Benghazi handling a disgrace, and we deserve better
by Jerry Landers
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On Sept. 11, 2012, the American diplomatic mission in Benghazi, Libya, came under attack and was overrun and destroyed by terrorists. Four Americans were killed in the attack, including the U.S. ambassador, J. Christopher Stevens. There were many questions raised immediately after the attack concerning the identity and motive of the attackers, the adequacy of security arrangements at the mission and the response made to the attack by then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration.

The Obama administration, anxious to continue the administration narrative that “al Qaida is on the run,” sent U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice to the Sunday talk show circuit, armed with administration talking points, to explain that the attacks were a spontaneous protest made in response to a YouTube video, notwithstanding evidence which pointed to a distinct military attack.

However, an independent panel formed by the State Department to investigate the attack concluded that, contrary to the initial conclusions of the Obama administration, responsibility for the attack rested solely with terrorists who had apparently planned the attack and executed it with devastating success.

The panel also concluded that, “Systematic failures in leadership and management deficiencies at senior levels within two bureaus of the State Department resulted in a Special Mission security posture that was inadequate for Benghazi and grossly inadequate to deal with the attack that took place.”

In the wake of that report, Mrs. Clinton was summoned to testify before a congressional panel in which she appeared to downplay both the attack and the casualties with her now infamous declaration of “What difference does it make?”

The Obama administration’s clumsy and unprofessional handling of the immediate response to the event, which led Ms. Rice to withdraw her name from consideration as Mrs. Clinton’s replacement as Secretary of State, is troubling and suggests that the administration either did not anticipate or was unprepared for the attack or both.

Even now, eight months after the attack, questions still remain about the president’s knowledge of and response to the attack as it was occurring since, at the time of the attack, Mr. Obama was jetting to Las Vegas for a political fundraiser leading up to the November elections.

In addition, in response to reports that the Benghazi survivors are being intimidated by the Obama administration and their attorneys stymied in their efforts to obtain appropriate security clearances to obtain information on the attack, many in the media and in the blogosphere have begun to openly wonder where the survivors of the attack are and why we have not heard from them.

These questions are turning up the heat on the Obama administration and have led to responses such as that from Secretary of State John Kerry, who dismissively told reporters that “he does not intend to spend the next year talking about Benghazi.”

In addition, White House spokesman Jay Carney deflected questions from reporters about why the Benghazi survivors have not spoken up, saying that the attack “was long time ago” and implying that the story is old news.

Even the president stated in a recent press briefing that he was unaware of any action taken by officials to discourage the Benghazi survivors from testifying before Congress, continuing the administration efforts to convince us that Benghazi is a “nonstory.”

What a disgrace. The American people deserve better. The Benghazi survivors and the victims’ families deserve better.

No matter how uncomfortable it is for the Obama administration, the deaths of four Americans, including a U.S. Ambassador, at the hands of terrorists is worthy of a full inquiry, including the appointment of a special prosecutor, so that the whole truth of the Benghazi attack is revealed.

Jerry Landers is an attorney in Marietta.
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May 12, 2013
oppps they missed something........ As they say they did not have enough intel to say it was terroist or military style attack, and all the people from the CIA and ,military feeds and don't forget about the film footage from the drone....... from all the intel, it was washed aside to say they had more intel on a video feed that was so compelling that it knocked off career peoples input right off the table...... This muslim bashing vedio out stumpped the actual real intel......Duh congress, please ask the WH where is all this compelling muslim hate vedio???? and days after Obama and Hillary giving speeches of the hate feed???? They new the truth and continued to lie to us all....

Really hillary or Obama, what is your thought process to shove all that CIA and military intel off the table? so us this compelling intel of a video that made CIA and military intel absolete??!!!?!?! Please explian that to the USA!
May 10, 2013
I have heard various liberal, Obama apologists call in to conservative talk radio. They always accuse the Republicans of playing politics with this story. Isn't that exactly what the Democrats did back in September? The president's re-election was more important than responding and saving lives in Benghazi and more important than telling the truth about what happened.

Please visit my blog at:
Laura Armstrong
May 09, 2013
This incident should haunt the Obama's and their staff until the day they die. But it won't. To them, service to one's country is jetting off on fancy vacay's and bowing to Muslim dictators while they redistribute wealth and ignore the multiple crisis situations on the domestic front. Everything other than the Obama agenda is ignored, pushed aside or, as in Benghazi, covered up. Only his agenda matters and it's obviously more important than American blood or treasure. He does not see the Benghazi victims as people, just as expendable, replaceable assets.
my lying eyes
May 09, 2013
Is my vision going or is this the only article about Benhazi in this paper? The truth will probably never come out due in large part to a press that refuses to acknowledge anything negative about the Obama administration. We need a free and honest press. And we no longer have that.
May 09, 2013
When the President of Libya said is was a terrorist attack, and when our own people said it was a terrorist attack, while it was going on, why did the WH change the explanation of it?

The Accountability Review Board was commissioned by the very people it was to evaluate and discipline. It had an inherent conflict of interest. It never interviewed senior State Department personnel.

Little or no media coverage outside a few outlets. Wonder why? Why doesn't David Rhodes, president of CBS news, recuse himself (his brother is Ben Rhodes, WH security adviser)?

Why is the WH welcoming protecting whistleblowers? Where are the eyewitness survivors? Why aren't they and others being encouraged to tell their story?

What could possibly have been so important to cause our trusted Top people to lie to us? .... and then say, "what difference does it make?"
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