Byrne letter echoed tactic of Mark Antony
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Lauds to Bill Byrne of Marietta for his “Free stuff proved irresistible to Obama voters” letter printed Aug. 27. The same to Scott Chadwick, also of Marietta, for his “Assad making fool of Obama” letter of last week.

The “Free stuff” letter probably reminds a slew of us of Mark Antony’s speech to the greedy, illiterate mob who crammed together to hear what he and Brutus had to say about the slaying of Julius Caesar. Brutus, speaking first, informed the mob that Caesar had to bite the dust.

Antony appealed to their emotions, but more importantly, to their greed. His speech set all hell loose in Rome.

Chadwick advanced this idea from a different slant. He pointed out that Obama treats the American public as idiots who cannot, or will not, call him out on his bombastic and meaningless rhetoric. What’s more, the non-presidential president has the destructive liberals of this country following his slop to the trough. Way too many supposed public servants are clearly self-serving opportunists.

Evidence suggests an increasing number of people here are 1. Uninformed, 2. Uncaring, 3. Illegal, 4. Terroristic, 5. Greedy, or 6. a combination of all or part of the above.

Is it imaginable that those people are seriously starting to out-number the rest of us who love America and do our best (including going to vote in an intelligent way) to keep our ship of state seaworthy?

Melissa B. Anderson


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September 05, 2013
Wow Melissa, the progs came out to attack you. I don't see much support, except for On balance.

The others may be correct because in the conservative ranks, the folks are sitting back and are no longer even in defensive mode. I agree with what you wrote. Where are the rest of the cool heads to side with you??

Apathy, apathy, will kill the conservatives.
Kevin Foley
September 04, 2013
In one more generation, Anderson, Byrne and Chadwick and their offspring and ilk will find themselves in the minority, looking at a nation that is browner and blacker, speaking Spanish and other languages, and most likely voting Democratic. This is America, after all, the great melting pot, our diversity being our strength, a notion embraced by progressives and abhorrent to conservatives and nativists.

Uninformed opinions like theirs - that President Obama couldn't possibly win unless he bribed the electorate or that Obama should shoot first and ask questions later - will be one of the reasons why they'll be on the outside looking in 30 years from now.

Guido Sarducci
September 05, 2013
Kevin, if there is an America left after Obama and his ilk get thrown out of office, try to remember that it is still intact because of men like Byrne and Chadwick. Both put on the uniform of our military and promised to die for this country if necessary.

You, on the other hand, "chose" not serve, but instead, hid under your bed, venturing out only long enough to build yourself a nice business, which you were able to do only because of the free enterprise, capitalist environment of our country.

Now that you "have yours" you spend all your efforts belittling and denouncing the very system that allowed you to accumulate it. You back a President of questionable background, and even more questionnable goals and who is determined to see the United States become a socialist cesspool, where indolence is rewarded and industry is punished.

I hope you like living on the plantation you are helping create.

You are to be pitied for your ignorance, abhorred for your arrogance and despised for your belligerence.
on balance
September 04, 2013

I am not sure they outnumber us. I am sure they out shout us, out write us and out protest march us. A large number of them are younger than most conservative and, somehow seem to have time to attend all functions.

I have seen videos in which they are questioned about current affairs and their knowledge is, as you politely express it, uninformed.

They fail to understand that , in the end, it is us, the American people, who pay for their decisions to implement "feel good" measures.
Lib in Cobb
September 07, 2013
@on balance: What you have neglected to see is that the GOP on a national basis was out voted TWICE. The GOP has decided that a variety of groups in this country are not worthy of presidential representation. The minorities, the women, the poor, the elderly, the unions, those needing healthcare, those who are not Christian. The GOP made a last ditch effort in 2012 to limit voting to many because they felt those groups were unworthy of the right to vote. Study after study has shown that blue states have a higher level of education than red. Just compare AL and MS to CT and MA. Why is it that we never hear of blue states wishing to leave the union?

Believe what you wish about Democrats, but you will have to acknowledge that the GOP lost not once, but twice to a liberal, black man with a Muslim name and that just sets your brain on fire. You have elected to believe the lies about liberals and that is a true indicator of your ignorance. We did not receive free phones for our votes.
Hank Moody
September 04, 2013
What you are effectively doing here, Melissa, is denouncing any opinion contrary to yours as "1. Uninformed, 2. Uncaring, 3. Illegal, 4. Terroristic, 5. Greedy, or 6. a combination of all or part of the above" – also un-American. [BTW, I would love to see that evidence you reference] You go so far as to infer that those who are, in your words, "destructive liberals," do not love America like you and those who share your views. Your commentary here is yet another example of how the ultra-conservative voice in these types of arguments is becoming increasingly moot, as you bring nothing to the table by way of solutions and arguments of merit. Instead, you come off as a toddler on the verge of a meltdown. You are quick to throw mud in the faces of those with opposing viewpoints. Dare I say that you yourself are in fact, "1. Uninformed, 2. Uncaring, 3. Illegal, 4. Terroristic, 5. Greedy, or 6. a combination of all or part of the above." To suggest those who share opposing views than yours are un-American or any other of the wonderful adjectives you put out there really speaks to the reason why you find yourself outnumbered in your opinion.
Guido Sarducci
September 05, 2013
Hey there Hank, old boy. Just what makes you think she is outnumbered in her opinion? The recent Chicago like national election we had sure cannot be touted as proof. (Vote early and often!)

As to chastising her for her alleged use of insults directed toward those who disagree with her, it hurts, doesn't it, when someone employs your own tactics against you? I think she is just copying the pseudo-journalistic style of Kevin Foley, who cannot write one simple paragraph of disagreement without stooping to condescension, scorn,belittling and name calling.

By the way, since reading comphrenesion does not appear to be your long suit, let me point out that she made no reference to any group when she used the quoted adjectives. She said "an increasing number of people here." She did not single out liberals, or conservatives, or those who agree with her or those who disagree with her. You have decided, for her, and then proceeded to chastise her based on your incorrect concept of what she said.

May I suggest a good course in remedial reading comprehension?
Conservative bubble
September 04, 2013
I support Obama and pay quite a bit in taxes and get nothing fron the government. Which part of the 47 percent am I? Evidence suggests you are Brainwashed.
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