NBC, CBS, ABC, etc, are all radical left.

Radicals on either side are not sources of information, rather of propaganda.
George Middleton
April 25, 2013
Brad, you logic is flawed in comparing laws against murder (and other crimes) to a law giving the federal government more control over people's lives. It is a non sequitur. The main objection to the background check bill was not so much the background check itself as the perpheral damage. Under the bill, your doctor would have been required to report you to the Feds if you saw him for any mental problem, including one which might be imaginary, or might be misdiagnosed. Secondly, it was an open invitation to federal gun registration, and the crack in the dam to destroying our second aemndment rights. The benefits, as acknowledged by many from Joe Biden down, would have been negligble to none.

The pattern has been established in other countries that have disarmed the law abiding population, leaving them at the mercy of the criminal element.

If your wife, or daughter were the victim of an attempted rape, would you feel better that she called 911 before she was beaten and raped, or would you feel better if she had been able to produce a weapon and scare off the assailant.

The police cannot protect us all. It is up to us to protect ourselves.

Restricting our ability to do that is not acceptable.
Brad Rudy
April 25, 2013
That is such a good argument -- since common sense background checks won't stop the "bad guys" from getting their hands on weapons, we needn't bother with them. Since that undeniable truth holds such traction with the pundit and politician class, may I make a modest proposal? Let's empty the books against all laws completely -- why have laws against murder and theft when the bad guys won't obey them anyway?

BTW, any Constitutional Lawyer not in the pocket of the NRA will tell you that "profiling" Muslims is a lot more unconstitutional than a simple background check. Just sayin'
Kevin Foley
April 25, 2013
Pete, a couple of corrections:

Nearly 2 million felons and mentally ill people have been prevented from purchasing guns because of background checks, according to the FBI. This is why 9 out of 10 Americans favor them.

The Saudi student Michelle Obama visited in the hospital was never a "suspect". That charge was ginned up by the far right. I noted this in my blog next door.

Finally, the Saudi was one of many victims the First Lady visited in Boston:

BOSTON (CBS) - President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama visited victims of the Boston Marathon bombings at several hospitals Thursday afternoon.

After attending an interfaith service at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross, the president rode to Massachusetts General Hospital where he met privately with patients, their families and hospital staff.

The First Lady went to Boston Children’s Hospital, where she visited the medical and surgical intensive care unit.

Afterwards, she went next door to Brigham and Women’s Hospital to meet more victims and their families for more than an hour.

The visits were off limits to the media and came on short notice for security reasons.

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