Foley’s juvenile drama
by Pete_Borden
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Kevin, please spare us the juvenile drama.  Serious accusations? Give me a break!  What I said was you make untrue statements based on irrational assumptions.  At no time did I say you lied.  A lie is an untruth which is told, with conscious knowledge that it is untrue, for the purpose of deceiving the hearer.

I’m sorry if you are upset about being called out, but that does not obligate me, or our readers, to attend your “pity party”.  If you expect to write an opinion column and not be disagreed with, then you need to find another outlet for your creative endeavors.

Your stock in trade is “making silk purses out of sow’s ears”.  When pursuing that endeavor, more often than not, what you end up with is a very ugly purse and a badly mutilated sow.

However, just for an exercise, let’s examine two statements that I cut and pasted directly from your column in last Friday’s paper (October 26th.)

The first one is “Ryan’s Catholicism forbids the use of birth control, a dogma he thinks should apply to every American.” The first phrase is correct, but the second is an assumption, not in evidence.  But, even were it so, Ryan, or even Romney, when they are elected, will not have the ability to make it a reality. So, not only is the second part questionable, or untrue, but it is also “saber rattling.”

The second is more revealing in its subtle untruth, and could even be construed to mean that you are against Freedom of Religion, or that you do not believe anyone can have moral objections.  You stated “They both back the Blunt amendment that would restrict a woman’s access to birth control if the employer providing her health insurance objects on “moral” grounds.”  The first 6 words are true.  The remainder is not. The only thing that would be restricted is their ability to get contraceptives through their health care plan. Their access to them would not be changed. Everyone has access equally. It is only a question of who pays.

As a matter of record, the Blunt amendment was defeated in the Senate back in March, which makes bringing it up now another instance of “saber rattling”. The vote on that amendment was incredibly close, so Romney and Ryan were hardly renegades for backing it.

Your use of quotation marks around the word “moral” would make one wonder if you think that morals do not exist, or if you think that moral, or religious objection is not sufficient reason for exemption.  When pondering that, I would remind you that, even in time of war, we exempt certain individuals from bearing arms due to moral objections.  Certainly that is a much more critical issue than who pays for a woman’s birth control pills.

Kevin, I have neither the time, nor the inclination to explore all such statements you have made. If you are not already fully aware of them and the fallacies therein, check with our readers. They have already pointed out most of them.

For the record, I have said what I intend to say on this topic.  If you choose to continue the issue, you will do so alone.

I sincerely bear you no ill will and wish you a great day today and a better day tomorrow.

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Samuel Adams
November 05, 2012
Juvenile drama is the perfect word for Foley's antics of late.

My question is, what will he write about after Obama is sent home? What will he write about after Romney wins?

Can you do another dance, Foley, or is it all about passing along the Obama for America talking points?
Devlin Adams
November 05, 2012
Foley, what you "happen to believe", in this case, is your own opinion. It is not a fact, but you stated it as such.

Borden has proven his point quite easily. Of course, you and your other name will never agree to that, which is probably why Pete refuses to get involved in a childish argument with you. You are so arrogant and egotistical that you are never going to admit you made a mistake.
Kevin Foley
November 05, 2012
Pete, you have proved nothing here.

I happen to believe Ryan would love nothing more than to ban contraception. And you make my point for me in your second comment about the Blunt amendment.

What you should do is vet your own work so you aren't saying things like Germans elected Hitler.

Lib in Cobb
November 04, 2012
@DA: Yes, of course I read the article. Pete's explanation was inconclusive. I stand by my post. As I stated Pete is dancing closely with the term liar. If any one is going to accuse a writer of being inaccurate/untrue, that person should be ready "to explore all statements" and not avoid the responsibility of proving the accusation fully.

Accusing a writer of being untrue/inaccurate is a very serious matter.
November 03, 2012
@Lib in Cobb

What a waste of bandwidth. I found Pete's article to be on the money as far as Foley's garbled concept of logic and truth.

Were I Foley, I should prefer to be thought a liar rather than a person with little logic and no moral compass in my posts in order to defend the worst president ever.
Devlin Adams
November 03, 2012
He just did. Are you brain dead? Did you not read his blog?

BTW, he, after complying with Foley's challenge to post something he said which is not true, also dismissed both you and Foley as juvenile and irrelevant and said he would say no more on the matter. I think you can take him at his word, unlike you and Foley. I quite agree with him about the juvenile and irrelevant.

Either copy and paste where he said Foley was a liar, or that he posted lies, or shut up about it.

Pound sand, Lib, aka Kevin Foley.
Lib in Cobb
November 02, 2012
Pete: You used the term, "untrue", when writing about Mr. Foley.


1. not true as to a person or a cause, to a fact, or standard.

2. unfaithful; false.

3. incorrect or inaccurate.


groundless, unfounded, erroneous.


You are dancing very closely with the word "liar" when you claim that another writer is publishing anything which is "untrue".

You have been given the opportunity to post the proof of your claim.
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