The Agitator #89 - Obama the ogre
by Oliver_Halle
 The Agitator
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The government shutdown continues with no end in sight as I write this.  Sure, an agreement will be reached, but it will be because of a crisis, whether a consequence of not raising the debt ceiling, or  because the Republicans will see their poll numbers drop like a sack of rocks.  In the meanwhile Obama is the ogre responsible for everything that is wrong with America.  The failure to create jobs, the shrinking of the military, increasing welfare benefits to the poor (corporate welfare is off the table among ideologues), and a host of other things gone south.  Never mind that congress is the one that passes spending bills.  That’s an irrelevant detail when you want to accuse Obama of being a dictator, a socialist, or a Nazi. 

Right now Obamacare is still the favorite punching bag of conservatives.  One doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry when it is characterized as socialized medicine.  The fact that I will still be choosing my own doctors and specialists within my private plan is irrelevant.  Also irrelevant is that their payments will come from private insurance companies.  My three main doctors all accept Medicare, but you wouldn’t know it if you listen to the horror stories from reactionary radio.  His Porkulous, Rush Limbaugh, never fails to demonize Obamacare and Medicare, yet he wouldn’t have any experience with either, especially because he admitted one time that he doesn’t need health insurance.  Lucky him. 

Obamacare has been mythologized like Ronald Reagan (whom I voted for twice with no regrets).  Whether the cost of healthcare is going up or down seems to depend on who you talk to.  I have read countless accounts from both sides.  For sure, though, you can’t depend on reliable information from people that you should trust, like our state insurance commissioner Ralph Hudgens.  He should be neutral on the subject and provide real facts instead of declaring outright that he is out to destroy the program.  Recently the AJC interviewed people representing different segments of society for their views of Obamacare.  One woman said that she opposed it.  She continued that she liked the provision that eliminated preexisting conditions and the one that kept her son on the family plan until he reaches 26.  Yet she declared that she couldn’t support the mandatory provision, the one component that Obamacare needs if it is to work. 

I haven’t forgotten that my healthcare costs have risen dramatically each year since about 1993.  I have also experienced the hassle of my doctors arguing with my insurance carrier on whether they will pay for a certain drug that the doctor says is more effective than the alternate one the insurance company wants prescribed, or whether or not the insurer will pay for a needed MRI.  So much for the myth of the doctor/patient relationship in the private sector.  But that’s what the Obamacare demonizers want you to believe, that you really do have a doctor/patient relationship in the private sector vice an insurance company relationship versus the patient and the doctor. 

As the government shutdown continues, in addition to the attacks on Obamacare, federal employees are also confronting the public firing squad.  What most don’t know is that the good paying jobs are those that require education, skills, experience, drug testing and background check that are usually more extensive than in the private sector.  Many have skills, such as the nuclear engineers with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission that would pay in the private sector multiples of what they make working for the government.  And that’s just one example.  If this shutdown continues, more people will feel the immediate effects, and the ripple will become more of a tidal wave with time.  

Perhaps an illustration of why the two sides can’t come to agreement can be summed up by a guest column in the MDJ.  The columnist said, “Obama and the Democrats hate the military, they infantilize, punish and use the troops as political pawns regularly.”  There was a time when being a member of one political party or another didn’t infer that you were un-American or some kind of lout.  I wonder if Democratic Congresswoman Tammy Duckworth, who lost both legs as a helicopter pilot in Iraq, hates the military?  I am not a Democrat but vote mostly Democratic today, but I loved my time in the military and tell the world that it shaped my life.  With this kind of incivility that is shared by many on the right, we are probably in for some hard times ahead.  Modern day American politics at its worst.

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EM Buckner
October 20, 2013
Mr. Halle is one of Cobb's best writers and thinkers. He quite consistently analyzes the day's issues--including the shutdown, brinksmanship on the debt, etc.--dispassionately, with a rounded perspective and an easy command of the facts. On this as on many other issues he is more thoughtful and more thought-provoking than many nationally published opinion-mongers.

Thanks, Oliver--and please don't let the irrational voices (like LA's) dissuade or discourage you. --Ed Buckner
Laura Armstrong
October 16, 2013
Oliver, I spoke at length recently with one of Tammy Duckworth's staffers. I called her office to express my outrage and disappointment that the Congresswoman and former VA Hospital official had participated in a Democratic WALKOUT during a Congressional hearing on Benghazi. Who did Ms. Duckworth walk out on? The families of fallen Navy SEALs, that's who! EVERY Dem member of the Congressional committee walked out on these families that day and it was a shameful day in Congress and American history that went unreported by the Democrat-controlled media! You can find the footage if it hasn't been removed from Google by now.

Do you think that Ms. Duckworth would have appreciated it if, the day she was shot down, our president, Sec. State and other cronies had told Air Force para rescue units to STAND DOWN and leave her to the Muslim mobs???? Well, that is what Obama and Clinton did in Benghazi and they've lied to their families since, his party claiming it is a 'fake scandal." Ms. Duckworth, as much as I admired her for her service and sacrifice, has either forgotten or become so embittered that she's become a partisan demagogue.

You cherry pick your examples, and I'll cherry pick mine, ok? I could give dozens of examples to prove Dems dislike our troops. Can you do the same?
Lib in Cobb
October 15, 2013
Thank you Oliver.

The Affordable Care Act was written and passed by a democratically elected congress. The ACA was then signed into law by a democratically elected president. That same legislation withstood a test from The US Supreme Court. It seems the GOP can't stand all that democracy.
Son of Patrick Henry
October 14, 2013
As democracy is perfected, the office of the President represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. On some great and glorious day, the plain folks of the land will reach their hearts desire at last and the White House will be occupied by a downright fool and complete narcissistic moron."

---H.L. Mencken, The Baltimore Evening Sun, July 26, 1920

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