Improving Our Community by Kevin_Foley
A look at ways Cobb County and Kennesaw can become more enriched
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CFR Offering Families in Need a Hand Up
by Kevin_Foley
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"There but for the grace of God go I." These days, I find my self mumbling that little prayer when I see someone who has fallen on hard times, which is fairly often.
They've lost a job, become ill or had a loved one get sick, gotten divorced, succumbed to addiction, had an accident, or run into any of the many other hurdles life can throw in our way. Here in Cobb County you don't have to look very hard to see folks in need of help.
I'm relatively new here, so I was gratified to learn about the Center for Family Resources late last year in a story published by the MDJ. Here's an organization dedicated to providing the resources to help people in trouble become independent and self-sufficent so they can break the cycle of poverty in which they're stuck. CFR accomplishes its mission by providing temporary financial assistance to stabilize families in crisis; housing for low-income and homeless families in a safe and secure environment; and education and training to prepare participants to earn a sustainable wage.
A hand up, as it were, with solid results: In 2010, CFR helped 436 families with rent, utilities, transportation and prescriptions totaling more than $365,000. It's food bank fed 1,955 households, and CFR helped 162 families with nearly $300,000 in rent/mortgage and utilities through its “Fresh Start” program. It's education and mentoring programs helped hundreds.
You can donate to CFR or volunteer by visiting the organization's web site:
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Lib in Cobb
June 29, 2012
A very informative piece Kevin, thank you.

Kennesaw Needs "Important Library"
by Kevin_Foley
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Learning is a lifelong process and libraries are part of our ongoing education. Libraries are something every community needs. Yet, here in Cobb County, some regard libraries as needless extravagances, a waste of tax payer money. In Bozeman, Montana, where I spend a good deal of time, citizens there have a beautiful 53,000 sq. ft. public library ( that's a community gathering place. Opened in 2006, it offers a wide range of free programs and services for all ages along with best sellers in regular and large print, books on disc, classics, movies, music recordings, periodicals, Internet access, a used magazine exchange, and even a coffee shop in the lobby. The Bozeman Public Library is always busy. Anchoring the east side of the town's main thoroughfare, it attracts young and old residents alike to downtown Bozeman, where shops and restaurant's benefit from their presence. Built at a cost of $17 million, $4 million raised through a bond issue, it's a library that makes good business and intellectual sense. In contrast to Bozeman's library, our public library in Kennesaw is a sad little affair, tucked away on a side street as though it's trying to hide. It's dedicated staff works hard, but they're fighting a losing battle for the resources they need to help them fulfill their mission. The populations of both cities are roughly the same. Like Bozeman, Kennesaw is home to an important state university. Shouldn't we have an important library, too? Would a library like the one in Bozeman infuse downtown Kennesaw with the same kind of energy and commerce? I think it so.
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G. E.
November 17, 2011
There actually is a new library in the master plan for Kennesaw’s Depot Park. The library would go from its current 5000 square feet to 15,000. We can all hope that the dream will become a reality sooner rather than later and help spur economic development in downtown Kennesaw. In the meantime, the Kennesaw Branch is a vibrant, friendly and busy place - in fact, in spite of its size, it is one of the busiest in the entire Cobb County Public Library System.

Kevin Foley is a 1979 graduate of the University of Connecticut and a former newspaper reporter. In 1981, he began his 30-year career in public relations, working in account management for Burson-Marsteller and Ketchum, two international PR firms. In 1986, he launched KEF Media in Chicago, a firm specializing in broadcast and Internet public relations. He moved the company to Atlanta in 1993. His career has taken him around the world and to every major city in America. Along the way he has worked with celebrities and public figures like Hank Aaron, Jane Seymour, Bob Dole, Nolan Ryan and Ryan Seacrest. Kevin went into semi-retirement in 2009 to pursue his long delayed writing career. In 2008 he published his first novel, "Where Law Ends," and has three other novels in various stages of completion. Kevin serves on the board of directors at Pinetree Country Club where enjoys golf and tennis. He and his wife Susie live in Kennesaw. The couple has two grown children.

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