Friday fun with Kevin Foley and his vast intellect - Or, hey Kevin! Allen West is still a proud Black American!
by DA_King
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Congressman Allen West
Congressman Allen West
A few minutes to catch up on the Kevin Foley file. This addition is by popular demand.

For those of you who haven’t had the dubious pleasure of reading the goop that Democrat hack Kevin Foley of Kennesaw Georgia writes in newspaper columns and blogs at the Marietta Daily Journal, let this serve as an introduction to his typical mindless, liberal race-baiting.

In April, Kevin Foley, a self-described “Progressive” felt the need to take a swing at the Tea Party and Republican congressman Allen West in a newspaper column  by explaining to the reader that “Tea partiers like West are failing because they see modern America in monochrome. The country has changed since the Constitution was written, yet tea partiers long for the days of when a man — and only a white man — could do as he pleased, however he pleased.”

Got that?

Setting aside for a moment that Tea Party members come in all descriptions and colors, what Foley didn’t know (this guy should get out more) – and what he failed to even research – is that Congressman Allen West happens to be a proud black American.

While reading this little gem here, it took this humble writer a couple of minutes to stop chuckling at Progressive-Kevin-Foley-of Kennesaw-Georgia and his obvious play-the race-card, ask- questions-never style of smearing. Apparently, research is for the less gifted.

It gets better. And more insightful.

The MDJ ran a well written letter to the editor in response to Foley’s silly race-baiting from a local Tea Party leader named Jan Barton with an observation on the above that was to the point in asking someone to explain Allen West’s race to Foley (race, skin color and ethnicity are all very important to liberals).

Mrs. Barton’s letter went like this:

Foley proved facts don’t matter

May 08, 2012 


I am a proud member and leader of a local tea party group. I recently read an MDJ guest column written by Kevin Foley (“West plays ‘Red’ card to hide record” ) in which he attacks U.S. Rep. Allen West as a tea partyer and curiously quotes Benjamin Franklin — wildly unrelated to his diatribe and completely out of context (“We must hang together, gentlemen, else we shall most assuredly hang separately”…what?)

More from Foley in the MDJ: “Tea partyers like West are failing because they see modern America in monochrome. The country has changed since the Constitution was written, yet tea partyers long for the days of when a man — and only a white man — could do as he pleased, however he pleased.”

Race-baiting aside, I don’t think Foley realizes that West is a black American. Could somebody at the newspaper please inform him of that? Neither do I think it would matter to Foley once he gets himself going at painting concerned Americans who do not subscribe to his liberal agenda as intolerant racists. This is a timeless example of the arrogant and facts-matter-not liberal attitude.

Jan Barton


Foley’s posted comment on the online version of the LTE gives us all yet another look into the mind of an Obama voter.

Kevin Foley

Mr or MS Barton,

“I just think you’re unused to reading well-reasoned and supported arguments…” 

Then he had to comment yet again after he gathered himself . You can read both replies from Foley in full online below Jan Barton’s letter.

When Foley attempts to impress us concerning illegal immigration, it gets even more entertaining.

More education on – and for – “I wanna be famous” Kevin Foley as we find the time.
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Robert Johnson
July 31, 2012
Now you make fun of a foreign language ?

Foley - He is saying that the reasonable solution to illegal immigration is to enforce the law and secure the borders, genius. He is saying that we did an amnesty in 1986 and that we know it doesn't stop illegal immigration. He is saying that attrition of the illegal alien population through enforcement of the law is the answer.(I copied that directly from a King column)

He is saying that the hilarious "we can't deport 11 million criminals..." is last year's and last decade's silly talking point that has been abandoned by most of the people who fight enforcement. Lib is so out of the loop.

Foley, if you would pay attention, King has been wrting about that for nearly ten years. You don't understand because it isn't a one sentence point on Huff Post solution offered by your liberal instructors. You don't understand, and neither does Lib in Cobb because you are not quite smart enough to grasp the obvious: Either we have open borders or we enforce our immigratation laws. TRUE: Illegals are leaving areas where the law is enforced - something else King writes regularly. Note the screams from the illegal alien's employers.

That is why King has a reputation for being credible. And you don't. Foley: you need to Google "attrition through enforcement."

And remain silent until you know what you are talking about. On something. Anything. Don't you see that you are a joke?
Kevin Foley
July 30, 2012
Mr Sjogren - You are indicative of Mr. King's posters. Your argument is incomprehensible. What are you trying to say? I can't tell. Maybe your a Norwegian whose first language isn't English?
lance sjogren
July 30, 2012
Lib, you are right about one thing, "illegal is illegal" is an inane slogan.

But so is your talking point about it being impossible to round up 11-20 million illegal aliens. First of all it is not impossible, but, more importantly, virtually no one is proposing that we do so.

If you have the least bit of familiarity with the immigration debate and have a minimal level of adult cognitive ability, you will know that the approach toward illegal immigration that is by far the most widely advocated by enforcement advocates is "attrition"- i.e. de-incentivizing illegal immigration by making it as hard as possible for illegal aliens to get jobs and taxpayer-funded benefits in the US.

I haven't heard the "you can't deport x million illegal aliens" argument by libs much lately, I had assumed it was because they came to realize that it conveys the embarrassing impression that they lack basic cognitive ability. To be too stupid to be able to comprehend a rather simple policy proposal doesn't reflect very well on you.

I realize that libs nevertheless persisted in this argument for a long time, partly because it's all they had and also because the witless media backstopped them by never pointing out how inane their argument was.

But I don't hear that argument much anymore. I have assumed it was because somewhere along the line those making that argument started getting ridiculed for it.
Lib in Cobb
July 30, 2012

Please ask Allen West to produce a list of the 80 Communists who are members of congress. A bad re-run of McCarthy. You should also be aware that West was not well thought of in the military and it was suggested that he resign.

One does not need to be white to think monochromatically. A point that you and your goober followers have missed.
Gordo Meis
July 29, 2012
Kevin Foley is typical of the follwers at the bottom of the food and information chain on the left. His self-appointed job is to be a parrot of the propaganda spread at commie central. Actually verifying that slop never occured to him.

King has made my weekend by pointing this out on the internet. Somebody Google " Kevin Foley Kennesaw Ga..."

Foley is funny, but sadly so.
Lib in Cobb
July 29, 2012
Rather than develop a reasonable and sensible approach to immigration and just what should we do with the 11 to 20 million undocumented immigrants who are already residing in the US. Folks like DA and his ill informed followers tend to keep up the mantra, "illegal is illegal". Yes, we know that, what now?

It is impossible to round "them" all up and provide bus rides to the border after prosecution of course. We all should remember that the court system in the US is badly backlogged with immigration cases. There are not enough jail cells, not enough police,not enough judges, not enough orange jump suits, in fact there is not enough of anything needed to accomplish these ill advised prosecutions and bus rides.

So what do we hear from the "wingers", "illegal is illegal", yes, we know that. If this looks like we are back where we started, it's because we are.

A sensible approach to immigration is needed not more articles about Kevin Foley, which serves no other purpose than to fertilize your ego.

Lib in Cobb
July 28, 2012
To DA King: I am worried about your fixation on Kevin Foley. I don't believe Kevin is interested in a personal relationship with you, get help.
Marie in Marietta
July 27, 2012
Oh, Kevin.
Kevin Foley
July 27, 2012
Mr. King, you left out the part of my column that said West's comments were videotaped and posted on the Internet, which I viewed prior to writing my blog. I had to make sure he actually said what reportedly said because it was so utterly insane I couldn't believe a member of the House would say it.

Race baiting is what you do, not what I do.

Keep it coming and thanks for playing.

July 27, 2012
Totally agree with you, He is truly mindless and lacks the intelligence to research things before he writes. Thanks for standing up for West!
July 27, 2012
DA King cracks me up. He is right, Foley is completely mindless. I had missed this column, wow. Thanks Mr. King!
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