The Agitator #50
by Oliver_Halle
 The Agitator
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Ed. Note: This is the 50th edition of this blog, and we would like to wish Oliver a happy 1 year blogaversary!

Dr. Melvyn Fein, professor of sociology at KSU, writes a Monday column for the MDJ. No one will ever be confused about his political leanings. He is an unabashed Obama hater, and if you have read his writings over the years as I have, you will not likely have seen one kind word for the president. Oddly enough I have wondered if they know each other personally since Fein often refers to Obama by his first name. In his most recent column (November 12, 2012), Fein wrote a lamentation about Romney’s election loss. Amazingly, he described the election as the “most sleazy, dishonest, and mean-spirited political campaign… (to) prevail over decency and competence.” I have to wonder if Fein watched the Republican Primary debates in which Romney and his fellow candidates ripped each other to shreds with some of the most vulgar and personal attacks. I watched all of them in disbelief thinking that Obama would have a field day just replaying the sound bytes from them. But Obama didn’t. As is so typical with Fein’s columns, he is woefully short of facts, evidence or documentation for his assertions. Broad smears are a lot easier, although one would think that with his academic background he could do better. I also ask myself whether a student with a different political philosophy than Fein’s can get a fair shake in his class.

Fein says that the voters were “cheated, misled, and manipulated”, that they “opted for ideological purity over common sense.” Where does a PhD professor come up with this stuff? First, this comment---and in fact his whole commentary---is insulting and demeaning and not worthy of a tenured professor. I would ask the good professor to ponder just a handful of issues that some of us considered defining, and to offer a factual retort vice more calumnies against those who see the world differently than him. First, it mattered to many of us that Romney flipped and flopped on healthcare, abortion, embryonic stem cell research, and other social issues. Romney stated that he would have let GM and Chrysler go through bankruptcy. What he left out was that there was no private equity capital or venture capitalist money that would have jumped in. Even Ford, which took no TARP, supported the bailouts because they knew that the car parts manufacturers would have gone out of business without the other two carmakers. Second, Romney’s promise to repeal ObamaCare. The provision that has the opponents angriest is the mandatory buy-in. Yet it was Romney who rightfully said as governor that there would be no more freeloaders who got care at the ER and passed along the costs to those who had insurance. Somehow making everyone pay for their insurance is wrong, but many of the same people would insist that even the poorest pay some income tax (on top of whatever other taxes they pay).

Professor Fein seems to believe that those who think like him travel the moral high road, that they are more intelligent, more insightful, better informed, more discerning. Perhaps he forgets that people are people, and even good people make bad choices, do stupid things, and are uninformed. (The priest-pedophile scandal and sexual mishaps in Washington are illustrative.) I wonder if one of Fein’s like-minded thinkers, frequent MDJ LTE writer and blogger, “HFH” represents Fein’s views. In a blog responding to a LTE dated November 11, 2012, HFH stated, “People who think Mr. Obama is a Muslim are ludicrously mistaken. He is almost totally surrounded by far left, secular, socialist Jews. These people are the most hubristic, cynical, and mendacious folks on the planet. They mean no one any good, except themselves and their friends.” These are people from your side, Professor Fein. And there are many more where they came from. It would be interesting and educational if Professor Fein would focus his writing on what he is for and not so much what he is against. Providing facts and evidence---not just conclusions---would advance the ball of debate downfield.

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Big Tony
November 23, 2012
Mitt should be the President elect right now. SHOW ME THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE! Barack Hussein is a fraud and should never have been sworn in at all. This is the movie The Omen coming to real life in front of us! This is the beginning of the end of American dominance in the world and marks the rise of the Caliphate! You will realize this all too late Mr. Halle.

- Big Tony
Devlin Adams
November 16, 2012
Foley, I hate to break it to you, but there are many of us who feel the same way about the stuff you vomit out weekly and in your blogs. I seldom agree with Oliver Halle, but I have a great deal of respect for him because he states what he thinks and lets it go at that. He does not stoop to name calling, insulting the intelligence of those who disagree with him, and, in general, behaving as a low-class hack, as you often do.

If youa re going tobe a journalist, I suggest you study his methods and style and try to emulate them.
Kevin Foley
November 15, 2012
Mr. Halle, You are much kinder to Fein then I am. His writings aren't sophisticated, well researched or even proof read. After he agreed with Limbaugh's vicious and relentless attack of Sandra Fluke, I realized he was a lost cause, a hateful, intolerant and intellectually dishonest and/or lazy hack.
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