Ga. congressmen must vote against bombing Syria
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History shows that what the president is so intent on doing — attacking Syria — will lead to rapid escalation into war. Einstein is reputed to have said that doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome is the definition of insanity.

While Obama is not insane, nor his lapdog John Kerry, this act surely is. The regular reports from the Wounded Warrior Association is what they should be viewing before they sentence any more of our brave young warriors to death or dismemberment.

Why our elected representatives to Congress would even consider such a disaster is mystifying, and getting on the “Obama Stupid Train” is grounds for their replacement.

The Middle East has been a place of turmoil for thousands of years and will be so for eternity, and to jump into a civil war to stop one band of miscreants from killing another band of miscreants makes no sense. The other occupants of the Middle East, many of them loaded with more cash than the Chinese, can step right up and quell their own neighbor’s uprisings without any help from a nation on the other side of the earth led by a group of amateurs, skilled only at reading prepared texts and shifting blame to others.

Should the politicians from Georgia vote for this egregious mess, I think they should all be sent home to a plush retirement, which they awarded themselves, where they will have their own personal health care programs, since they discretely exempted themselves from the “Obomination” program.

Actually, I think that if they would even “consider” voting for this catastrophe they should be fired.

Come on 2014! We need you now!

Ed Higginbotham

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Lib in Cobb
September 07, 2013
Our intervention in Viet Nam was a waste. Our invasion of Iraq based on lies was a waste and has not brought peace to that country. Our involvement in Afghanistan which has been a pit for 1000 years will not change that country. ANY involvement in Syria will be nothing more than another waste of money and lives.

Have our politicians not learned anything?
Kevin Foley
September 06, 2013
What about the Reagan Stupid Train 30 years ago when he decided to invade Grenada without Congressional approval? Four members of Seal Team 6 were killed on that escapade - and for what?

Or what about the George Bush Stupid, not the W train, that came later. The H.W. Bush Stupid Train when we invaded Panama 20 years ago without Congressional authorization, killing 1,000 civilians to capture one guy?

September 06, 2013
Just because the idiot at 1600 Pa. Ave. said he would, does not make it our business, if he wants to intervene then he can go do it all by himself.

Its not a threat to us, its a local issue so let them fight it out. How many more young military people are we going to throw into pissing contests that have no direct impact on us??

I spent 3 tours in Vietnam trying to win hearts and minds and than watching the US just turn tail and walk away. What a waste of 58,000 young men!!!!!!

If any of these idiots would pick up a history book and read it, this entire region has been fighting since before Christ and every day since. Its their fight, its their problem, we need to sit back and let them have at it.

But then the first time they decide to bring it to our shores, we carpet bomb them straight to hell. Oh wait the UN and the ACLU would get mad. No problem we bomb them first!!!!
on balance
September 06, 2013
Foolish fools!
September 06, 2013
I am appalled and shocked that anyone would consider voting for intervention in Syria. We have no idea of the consequences, but it won't be pretty. Surely people are not so stupid that they think Obama can lob a few missiles and the Syrians, and the Iranians, for that matter, will do nothing! Does no one care about what happens in Israel, the country they will no doubt start attacking first? All of this is being done to stroke Obama's ego, putting American lives on the line. Not one single American is worth Obama's self-serving decision to strike Syria and the pols who vote for this, both Republican and Democrat, will suffer, hopefully, with the loss of their jobs.
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